Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2622 - Changes to the Starlight Fortress Star Valley, Starlight Fortress:

Chapter 2622 – Changes to the Starlight Fortress Star Valley, Starlight Fortress:

A long line of players, including tens of thousands, waited to enter the magnificent, ancient fortress. There were also quite a few Tier 3 players among them, creating a spectacular, stunning scene for first-time visitors.

Azure’s 40-man team stood at the front of the line, gazing at the Starlight Fortress in curiosity.

“There are so many Tier 3 experts here!” one of Azure’s Tier 3 players exclaimed, glancing at the line of players behind him.

Tier 3 players were still incredibly rare, and even the various major powers considered their Tier 3 experts mainstays in the Guild. However, Tier 3 experts were a common sight in the Starlight Fortress. Almost one out of every ten players was a Tier 3 expert. It was amazing!

“I’ve heard that quite a few experts have come to the Starlight Fortress for the Demon God’s Legacy, but aren’t there a little too many here?” a Level 110, Tier 3 male Guardian Knight, another Azure member, commented. He could sense that many of the Tier 3 experts he saw were Refinement Realm experts. Some had even reached the Flowing Water Realm as he had.

“The Mana here feels different, too. It’s very calming, and it somehow feels complete. Standing here, it’s easier to sense Mana than elsewhere,” a Level 109, Tier 3 female Elementalist said. “If I could rest and train here, my Mana control would improve far quicker than training in the outside world.”

While Azure’s young talents chatted amongst themselves, Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian stared at the fortress, just as surprised by its Mana as everyone else.

“So, this is Three Supreme Elements’ Mana? It really is extraordinary,” Yan Xiaoqian muttered as she sensed the flow of Mana around her. At the same time, realization also dawned. “It’s no wonder why so many of Zero Wing’s members have fully unlocked their Mana Bodies. If they live in such an environment, their Mana control will only grow stronger with time. They’ll also have a much easier time unlocking their Mana Bodies’ potential.”

The Starlight Fortress’s Mana, which contained the Three Supreme Elements, was no longer a secret to the various superpowers. Only, none of the superpowers had bothered to expose this secret to the public.

Naturally, independent players with keen senses had kept their mouths shut, as well, since they wanted to take full advantage of the fortress’s benefits. After all, the Starlight Fortress could only house a limited number of player residents.

“This environment is only a close match for that of ancient times?” Solitary Frost wondered, shocked as he bathed in the fortress’s Mana.

He hadn’t thought the fortress’s environment, which supposedly rivaled that of ancient times, was overly important. It was only close, not the real deal. How could any location in God’s Domain still have the same environment as before the Great Destruction?

In his opinion, the past had only had so many more powerhouses than the present because of how many complete Legacies had been available during ancient times. There was no way it could’ve been because of some ancient environment.

Of course, the environment during ancient times had been incredibly Mana dense, but all of the various superpowers had their own special training grounds with high Mana density. Some of those training grounds even had Mana that was far denser than during ancient times.

After reaching the Starlight Fortress and experiencing its Mana first-hand, however, Solitary Frost realized how sorely mistaken he had been. Even as a melee player, he could feel his Mana affinity growing. Although his affinity didn’t increase much, only 10% to 20% at most, this had already significantly improved his Mana control.

At his standards, as long as he found a good place to train within the Starlight Fortress, he’d likely unlock his Mana Body’s full potential within just 10 days. It was no wonder how Zero Wing had nurtured so many experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies.

The Starlight Fortress’s environment even astounded Duan Hanshan.

Damn it! This isn’t what I was told! According to the intelligence department’s report, the Mana here should only help players with sharp perception of Mana unlock their Mana Bodies, not ordinary Tier 3 experts! When Duan Hanshan glanced back at the players waiting to enter the fortress, he couldn’t help the urge to pummel Azure’s intelligence department.

Duan Hanshan didn’t realize that Azure’s intelligence reports had been, for the most part, accurate regarding the fortress’s environment when it had first opened, but as time had passed, and the Starlight Fortress’s magic array had continued to absorb more of the Three Supreme Elements’ Mana from its surroundings, the fortress’s Mana had steadily improved.

Now, even Tier 3 experts who barely noticed Mana could reap immense benefits from the Starlight Fortress’s environment.

As Azure’s members fell into a heated discussion over the fortress’s Mana, a crimson-eyed, blonde woman in silver light armor and carrying a runic greatsword emerged from the fortress.

The players in line fell silent the moment they noticed this woman.

She was none other than Fithalia, the Starlight Fortress’s manager.

Fithalia had taken care of many Tier 3 experts and teams that had tried to cause trouble outside of the Starlight Fortress. Just two days ago, she had single-handedly annihilated a superpower’s 100-man, Tier 3 team. After her terrifying display of strength, some players, who had still considered causing trouble, abandoned the notion.

Fithalia’s inhuman strength was a direct result of unlocking her Mana Body’s full potential, and now, not even ordinary Domain Realm experts could be her match.

“Greetings. You must from the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Guild Leader Black Flame is currently preoccupied, so I will lead you to the Fortress Lord’s Mansion,” Fithalia gently announced.

How is this possible? Solitary Frost’s eyes twitched when he saw Fithalia approach to welcome their group.

He and Fithalia were old acquaintances. He had constantly tried to challenge her, and they had clashed several dozen times. Unfortunately, he had lost every match. He had hoped to challenge Fithalia again after his training with Violet Sword.

However, he had never dreamed that she’d be responsible for helping Zero Wing welcome them to the Starlight Fortress …

This was the commander of Divine Tribe’s Divine Hymn Legion they were talking about!

“Commander Fithalia, I didn’t expect to find you here. I thought you’d have gone to the Demon God’s Shrine like every other expert,” Duan Hanshan said, similarly surprised to see Fithalia.

The Demon God’s Shrine in Star Valley had become a main training ground for Domain Realm experts due to the few special secret lands that were connected to the shrine. Not only could players acquire treasures in these secret lands, but they could also use the areas to grow stronger.

Of course, only Domain Realm experts and incredibly strong peak experts could take advantage of these benefits. Due to the powerful monsters and traps within the secret lands, even ordinary peak experts would meet a swift end if they tried to explore them.

Moreover, entering the Demon God’s Shrine wasn’t an easy task. One would need a lot of manpower to secure enough entry passes, and to make matters worse, each pass was a single-use item. Generally, only superpowers near Star Valley chose to send their experts to the Demon God’s Shrine.

However, Fithalia was different. Divine Tribe had the only temporary Residence within the Starlight Fortress. Entering the Demon God’s Shrine should be a piece of cake for her.

“While the Demon God’s Shrine is useful, training in the Fortress Lord’s Mansion’s battlefield is far better. It’s a pity that the battlefield can only accommodate a limited number of people, or I’d use it constantly,” Fithalia said, a bitter smile forming as she shook her head. At the same time, she flashed Azure’s members an envious look. Due to the recent partnership between Azure and Zero Wing, Shi Feng had decided to allow these young talents to train in the Fortress Lord’s Mansion’s Large Battlefield for free for a few days.

“There’s a better place than the Demon God’s Shrine?” The news astonished Solitary Frost.

For experts of his and Fithalia’s caliber, growing stronger by training was incredibly difficult. The fact that the Demon God’s Shrine could help Domain Realm experts was amazing. If not for the problem of distance and manpower, Azure’s Domain Realm experts would’ve long since made their way to the shrine.

And yet, Fithalia insisted that training in the Starlight Fortress’s Fortress Lord’s Mana was even more effective than training in the Demon God’s Shrine. How could he possibly believe such an outlandish claim?

“Let’s pause our conversation for a moment. Our time is limited. We should head to the mansion immediately,” Fithalia said, ignoring the confused looks Azure’s members gave her and leading these players straight to the Fortress Lord’s Mansion.