Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2615 - Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard, Life Transition

Chapter 2615 – Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard, Life Transition

When Shi Feng summoned Versailles into the reception room, the room’s Mana transformed. So dense!

So heavy!

The Mana inside the reception room didn’t feel like Mana at all. Everyone in the room felt as if they had been submerged in water and were drowning.

“A Tier 4 Personal Guard?!”

“How is this possible?!”

Long Wushang and the Tier 3 Assassin were stunned when they saw Versailles.

They had seen Level 120 Personal Guards before. After all, every superpower in the game had a few by now, but those had only been Tier 3 Personal Guards. They had never seen a Level 120, Tier 4 Personal Guard before. They hadn’t even thought one existed at this stage of the game.

Reaching Tier 4 was an immensely difficult feat, even for Personal Guards. Most player- and power-owned Guards couldn’t even reach Tier 4.

Fine-Gold Guards had a relatively high chance of completing their Tier 4 Promotion Quests, but reaching that milestone required a lot of preparation and a lot of time. Even the various superpowers’ Personal Guards had just recently reached Level 120. Thus, logically, getting one’s hands on a Tier 4 Personal Guard at this stage should be impossible, yet Zero Wing had one.

Tier 4 NPCs were the true bigshots of God’s Domain. They qualified to rule major NPC cities and were beyond current players’ reach.Read more at L isnovel

“A Tier 4 Personal Guard? It seems the eastern continent’s superpowers have grossly underestimated Zero Wing. Their assumption that your Guild is powerless outside of Cold Spring Forest is severely flawed,” Torre commented as he gazed at Versailles. Even after seeing the Tier 4 Personal Guard, he still appeared quite calm. “Even so, I do not think that a Level 120, Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard can break into our two Guilds’ city.”

Although the Guild City in question was only Basic rank, it was protected by an incredibly powerful defensive magic array. The magic array could endure Tier 4 attacks without any trouble. Otherwise, the city wouldn’t have withstood the Demonic Creature armies’ invasion.

The western continent was far more dangerous than the east. Towns and cities faced frequent Demonic Creature assaults. These armies especially loved to target Guild Towns and Cities.

It wasn’t odd to find three to five Mythic monsters among each Demonic Creature army, in addition to hundreds of thousands of weaker Demonic Creatures.

Trying to rely on a measly Tier 4 NPC to threaten a Guild City jointly operated by two Super Guilds was laughable.

Of course, a Tier 4 NPC, particularly a Tier 4 Great Wizard, could destroy an ordinary Guild’s city, but trying to destroy a superpower’s Guild City with a single Tier 4 NPC was ridiculous.

Every Guild City a superpower established would have some means offending off or exterminating Tier 4 beings. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any difference between superpowers and ordinary powers.

“That’s right. A Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard would be invincible in the fields. Unfortunately, it is not enough to threaten a superpower’s Guild City,” Crimson Star said after snapping out of her daze.

From near the reception room’s doors, Long Wushang nodded in agreement.

The strength Zero Wing had just revealed was astonishing. If Zero Wing were dealing with a weaker superpower, that power might concede to Zero Wing’s demands. Unfortunately, Zero Wing was dealing with Violet Sword, a veteran Super Guild that was almost as powerful as the Five Great Super Guilds. Not even two or three Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guards would be enough to change Violet Sword’s mind.

“Indeed, a Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard would take forever just to blast open a Guild City’s defensive magic array,” Shi Feng agreed. Smiling, he asked, “But what if I have a Tier 4 Fine-Gold ranked Great Wizard?”

“Impossible! Just having one Tier 4 Personal Guard is a miracle! How could you have another one?!” Crimson Star instinctively opposed Shi Feng’s calm question.

A Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard wasn’t strong enough to break a Guild City’s defensive magic array, but it would be a different story for a Tier 4 Fine-Gold Guard. Generally, Fine-Gold Guards possessed Taboo Skills and Curses that allowed them to exhibit power beyond their tier. With the power of a Tier 4 Taboo Skill or Curse, even shattering a city’s defensive barrier with a single hit would be possible.

However, rising from Tier 3 to Tier 4 was a major feat for Personal Guards. Even Personal Guards with extremely high Growth Potential would need to prepare extensively before challenging their Tier 4 Promotion Quest. Moreover, they still had a high chance of failing, and sending a large number of Personal Guards to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest with the hope that some would succeed wasn’t feasible for current Guilds.

When a Tier 3 Personal Guard wished to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest, they needed a large number of Magic Cores, and not just any would do. These Magic Cores had to come from Level 100-plus Mythic monsters.

Unfortunately, Level 100-plus Mythic monsters didn’t even have a 5% drop-rate for Magic Cores, and only Demonic Creatures would drop them at all. As a result, even the various Super Guilds could, at most, afford to send one Personal Guard to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Even if Zero Wing hunted monsters with a Tier 3 Knight Division, there were only so many Mythic ranked Demonic Creatures in Cold Spring Forest. The fact that Zero Wing had nurtured a single Tier 4 Personal Guard was a miracle, but having two was simply impossible.

“I might have only one Tier 4 Personal Guard, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t increase his Growth Potential,” Shi Feng said before revealing a translucent, multicolored fruit.

Everyone in the reception room felt physically and mentally restless the moment Shi Feng retrieved the colorful fruit from his bag. Their instincts screamed at them to devour the fruit.

“The Fruit of Life?! Who are you!?” Crimson Star demanded, staring at the colorful fruit in shock.

Shi Feng’s Tier 4 Personal Guard had been surprising enough, yet this man also had the incomparably precious Fruit of Life. This was unbelievable!

The Fruit of Life was legendary throughout God’s Domain. People had even called it the Holy Fruit. Not only could the Fruit of Life resurrect the dead, but it could also help living creatures recover to their peak and elevate their potential.

There were even rumors that players could boost their Life Ratings significantly by consuming it.

If they spotted a Fruit of Life, even high-tiered NPCs would do everything in their power to claim it, not to mention players.

In Crimson Star’s opinion, though, this legendary fruit was just that—a legend. It was beyond the reach of players. The only known way to obtain the Fruit of Life was to harvest it from the Elven race’s Tree of Life. However, Elves consider these fruits holy. They would never trade or sell the fruit to outsiders. If players wanted their own Fruit of Life, they could only obtain one by attacking a location that housed a Tree of Life.

However, the Elves’ Trees of Life were so heavily guarded that not even Tier 6 Gods could reach them. Moreover, most of the various kingdoms and empires’ Great and Grand Wizards had learned from Elven Great and Grand Wizards. Anyone that dared attack the Elves’ main headquarters would only make an enemy of these kingdoms and empires. No one under the heavens would be able to save them.

Even Torre stared at the fruit in Shi Feng’s hand in astonishment.

The Fruit of Life!

The various superpowers had been desperately searching for the item after learning about it. Based on what they had learned, there was only one way, other than raiding an Elven city, to procure a Fruit of Life. While the Elves refused to trade or sell these fruits, they sometimes offered them as gifts to players who had significantly helped their race. Hence, there were quite a few fruits lying around. Only, most of these Fruits of Life had been given away decades, maybe centuries, ago, so no one knew their current whereabouts.

Even with the superpowers’ powerful information networks, no one had found the slightest clue leading to these gifted Fruits of Life, and yet, Shi Feng held one in his palm…

“Eat it,” Shi Feng said, passing the colorful fruit to Versailles.

Versailles did not hesitate, excitedly and fanatically taking the fruit. His changed attitude made the room’s Mana restless.

After a deep, sincere bow of gratitude to Shi Feng, Versailles ate the Fruit of Life as the players in the reception room watched.