Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2621 - Three Slots

Everyone in the meeting room remained silent, a fanatic light flashing in their eyes after listening to Long Xianglong’s declaration.

“If Black Flame is telling the truth, and he can help three of our experts break past the 100% threshold, I think the matter should be negotiable,” the crimson-eyed man said. “That kind of strength would be extremely helpful during future Promotion Quests. If we can introduce a few Tier 4 players before the other superpowers, we’ll have a head start when raiding Mythic Field Bosses and forbidden lands that have gone untouched. We might even be able to occupy ancient ruins before anyone else has a chance.”

“I concur. While our core secrets are essential, we’ll need stronger combatants than we have now if we wish to further Azure’s development. If we have a group of Tier 4 experts early on, the other superpowers won’t dare target our key resource spots,” Butterfly Bell said, nodding.

In God’s Domain, the strong were revered. A strong individual might not benefit a Guild when it came to resources, but they were a powerful deterrent for potential enemies, especially if those players were Tier 4 powerhouses. At this stage of the game, no one would dare think of attacking a Guild City if it housed a Tier 4 powerhouse. Numbers wouldn’t be nearly enough to bridge the gap between a Tier 3 expert’s strength and that of a Tier 4 player.

With three Tier 4 experts, specifically experts with extraordinary combat power for their level and tier, Azure would have an effective deterrent. Even without Violet Sword, Azure could safeguard its current resource areas. The chamber might even be able to secure more.

On the other hand, keeping a tight hold on the Guild’s Void Realm Legacy would only ensure that Azure’s foundations remained steady. It wouldn’t help the Guild grow.

Upon hearing the crimson-eyed man’s and Butterfly Bell’s words, the independent Grand Elders promptly nodded in agreement.

One couldn’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. Now that their potential gains were clearly greater than their potential losses, they had no reason to refuse Zero Wing’s offer.

“I have no arguments against accepting Black Flame’s offer, but how do we choose which three members to send?” Duan Hanshan asked Long Xianglong.

Interested to hear his answer, the Grand Elders turned toward the Long Family’s representative.

Long Xianglong had summoned them here to discuss this topic, and Silent Wonder was a member of Zero Wing. The Long Family was in the best position to negotiate this deal.

These three training slots were incredibly valuable. If these three players broke past their Mana Bodies’ 100% threshold, they’d rise to the apex of God’s Domain, even if they were merely Void Realm experts. Whatever faction these experts belonged to would gain quite a bit more authority within the Azure Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the slots distribution might cause a massive authoritarian shift in the Guild.

“I realize what you’re all thinking,” Long Xianglong said, chuckling as everyone gave him serious looks. “Rest assured; the Long Family won’t try to claim one of the slots for an unworthy candidate. Black Flame has already informed us that no random player will do. The three selected individuals must have incredible potential to make a breakthrough. As usual, the five families will have priority in selecting two players, and if one of their selections isn’t a match for the independent’s reserve member, that player will take their place. What does everyone think?”

Taking the initiative, Butterfly Bell said, “In that case, I nominate Boss Flame. We all know his strength and potential. I’m sure everyone can imagine how helpful he’d be to the Guild if Boss Flame grows even stronger. As for the younger generation, Solitary Frost is unmatched, and we don’t have anyone who can surpass Silk Moon’s talent. What are your thoughts?”

The independent Grand Elders silently nodded their agreement to the suggestion.

Normally, such opportunities were reserved for the younger generation, but Sinful Flame was Azure’s strongest expert. If he could increase his strength, not only would he become a better deterrent for Azure, but he could also solidify the independent Grand Elders’ authority. They didn’t mind giving up a training slot for this.

Duan Hanshan said nothing to oppose the idea. Rather, he was strongly in favor of the suggestion.

Earlier, he had worried that the Long Family would unfairly try to claim one of the three slots. That would leave Solitary Frost competing for the remaining slot reserved for the five families. While the young player had almost no chance of losing, nobody could say for certain that the independent faction of the Guild didn’t have something hidden up their sleeves. Now that Solitary Frost had been selected for one of the three slots, however, he had no issues with the arrangement.

“I’m afraid Silk Moon won’t do. We still haven’t been able to reach her,” Long Xianglong said, shaking his head. “Although Black Flame has given us a two-day time limit, we should make our decision as soon as possible, just in case.

I suggest we give the third slot to Yan Xiaoqian. She’s almost as talented as Silk Moon. What does everyone think?”

Everyone in the room stared at Long Xianglong, astonished. Even Duan Hanshan’s jaw almost dropped.

These training slots were invaluable, yet Long Xianglong wanted to give all three away. Moreover, he had just suggested the Duan Family claim one.

The Long Family and Duan Family had a ceaseless feud. Now, however, Long Xianglong had just suggested one of his rival’s younger members take the third slot. It was unbelievable!

Inwardly, Long Xianglong could only smile bitterly as he watched shock and confusion sweep through the room.

He did not wish to give this slot away, either, but unfortunately, with Silk Moon absent, the Long Family’s only other suitable candidate would be Long Xianglong himself. Due to his rocky relationship with Zero Wing, however, he definitely couldn’t go. His pride wouldn’t let him. While he could’ve suggested they send Burning Owl, trying to convince the other Grand Elders of the boy’s potential would be difficult. Azure had quite a few stronger players that were Burning Owl’s age, after all.

Since the Long Family was going to lose its slot no matter what, he might as well do the Duan Family a favor. In any case, the Long Family still had Silent Wonder, and because of her, it would have plenty of chances to benefit off of Zero Wing. Moreover, sending Yan Xiaoqian instead of Burning Owl would allow Azure to fulfill Shi Feng’s requirements and make training easier. Her potential had already been acknowledged as only second to Solitary Frost’s.

“Lunatic Long, we have no problems with this arrangement if you don’t,” Butterfly Bell calmly said.

None of the other Grand Elders objected to Long Xianglong’s proposal. Yan Xiaoqian was quite talented and only half a step away from the Domain Realm. She was undoubtedly the best candidate after Silk Moon.

“That settles it, then. I’ll contact Black Flame after this,” Long Xianglong announced, concluding the meeting. He then turned to Duan Hanshan and continued, “Old Ice Demon, please prepare Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian. Once we sign the contract with Zero Wing, send them to the Starlight Fortress.”

“It will be taken care of. Once the contract has been signed, I’ll take them there myself,” Duan Hanshan said, nodding.

Following which, everyone proceeded to discuss who they would send to Violet Sword’s ancient secret land. As soon as they reached a conclusion, the Grand Elders were dismissed, leaving to prepare for the raid.

An hour after the meeting had ended, Long Wushang represented the Azure Chamber of Commerce in signing a cooperative contract with Shi Feng. In no time at all, not only had Shi Feng gained the rights to one of Ocean Tide City’s Medium Shipyards and Golden Lands, but he had also received a Small Warehouse in the city as a gift.

Meanwhile, in Azure City’s Teleportation Hall…

“Are we really going to train with Zero Wing, Uncle Hanshan?” Yan Xiaoqian asked Duan Hanshan, who wore a serious expression. “I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to rejoin Violet Sword’s training if we do. Instructor Torre might just give up on us.”

Although she and Solitary Frost were members of the Azure Chamber of Commerce, and where they trained at was none of Violet Sword’s business, these two were considered Torre’s disciples. Training with Zero Wing would be a slap in the face to Torre as if they were declaring that Zero Wing’s training was more valuable.

“While Violet Sword’s training is amazingly effective, this is a unique opportunity. Do you think securing these slots was easy? I doubt you’ll get a chance like this in the future. Moreover, only Zero Wing can provide this kind of training right now,” Duan Hanshan informed her coldly.

“Uncle Hanshan, I agree with Xiaoqian. It is only a matter of time before we unlock our Mana Bodies’ full potential, but opportunities to improve our combat standards and techniques are difficult to come by. We went to great lengths to earn Instructor Torre’s guidance. If he finds out that we left to train with Zero Wing, I doubt he’ll agree to train us anymore,” Solitary Frost said.

While he admitted that Zero Wing was quite capable when it came to helping players unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential, passing up a chance to improve their combat standards and techniques for a chance to unlock their Mana Bodies a few days sooner was a waste.

The only reason he had lost to Silent Wonder, in his opinion, was that he had yet to unlock his Mana Body fully. If he had, defeating her would’ve been a piece of cake. With enough time, anyone could unlock their Mana Body’s full potential. Hence, he firmly believed that improving his combat standards and techniques was the true path to power.

“You’re only going to Zero Wing to unlock your Mana Body. You’re not there to learn techniques. It doesn’t clash with Instructor Torre’s training. I’m sure he won’t have an issue with this,” Duan Hanshan replied. “It’s getting late. We should hurry to the Starlight Fortress. We shouldn’t make Zero Wing wait too long.”

With that said, Duan Hanshan led Solitary Frost, Yan Xiaoqian, and a few dozen Azure members through the teleportation array and to the closest NPC town to the Starlight Fortress.