Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2619 - Unfathomable Zero Wing

Chapter 2619 – Unfathomable Zero Wing

Long Wushang’s request surprised Aqua Rose and the others a little. They had never expected the man to suggest a partnership with Zero Wing.

Long Wushang was an extremely prideful man. Even after Zero Wing had put on an outstanding display of strength during Azure’s family competition, his attitude toward them and their Guild had only improved from indifferent to normal. Rather, he merely saw Zero Wing as an equal now.

The Azure Chamber of Commerce rivaled Super Guilds, after all, and while it might not be a match for Zero Wing and Violet Sword’s gift for nurturing talented players, the chamber’s influence, resources, and manpower were far beyond that of Zero Wing.

Moreover, Azure’s family competition this year had only involved the younger members from the five main shareholder families. Not all of Azure’s young talents had participated. Most of the chamber’s younger experts weren’t even from the five main shareholder families, and some of them were even stronger than Yan Xiaoqian. However, they didn’t have the necessary qualifications to participate in the family competitions.Read more chapters at L isnovel

“Since Azure is willing to cooperate, I don’t mind selling a few slots, but how many do you want, Elder Long?” Shi Feng asked, not surprised in the least by Long Wushang’s request. Aqua Rose and the others, on the other hand, didn’t realize how important the younger generation was to the various superpowers.

To the various superpowers, the younger members were their future!

Take the Azure Chamber of Commerce, for example. A large part of the reason for the Guild’s current achievements was the value it placed on nurturing young talents. In contrast, some first-rate Guilds never rose beyond that, despite their many decades of experience, because they didn’t value their younger members. Unless first-rate Guilds recruited an astonishing genius, they remained first-rate for the rest of their existences.

Since Shi Feng had exposed the fact that players could potentially grow stronger through the ancient secret land’s Hero Trial, he had expected Long Wushang to instantly consider a partnership with Zero Wing, regardless of the man’s pride.

Long Wushang’s instincts as one of Azure’s Grand Elders was also why Shi Feng had fearlessly informed Aqua Rose of the Hero Trial’s peculiarities. If he hadn’t wanted anything, he would’ve had the discussion away from Long Wushang.

Allying with Azure was of the utmost importance since Zero Wing didn’t have any power on the western continent, aside from the Starlight Fortress. If Zero Wing wanted to secure a stable foothold in the west, it needed to ally itself with the local superpowers.

While Divine Tribe was a powerful ally, the Guild’s commercial abilities couldn’t compare to Azure’s. Divine Tribe couldn’t offer Zero Wing any assistance with intercontinental travel, either. Moreover, Zero Wing already had a dialog with Azure due to Silent Wonder. Partnering with Azure would be a safer and more reliable option.

“Purchasing 30 or 40 slots would be fantastic, but if that’s not possible, we’ll be happy with 10, as well, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Long Wushang hesitantly ventured after giving the matter some thought.

The Azure Chamber of Commerce was a massive organization. The Guild needed to nurture all of its young talents, including those from the shareholder families and those who weren’t. With enough slots, he could help the rest of the Guild’s younger experts. Of course, if Shi Feng refused, he at least had to purchase enough for the five main shareholder families.

“Forty?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “That’s fine, but you will have to agree to three conditions.”

“That’s fine?” Long Wushang’s eyes lit up. Eagerly, he continued, “Please, state your conditions, Guild Leader Black Flame. We’ll even agree to four or five demands!”

Forty entry slots would be more than enough for the five main families’ young talents, but he’d also be able to include the outside experts. If this negotiation succeeded, the Guild’s neutral Elders and Grand Elders would definitely side with the Long Family.

“First, I want Azure’s help with a matter. I need to transport some of Zero Wing’s members to the western continent in three days. We’ll need 100 or so,” Shi Feng said.

“That won’t be a problem. Three days is more than enough time. When the time comes, just have them gather in the Ten Saints Empire,” Long Wushang agreed without hesitation.

Intercontinental travel might be difficult for other superpowers, but that was no problem for Azure. Not even transporting 200 players would be a problem. At most, they’d have to spend more Magic Crystals.

“For my second condition, I want a Medium Shipyard and a plot of Golden Land in the Silvermoon Empire’s Ocean Tide City,” Shi Feng continued.

Trade between the two main continents would rely on naval transportation in the future. Meanwhile, Ocean Tide City was the largest port city in the Silvermoon Empire. As long as Zero Wing had roots in this city, doing business between the two continents would be easy.

“This won’t be a problem, either. I’ll notify my eldest brother later. You can start conducting business there as soon as the handover procedures are complete,” Long Wushang said, not at all surprised by Shi Feng’s second condition.

Zero Wing had barely any territory in the west. If it wished to acquire the western continent’s resources, the quickest way would be establishing itself in the west’s port cities. That way, it could travel between the continents more often and transport far more cargo. After all, players could only transport a limited amount of items via teleportation.

With contact between the two continents still being so difficult, one could resell merchandise from either area for a high price. However, those prices would fall as more powers gained the ability to travel between the east and west. Zero Wing would need to increase its sales volume to maintain a sizable income. Thus, securing a port city in the west was a must for the Guild.

“My third requirement is the most important. I need Azure’s complete Void Realm Legacy,” Shi Feng earnestly declared, glancing at Long Wushang.

Zero Wing still didn’t have a complete Void Realm Legacy, and because of that, it wasn’t as well-equipped for nurturing talented players as the various superpowers. If Zero Wing could acquire a complete Void Realm Legacy, the Guild’s strength would reach a whole new level, becoming a true superpower.

“That…” Long Wushang hesitated. “The complete Void Realm Legacy is one of the Guild’s core secrets. We’ve spent decades refining it. I’m afraid I don’t have the authority to agree to that condition.”

While the 40 entry slots were precious, this was only an opportunity. Trading the secrets the Guild had relied on to survive for one chance was absurd. Not even the Guild’s other Elders and Grand Elders would agree to such an unfair demand.

“I know it’s excessive, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You won’t get a second chance. Moreover, we’re talking about a Legacy that has survived since ancient times. I guarantee it will contain secrets regarding the Tier 4 Promotion Quests,” Shi Feng unhurriedly explained. “If that reason isn’t enough, I can offer an additional benefit.”

“What benefit?” Long Wushang asked curiously.

Azure’s complete Void Realm Legacy was one of the Guild’s most precious secrets. Sharing this secret with another Guild would be the equivalent of weakening its foundation. A minor benefit wasn’t enough of an incentive.

“I can help three of Azure’s experts surpass 100% of their Mana Bodies’ potential. Of course, the three individuals will have to be exceptionally talented. Ordinary experts won’t do. What do you think?” Shi Feng asked, smiling.

You’re saying you’ll help them grow as powerful as Violet Cloud, transcending tiers?”

Shi Feng’s offer astonished Long Wushang, and for a moment, he doubted the Swordsman’s claim.

Anyone that had watched Violet Cloud’s match against Sinful Flame would likely never forget her strength.

She was simply too formidable!

Violet Cloud’s strength was no longer just a result of combat techniques or standards. She had pure power. Even with the same Basic Attributes as Sinful Flame, she had emerged victorious. If she had even slightly higher Basic Attributes, her victory would’ve been even more outstanding.

Yet, Shi Feng now informed him that Zero Wing could nurture such monsters…

“That’s right,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “To prove it, I’ll even help these three players unlock their Mana Bodies’ full potential in a day. Are you willing to accept my offer, Elder Long?”

“Wait a minute, please. I need a moment to process this. I’ll have to discuss the offer with my Guild’s Grand Elders first, as well,” Long Wushang said. He could’ve viewed Shi Feng’s offer as nonsense, but now, he couldn’t afford to brush it

If Azure could really have three young monsters like Violet Cloud, it wouldn’t have to worry about its future.

“That won’t be a problem,” Shi Feng said. “Take your time, but I will need an answer within two days.”

“Please, wait a moment, Guild Leader Black Flame. I will contact my third brother now and push the Grand Elders to make a decision as soon as possible,” Long Wushang said, nodding. He then contacted Long Xianglong and appraised him of the situation.

When Long Xianglong heard about Shi Feng’s offer in Azure’s Residence, he, too, was astonished.

“What did you say? Zero Wing can help us nurture three monsters on par with Violet Cloud? How is that possible?”