Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2613 - Astonishing Statistics, Zero Wing's Potential

Chapter 2613 – Astonishing Statistics, Zero Wing’s Potential

Hearing Shi Feng’s suggestion, the Tier 3 Assassin continued to sneer at the group.

Do they think they can withstand the instructors’ auras just by removing their Black Cloaks?

The Black Cloak merely concealed some of a player’s statistics but couldn’t hide a player’s aura. Everyone in God’s Domain knew this.

Of course, there were tools that could conceal a player’s aura, but those tools were extremely expensive and not practical. Furthermore, expert players could conceal their auras with their own skills. They didn’t have to rely on such tools.

Even Long Wushang gave Shi Feng a strange look. He couldn’t understand what the man was trying to do.

By removing their Black Cloaks, Aqua Rose and the others would only expose their statistics. That wouldn’t help them withstand these three monsters’ auras.

Torre, Wildfighter, and Crimson Star were all instructors in Violet Sword. Anyone that could become a Super Guild’s instructor would also be a Grand Elder, absolute upper echelons in the Guild.

Super Guilds also acquired top-tier weapons and equipment each day. A veteran Super Guild like Violet Sword had likely seen every kind of weapon and equipment piece the game had to offer. Now that Violet Sword was in a fit of rage and intent on striking fear into their group to chase them away, not even full sets of top-tier weapons and equipment would be enough to change these three instructors’ minds.

During the time the Tier 3 Assassin and Long Wushang wondered what Shi Feng intended, Aqua Rose and the others removed their Black Cloaks. When they saw these players statistics, the Assassin and Long Wushang nearly fainted from shock.

Level 117!

The moment the Black Cloaks were gone, these players’ auras burst forth like erupting volcanoes. The ambient Mana rapidly gathered around them, creating a Mana vortex that thinned the rest of the Mana in the room. When the Tier 3 Assassin and Long Wushang realized that these auras rivaled that of Mythic monsters, they instinctively stepped back to a tolerable distance.

Meanwhile, Torre’s group stared in astonishment when they saw Aqua Rose’s and her companions’ levels.

“Level 117?! How is this possible?! Even our Guild’s leveling maniac has only reached Level 114! How did they get so powerful?!” Wildfighter exclaimed in the team chat, overwhelmed with shock as he stared at Zero Wing’s players.

Their levels weren’t the highest in the Guild since they normally trained Violet Sword’s new recruits. They didn’t have time to devote themselves to grinding for levels.

Even so, these three had never fallen behind the frontline players. The foreign energies in Level 100-plus maps were a burden, steadily corroding players’ bodies and preventing them from grinding for long. Thus, as instructors, Torre and his comrades had to maintain their levels. Meanwhile, these three usually trained recruits while recuperating, and as a result, their levels weren’t too far behind, even if their leveling speed wasn’t the greatest. All three were currently Level 112, which most peak experts hadn’t reached yet.

And yet, the players before them had five levels on them. How did they manage that?

Moreover, Zero Wing didn’t have just one or two players at that level. All eight members, who had removed their Black Cloaks, had reached Level 117…

“No, I can sense that all of these people have fully unlocked their Mana Bodies. They shouldn’t have used any special grinding methods to achieve such a high level,” Crimson Star said, shaking her head.

In God’s Domain, the only way to level up quickly was to grind monsters. The stronger the monsters players fought, the more EXP they’d gain. If players tried to grind monsters that were three levels lower than they were, they wouldn’t even earn 50% of what they did when defeating monsters of the same level. If they tried grinding monsters six levels lower than they were, they wouldn’t get any EXP at all.

While questing was also a reliable way to earn EXP, quests’ main objective was to provide Coins, weapons, equipment, and special tools. The only way to level rapidly was to face powerful monsters of the same or higher level.

Because of this, no player with a high level in God’s Domain was considered weak. In fact, most ordinary players saw a player’s level as a direct representation of their strength.

Still shocked, the three instructors didn’t realize Shi Feng had walked up to them. It had felt as if he had stood in the middle of the room all this time.

“Can we talk now?” Shi Feng asked, looking at each instructor in turn.

Only then did Wildfighter and Crimson Star realize that Shi Feng stood before them.

“Out with it. Why have you come to Violet Sword?” Torre asked, giving Shi Feng a serious look. He no longer displayed any rage or belittlement.

If Zero Wing had had only one player at Level 117, he would’ve, at most, been surprised and acknowledged the expert’s strength, but not only did a whole group of Level 117 players stand before him, but they had also unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential. This achievement couldn’t just be the result of personal strength. Rather, it was a representation of the Guild’s foundation and power.

Since Zero Wing had so many high-leveled experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies, the Guild earned his basic respect.

After seeing Silent Wonder and the others himself, Torre also understood why Silent Wonder had defeated Solitary Frost.

There wasn’t much of a difference between the Basic Attributes of a player with a fully unlocked Mana Body and one without, but there was a colossal difference between their combat power. It was almost the difference of half a tier, which wasn’t a gap that could be shortened with combat standards and techniques.

Although Solitary Frost was a Domain Realm expert, he was still quite young. He did not have much experience fighting opponents with more raw power. Hence, suffering defeat wasn’t all that strange.

“You’re surprisingly frank, Instructor Torre. In that case, I’ll just come out with it,” Shi Feng said, smiling at Torre, who had paid close attention to him since the moment he entered the room. “I’m here to discuss Silent Wonder’s situation.”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you wish to insist that she’s a member of Zero Wing, not Azure, and thus doesn’t need to develop in Violet Sword, don’t bother. I will suggest that my superiors leave Silent Wonder alone,” Wildfighter said.

Zero Wing didn’t have much power on the western continent, but its potential was incredible. Becoming this pseudosuperpower’s enemy over Silent Wonder would be truly unwise.

Besides, Violet Sword could still follow through with its plans, even without a Half-step Grandmaster Alchemist like Silent Wonder. At worst, their plans might take more time to complete.

Moreover, the Zeus Corporation was the main reason that Violet Sword had insisted on obtaining Silent Wonder, and the corporation had simply made the demand because the Long Family had refused to cooperate fully wdth Zeus’s plan to unify the powers under its command. The Zeus Corporation only wanted to make an example out of the Long Family and was using Violet Sword to do so.

Long Wushang was stunned to hear Wildfighter give in so quickly.

The matter had been dealt with, just like that?

The Long Family had negotiated with the Zeus Corporation and Violet Sword many times, yet the two had refused to concede. They had even gone as far as to use Azure’s ruling rights to threaten the family.

And yet, Shi Feng had just visited Violet Sword’s Residence for the first time, briefly mentioned Silent Wonder, and Wildfighter had agreed to part with her. Long Wushang felt as if he stood in the wrong Guild’s Residence.

Even Silent Wonder’s mouth hung open in shock. She had never expected these negotiations to progress so smoothly.

Just as everyone assumed the negotiations were over, however, Shi Feng shook his head, saying, “No, I believe you’ve misunderstood something. I’m not here to talk about that.”

“What do you wish to discuss, then?” Wildfighter asked, confused.

Hadn’t Zero Wing come to dissuade Violet Sword from its plans?

“Zero Wing would like to partner with Violet Sword. I know your Guild has uncovered an ancient secret land, which requires special tools to enter. I suggest our Guilds work together. Zero Wing only wants 100 entry slots in exchange,” Shi Feng said.

The fact that Violet Sword had relied on an ancient secret land to boost its development speed on the western continent hadn’t been a secret in the past. The moment Long Wushang had shown up in Zero Wing’s Residence, Shi Feng had remembered this secret land.

This ancient secret land held the key to completing the Tier 4 Promotion quest. It was the very reason that Violet Sword had nurtured plenty of Tier 4 experts in Shi Feng’s past life. In fact, this Guild had commanded nearly twice as many Tier 4 experts as ordinary Super Guilds.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you insane? Do you know how many slots the secret land has in total? You’re asking for half of the slots we have right now!” Crimson Star interjected.

The ancient secret land was a huge opportunity for Violet Sword to rise to prominence. Hence, every entry slot was incredibly precious, yet Zero Wing wanted half of them. Despite her conservative personality, Crimson Star accused Shi Feng of madness.

Shi Feng was merely offering the help of an Advanced Master Alchemist. It wasn’t as if Violet Sword didn’t have any of its own.

“What if I promise that I can help you capture the ancient secret land?” Shi Feng unhurriedly said, chuckling.

“Capture it? What kind of place do you think it is? Are you going to capture an ancient secret land with just 10 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies?” Crimson Star mocked, smirking.[l]

Experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies were indeed precious right now, but Violet Sword could nurture quite a few with another two weeks. Many of the Super Guild’s experts had already made considerable progress, and the Violet Sword was more than capable of capturing the ancient secret land without Zero Wing’s experts. At most, doing so might take another two weeks.

“What if I offer the help of a hundred Tier 3 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies?” Shi Feng asked, flashing Crimson Star a smug smile.