Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2614 - Ancient Secret Land, Priority Pick?

Chapter 2614 – Ancient Secret Land, Priority Pick?

“A hundred experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies?!”.

Silence dominated the room after Shi Feng’s question. Even Torre’s gaze sharpened in an attempt to detect the Swordsman’s lie.

“Are you telling the truth?” Torre asked.

The various superpowers urgently needed experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies. Only these experts could cope with the environments and monsters within Level 100-plus, super-large-scale Team Dungeons and hostile secret lands.

Unfortunately, a handful, even just a dozen, experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies would be useless during raids.

A team of a hundred of these experts would be a different story, however. With a full 100-man team, raiding these locations would be possible, and such a team would be invaluable to Violet Sword, which had located an immensely important, ancient secret land.

Meanwhile, Long Wushang gaped at Shi Feng from the reception room’s entrance. He had never dreamed that Zero Wing’s foundations were so frighteningly sturdy.

A hundred experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies!

With these 100 experts, no superpower would dare provoke Zero Wing, even if it didn’t have much power in the west. If these 100 experts decided to retaliate in the fields or cause a scene in a Guild City, the targeted superpower would definitely suffer.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have come all the way here, otherwise,” Shi Feng confirmed, nodding.

Although Zero Wing only had a little over two dozen experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies right now, many of the Guild’s Tier 3 Refinement Realm experts had already reached 85% or higher thanks to the Lost Town’s special environment. At most, Zero Wing would need three more days to gather a full 100-man team.

The raid on the ancient secret land wouldn’t begin immediately. Violet Sword would need some time to prepare. Without the necessary tools, players wouldn’t survive in the secret land, and by the time those tools were ready, Zero Wing should have all the experts it promised.

Hence, Shi Feng didn’t consider his statement to be a lie.

Torre and the other two instructors fell silent after hearing Shi Feng’s reply.

“Are we actually going to agree to his offer, Instructor Torre? This ancient secret land is likely unique in God’s Domain.

You already know how astounding the environment is for training. Black Flame is too greedy. We have already split half the entry slots with Mythology. If we give another 100 entry slots to Zero Wing, we’ll have less authority there than Mythology, even if we retain a spot,” Wildfighter asked Torre in the team chat.

The ancient secret land had a strict entry limit. It was more like an ancient city, isolated from the outside world, than a true secret land. As long as players defeated the Trial Boss, they’d become ordinary citizens in the city, enjoying the city’s various benefits.Read more at l isnovel

To monopolize this secret land, Violet Sword had partnered with Mythology, and both Guilds had dispatched large armies to barricade the entrance, preventing other powers from entering. Each Guild would then occupy half of the available entry slots.

Violet Sword had gone to great lengths to secure 200 entry slots, yet Zero Wing wanted 100 for helping the Super Guild defeat the Trial Boss. No matter how one looked at it, this didn’t seem like a worthwhile transaction. Given another two weeks, Violet Sword would be more than capable of taking the Trial Boss down by itself. The Super Guild didn’t need any of Zero Wing’s help.

Crimson Star nodded in agreement to Wildfighter’s comment.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, while your proposal is tempting, you demand too much. I can offer a maximum of 10 entry slots, not one more,” Torre said after giving the matter some thought. “Even without your help, we will capture the secret land. It only may take us a few days longer.”

“You might be right, but as far as I know, Violet Sword isn’t the only power in control of the ancient secret land. Just one day could make a massive difference. I’m sure you’re aware of this, Instructor Torre. Moreover, I don’t just want 100 entry slots. I also want priority over one of the items the Trial Boss drops,” Shi Feng coolly declared, nodding.

Long Wushang could only stare at the Swordsman, utterly flabbergasted.

How was this supposed to be a partnership negotiation?

Violet Sword had clearly stated that it would succeed, with or without Zero Wing, but instead of reducing his demands, Shi Feng had asked for even more, setting his sights on the Trial Boss’s loot. He was simply insane…

“You’re correct. We’re not the only Guild in control of the ancient secret land right now, but you can’t ally with the other Guild, can you? Zero Wing has offended Mythology often in the past,” Wildfighter countered with a grin. “Violet Sword is Zero Wing’s only prospect for an alliance. We’re already being quite generous by offering 10 entry slots. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to find another way to enter the secret land.”Read more at l isnovel

Zero Wing’s conflict with Mythology was no longer fresh news.

If Mythology hadn’t been the only other Guild to control the ancient secret land, Violet Sword might have conceded to Shi Feng’s demands. There was no way Mythology and Zero Wing would work together at this point.

Shi Feng was dreaming if he thought he could claim 100 entry slots and priority over the Trial Boss’s loot!

Convinced Shi Feng was a madman, Long Wushang couldn’t help but shake his head.

Zero Wing was immensely powerful in the east. In fact, it was so powerful that not even several superpowers could take it down.

However, Zero Wing’s strength was limited to the eastern continent. Even if the Guild brought 100 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies to the west, it could, at most, annoy the various superpowers. Zero Wing couldn’t reach the various superpowers’ roots, let alone those of a veteran Super Guild like Violet Sword.

“What if we enter the secret land by ourselves?” Shi Feng asked, smiling.

“Enter the secret land yourselves?” Crimson Star parrotted, smirking. She then continued, “Guild Leader Black Flame, I don’t mean to belittle you, but do you know how large of a force our two Guilds have stationed at the entrance? Not even 1,000 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies could dream of setting foot in the ancient secret land without our approval.”

To secure their hold, Violet Sword and Mythology had established a Guild City around the ancient secret land’s entrance. Without being able to destroy the city, no one would enter the secret land.

Silently, Long Wushang nodded his agreement with Crimson Star’s statement. He had visited this Guild City when the Azure Chamber of Commerce had sent its Lifestyle Players to Violet Sword. That Guild City’s defenses were no weaker than the various Super Guilds’ main headquarters.

“Is that so?” Leisurely, Shi Feng asked, “But what if I have him?”

With that, Shi Feng retrieved a Summon Guard Scroll and called forth Versailles.