Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2620 - Crazed Azure

Chapter 2620 – Crazed Azure

Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Residence, meeting room:

Normally, it was very difficult to find Azure’s Grand Elders gathered in a single location, yet nearly every one of them had convened in the top-floor meeting room, and they all looked impatient.

“Xianglong, why did you call us here so urgently? You know how busy we are right now. All of the various superpowers are frantically searching for ways to unlock their experts’ Mana Bodies. If we fall behind now, we’ll suffer later,” a woman in exquisite, white mage robes complained.

“That’s right. If this isn’t something important, you’ll have to pay for our losses,” a robust, middle-aged man with crimson eyes and covered in glowing runes agreed, nodding.

Despite such rude questioning, Long Xianglong didn’t explode in a fit of rage.

He tolerated these two not only because they were Grand Elders in Azure, but because their strength was second only to Sinful Flame’s, as well. They were even stronger than Long Xianglong, the Long Family’s most formidable expert. Along with Triumphant Howl, they were Azure’s Three Monsters, and each represented Azure’s non-family members.

“Why isn’t Triumphant Howl here yet?” Long Xianglong asked, glancing at the empty seat beside the two.

“You know him. Unless the Guild is going to war or is at risk of destruction, he doesn’t care about anything besides leveling,” the crimson-eyed man said. “Forget about him. Why did you call for us here?”

“Alright, then. With 80% of the Guild’s Grand Elders present, we should have enough people to make a decision,” Long Xianglong said, sighing. While Azure’s Three Monsters were incredibly powerful, they were also free spirits. They hated restrictions and rarely listened to the ruling family’s representatives.

“What exactly has happened, Lunatic Long? You actually used a Grand Elder Mobilization Order. Has something gone wrong with Violet Sword over Silent Wonder?” Duan Hanshan demanded, smirking at Long Xianglong.

Duan Hanshan had already learned about Shi Feng taking Silent Wonder to Violet Sword’s Residence the moment Azure’s family competition had ended in hopes of settling the dispute between the Long Family and the Super Guild.

However, he doubted the issue would be so easily resolved. The Zeus Corporation’s reputation was at stake, and if the Long Family refused to cooperate, it would set a bad example for the other powers under the corporation’s command. Even if Silent Wonder were of little significance to the Zeus Corporation’s plans, it wouldn’t let the matter rest so easily.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing didn’t have enough power in the west to convince Violet Sword to budge. If the negotiation didn’t go well, Violet Sword might even move against the Long Family and Zero Wing directly.Read more chapters at L isnovel

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, Old Ice Demon. The matter regarding Wonder has already been dealt with,” Long Xianglong shot back. “As a matter of fact, I’ve gathered you all here today to discuss good news. This matter might even affect Azure’s future.”

“Something that can actually influence Azure’s development? Long Wushang left with Zero Wing to visit Violet Sword. Have we secured a partnership with the Super Guild over the ancient secret land?” the white-clad woman asked, a hint of anticipation flashing in her eyes.

The only thing she could think of that might affect Azure’s future was the ability to nurture experts.

Based on the information Azure had obtained, Violet Sword had discovered an ancient secret land that included an ancient training ground. If Azure’s young experts could use this training ground, they could grow significant^^

“You’re half correct,” Long Xiangong replied, chuckling.

“Half? Have we not negotiated an alliance with Violet Sword?” Duan Hanshan asked, confused.

“Correct. We’re cooperating with Zero Wing,” Long Xianglong said, nodding. “Black Flame is willing to sell us 40 entry slots into the ancient secret land, but in exchange, Black Flame wants our complete Void Realm Legacy.”

“Is Black Flame insane? You’re talking about our Guild’s foundation, yet he wants it for 40 measly slots? Only a fool would agree to such a partnership. Have you really gone mad, Lunatic Long?” Duan Hanshan said, sneering.

What a joke. Azure’s Void Realm Legacy was the fruit of several decades of hard labor. They’d be crazy to share it with Zero Wing for a few training slots.

This data was enough to help an ordinary power become a superpower in just a few short years. In fact, a large part of the reason most Guilds didn’t become superpowers was that they lacked effective training methods. However, as long as a Guild had enough time, money, and this data, it could easily grow into a superpower. This was why the various super-first-rate and Super Guilds rarely sold their research into the Realms of Refinement.

“Xianglong, if you’ve called us here to tell us this, I think it’s time the Long Family found a new representative,” the crimson-eyed man coldly criticized.

Everyone in the room gave Long Xianglong frosty looks.

The Azure Chamber of Commerce did not belong to one family. It was the result of the five main shareholder families’ and a large number of non-family Grand Elders’ exhausting work. It was unacceptable for any one member to sell the Guild’s secrets.

“I know,” Long Xianglong said, not surprised by everyone’s attitude in the least. He simply smiled back at them and continued, “What I’m going to say next is the important part.”

“What could possibly be so important that you felt the need to waste our time? Don’t tell me Zero Wing can nurture a group of monsters?” the white-clad woman said disdainfully.

You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Bell,” Long Xianglong replied, nodding at the white-clad woman named Butterfly Bell. “Black Flame has promised that he can help us nurture three monsters that can unlock more than 100% of their Mana Bodies’ potential. He’s even promised that he’ll help the three selected players reach 100% within a day.”

“Cross the 100% threshold? Isn’t that what the little girl from Zero Wing accomplished?” Duan Hanshan exclaimed.

Everyone that had watched the family competition had learned of how frightening Violet Cloud’s combat power was. Not even a legendary expert like Sinful Flame had been her match. She was inhuman!

Most ordinary powers thought unlocking 100% of the Mana Body could be accomplished given time, but anyone that had tried knew that the closer they got to 100%, the better their Mana Body performed. Unlocking 100% of one’s Mana Body should be the maximum.

However, Violet Cloud, who had broken past 100%, was definitely an extremely talented genius, and anyone that tried to replicate the feat would only be met with failure.

Yet, Zero Wing declared that it could nurture inhuman experts like Violet Cloud?

“I heard the girl talk about it before. It seems she’s not unique in Zero Wing. She even mentioned stronger members of the Guild,” Sinful Flame suddenly spoke up. “Based on her expression at the time, I doubt she was lying. Zero Wing should have more monsters that have crossed the 100% threshold.”

Everyone fell silent after listening to Sinful Flame’s interruption.

These Elders and Grand Elders were already impressed that Zero wing had nurtured a monster like Violet Cloud, but she had to be an exception. That fact would be, more or less, acceptable, but they had just been told that Zero Wing had more monsters like the girl. How could they possibly believe this?

Regardless of how unbelievable it was, however, Sinful Flame was a reliable source.

“This is why I’ve gathered you all here. What is everyone’s opinion of this? Do we accept the offer or not?” Long Xianglong asked after sweeping his gaze across the crowded reception room.