Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2618 - Ancient Legacy

Chapter 2618 – Ancient Legacy

“Earlier, I stated that I want the first pick of the Trial Boss’s loot. That condition still stands, but I’m sure you’re aware of how difficult the Hero Trial is. One hundred Zero Wing members won’t be enough to clear it,” Shi Feng calmly stated. “Hence, I need your full cooperation. I repeat: your full cooperation. I will choose the 200 raid team members from among my people. Of course, you can send a few dozen players, as well. Once we clear the trial, we’ll each take half of the given entry slots. I’m sure that’s a fitting trade-off, don’t you think?”

By the time Shi Feng finished speaking, Wildfighter and Crimson Star were stunned. Neither of them had expected Shi Feng to make such an outrageous demand.

They had thought this Swordsman would propose a more excessive condition, such as requiring Violet Sword’s members to serve as cannon fodder. They had mentally prepared to watch their members die several times. However, they had never dreamed that Shi Feng wouldn’t demand an even higher price, but offer to include more of his Guild members in the raid.

Even Aqua Rose, Long Wushang, and the others near the reception room’s door were flabbergasted.

Shi Feng’s last condition meant Zero Wing would do all the work for Violet Sword. It was insane.

“That won’t be a problem. As long as you clear the Hero Trial, select any raid members you want. In fact, we won’t even impose a penalty if our Guild members die in the raid,” Torre said. Although he was similarly surprised by Shi Feng’s proposal, he nodded in agreement. “However, our people will ignore your orders if they think the raid is impossible, and you ask them to throw their lives away.”

Violet Sword had already prepared for multiple team-wipes if it meant clearing the Hero Trial. Since Shi Feng’s condition would reduce the number of casualties their Guild suffered, Torre was more than willing to agree.

“If that’s the case, I agree,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “Give me three days. I’ll lead my men to the ancient secret land in three days! Meanwhile, Silent Wonder will remain here to help you. Three days should be enough time for you to prepare the necessary tools.”

“Three days?” Wildfighter frowned slightly. He hadn’t thought Shi Feng would want to act so soon. He had assumed they’d have around five days to prepare. Including the agreed-upon 10-day buffer, Violet Sword might have been able to gather enough experts to complete the Elite Trial.

“That won’t be a problem. You may enter Violet Light City in three days. We will be waiting for you there,” Torre said.

Following which, Shi Feng and Torre signed a contract. If Zero Wing cleared the Hero Trial, Violet Sword would surrender 100 entry slots to the ancient secret land. If Zero Wing failed, the Guild would be prohibited from setting foot in the secret land for 10 days.

With the contract signed, Shi Feng promptly left Holy Flame City.

“Guild Leader, three days isn’t enough time. We can’t even transfer 100 players to the western continent within three days, and why did you offer to bring even more of our people into this raid?” Aqua Rose asked from behind Shi Feng on the Thunder Eagle.

Exploring secret lands always had a high casualty rate. While a team could reap plenty of benefits, Zero Wing would only receive a fraction of what this secret land had to offer. Violet Sword would gain the most benefit. Zero Wing didn’t need to sacrifice so many members just to help this Super Guild gain access.

Long Wushang found Shi Feng’s decision a bit odd, as well, but since he wasn’t a member of Zero Wing, he was in no position to question the Swordsman.

“If this were an ordinary secret land, I wouldn’t have offered to contribute so much manpower, but we’re talking about a secret land that has survived since ancient times. Moreover, we’re going to challenge this land’s trial,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “What do you think a trial is?”

“Isn’t it a test of strength that grants bountiful rewards when cleared?” Aqua Rose replied, confused by her Guild Leader’s question. That much was common knowledge in God’s Domain.

“You’re only half correct,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“Half?” Aqua Rose’s confusion grew. “What do you mean?”

“A trail is also an excellent training opportunity,” Shi Feng explained. “It is true that God’s Domain’s trails test players’ strength, but a larger part of the reason for their existence is to help players grow even stronger. This is especially true with the trials from ancient times.

“The rewards are only a bonus for clearing these ancient trials. The trial itself is far more valuable. These trials contain complete Legacies from ancient times. Even breaking past the Mana Body’s 100% limit could be possible if we can comprehend a fraction of these Legacies. Why else would there only be one opportunity to challenge the ancient secret land’s Hero Trial?”

Before players had reached Tier 4 and began to explore the game’s truly dangerous locations in the past, everyone had regarded trials like Dungeons, nothing more.

However, once players had reached Tier 4 and begun exploring these areas, they had found one ancient trial after another. As these Tier 4 experts continued to clear the ancient trials, they continued to grow stronger. Everyone realized how important God’s Domain’s trials were after this discovery, especially those that had survived intact since ancient times. Every ancient trial was a golden opportunity.

Since Violet Sword had offered to abandon the chance to challenge the ancient secret land’s Hero Trial, Shi Feng had to take advantage of this opportunity. He had even almost failed to contain his excitement and exposed the Hero Trial’s secrets when Torre had stated the condition.

If possible, Shi Feng wanted to monopolize all 200 raid slots, but Violet Sword would need a representative to claim the ancient city’s entry slots, so it would have to send a few players, regardless of its desires.

“Guild Leader, are you saying that we can use this trial to unlock more of our members’ Mana Bodies?” Excitement flashed in Aqua Rose’s eyes. If this were true, they had just hit the jackpot!

She had experienced ancient times’ training systems personally. The best example was the Extraordinary Tower. Her training was many times more efficient in that tower than anywhere else she had been in God’s Domain. It was also thanks to the Extraordinary Tower that she could fight Domain Realm experts, despite only having reached the Void Realm.

If she and Zero Wing’s other members could improve their combat standards and Mana control, they’d have a much easier time with their Tier 4 Promotion Quests.

“Why would it be that easy? We only have one opportunity to face the trial. Whether you gain anything from it will depend on you,” Shi Feng replied, rolling his eyes.

Not even one in 10,000 Tier 3 experts would cross the Mana Body’s 100% threshold. How could all of Zero Wing’s members make a breakthrough after facing a single trial?

This was just like with the Extraordinary Tower. Despite the tower’s exceptional training mechanisms regarding the Realms of Truth, many Zero Wing core members had yet to reach the Truth Realm.

“Even so, this is an excellent opportunity. At least we have a chance to grow stronger. Some among us might even make a breakthrough like Violet, if we’re lucky,” Aqua Rose said, smiling.

Long Wushang, who sat nearby, was tempted as he eavesdropped on the conversation. He had never realized that ancient trials offered such a benefit, either.

He had seen the strength one gained when they unlocked more than 100% of their Mana Body. Violet Cloud hadn’t even reached the Domain Realm, yet she had defeated Sinful Flame.

In the end, Long Wushang couldn’t contain himself and asked Shi Feng, “Guild Leader Black Flame, may I know if you’d be willing to sell some of the entry slots to Azure? Of course, we will pay a sufficient price. You may state any demands you wish.”