Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2617 - Secret of the Ancient Secret Land

Chapter 2617 – Secret of the Ancient Secret Land

Even after a long moment, Torre and his comrades couldn’t find a proper response to Shi Feng’s question.

Shi Feng was simply too ruthless!

To ensure that he’d be able to enter the ancient secret land, Shi Feng had wasted a Fruit of Life to upgrade his Personal Guard to Fine-Gold rank. Not even they would dare behave so lavishly.

However, they had to admit that this Swordsman was extremely fortunate to upgrade his Personal Guard to a Tier 4 World Creation NPC.

With this single NPC, Shi Feng could blast through a Basic City’s defensive magic array. Versailles could cause a huge scene inside the city, allowing Shi Feng and his team to pass into the ancient secret land unhindered.

“Instructor Torre, Black Flame must be dreaming!” Wildfighter said in the team chat. “Even if he can break into the city and enter the ancient secret land, he’ll only be able to do so a handful of times, at most! I refuse to believe he can come and go from our city as he pleases forever! Moreover, Mythology will have to bear half of the entry slots we lose because of Zero Wing, significantly reducing our losses. When our two Guilds gain Tier 4 experts, his Personal Guard will be useless, and our Guild will still have 200 entry slots.”

The ancient secret land contained an ancient city independent from God’s Domain’s two main continents. Even if players defeated the Trial Boss and became citizens, they would need to remain within the city for some time to enjoy its benefits. Players wouldn’t gain access to all of the city’s benefits when they first reached the city.

However, while Zero Wing could get into the ancient secret land, the amount of time its players could stay in the city would be limited. Players could only extend their stay with a special tool.

One week!

Even with this special tool, players could only reside in the ancient secret land for a maximum of seven natural days. If they did not leave on time, they’d starve to death. The special tool in question also had a 10-day Cooldown.

In other words, Shi Feng would have to break into Violet Sword and Mythology’s Guild City repeatedly to continue enjoying the secret land’s benefits. Not only were the various superpowers searching for an easier way to unlock their experts’ Mana Bodies, however, but they were also preparing for the Tier 4 Promotion Quests. This meant that Zero Wing had very little time left to take advantage of the secret land.

Crimson Star nodded in agreement with Wildfighter’s claim.

There was no way their two Guilds could form an alliance. After all, Zero Wing couldn’t offer enough benefits to warrant 100 entry slots.

Torre didn’t immediately reply to Wildfighter’s proposal. Instead, he closed his eyes and fell deep into thought. After some time, the man’s eyes opened, and he looked at Shi Feng, saying, “Guild Leader Black Flame, a partnership between our Guilds isn’t exactly out of the question.”Read more at L isnovel

“Instructor Torre?”

Both Wildfighter and Crimson Star were surprised to hear Torre’s response. Violet Sword didn’t need to agree to Shi Feng’s demands, and their Guild Leader and Grand Elders would never agree to such laughable conditions.

“What are your conditions?” Shi Feng calmly asked.

Shi Feng admitted that he had demanded quite a bit, but he had no choice. This was all for the sake of helping Zero Wing’s members reach Tier 4. With the Guild’s current resources, he could only guarantee that a few select individuals would complete their Promotion Quests. Everyone else’s chances were minute, at best.

If Zero Wing couldn’t nurture enough Tier 4 experts, it would struggle to defend its current resources and territory. Too many superpowers targeted his Guild, and they were only powerless against Zero Wing now due to the Knight Division and its Guild City’s formidable defenses.

However, once the era of Tier 4 dawned, destroying Guild Cities wouldn’t just become possible; it’d become common.

When God’s Domain had reached the Tier 4 era in the past, it had been the craziest chapter of the game’s history. The various superpowers had fought like madmen, destroying countless Guild Cities. Many had even been annihilated.

This was also one of the reasons that Shi Feng was so desperate to reach Tier 4.

Although he could rely on Versailles to force his way into the ancient secret land, that wasn’t a long-term plan. Allying with Violet Sword was his best option. He’d only resort to force if the Super Guild refused to work with him.

“I only require that you assist us with one thing, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Torre said. “So long as you complete this task, we will agree to all of your conditions.”

“What is it?” Torre’s statement piqued Shi Feng’s curiosity. He hadn’t expected this man to agree to his conditions so easily.

“It’s quite simple. I just need you to clear the ancient secret land’s Hero Trial!” Torre declared. “Once you clear it, we’ll agree to your demands, but if you fail, we’ll ask you to leave. When the time comes, our Guilds will rely on their own strength to enter the ancient secret land.”

“The Hero Trial?” Shi Feng was a little confused. As far as he could remember, the ancient secret land’s trial only had two difficulties, and neither was called ’Hero.’

“The Hero Trial!? Instructor Torre, that’s too risky! We only have one opportunity! We will not get another chance if we fail! How can Zero Wing’s people possibly complete it?!” Wildfighter anxiously complained.

The ancient secret land’s trial only had two difficulties on the surface: Normal and Elite.

However, as a bonus for activating the ancient secret land, they had the opportunity to face an even harder trial—the Hero Trial!

As long as players cleared the Normal Trial, they’d become official citizens in the ancient city, enjoying the various benefits the city had to offer.

However, based on Violet Sword’s research, clearing the Hero Trial would instantly grant the players noble status. There was a huge difference between the benefits a noble had access to and those of an ordinary citizen. While players could improve their rank, rising to noble status would require a ridiculous amount of time and effort.

Unfortunately, Violet Sword only had one chance to attempt the Hero Trial.

They had originally intended to wait until the Hero Trial’s time limit was up, which was in roughly 30 days. That way, they’d have the best possible chance of clearing the trial.

However, not only had Torre just suggested they face the Hero Trial sooner than planned, but he also requested Zero Wing’s members clear it. While Zero Wing’s members had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, their combat standards were far from satisfactory. Asking Zero Wing’s members to clear the Hero Trial would be a huge waste.

“If you fail the Hero Trial, I’d like Zero Wing to refrain from targeting the ancient secret land for 10 days. Are you willing to accept this challenge, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Torre asked Shi Feng.

As Torre finished his question, realization dawned on Wildfighter and Crimson Star.

While using the Hero Trial to gain a 10-day buffer was somewhat extravagant, it would give Violet Sword more than enough time to prepare for the Normal Trial. Once Violet Sword completed the trial, and its members became ordinary citizens in the ancient city, Zero Wing wouldn’t be able to affect the Guild’s development overmuch, even if they made it into the ancient secret land. In fact, Zero Wing might not be allowed in the city as a result.

Of course, Shi Feng had to agree to the challenge first.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you dare to accept this challenge? Violet Sword has spent an enormous amount of resources to secure this ancient secret land. We can’t simply hand over half of our available slots for nothing. You, at least, need to prove that Zero Wing can earn these slots,” Crimson Star prodded, faintly smiling at Shi Feng.

“Deal! I agree to your conditions,” Shi Feng replied after giving the matter some thought. “However, I have an additional requirement. If you can agree to it, we will sign the contract immediately. Otherwise, as Instructor Torre has said, we will have to rely on our own strength to get into the secret land.”

“What’s this requirement?” Wildfighter asked, curious.