Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2610 - Frightening Zero Wing

Chapter 2610 – Frightening Zero Wing

“I’m dreaming, right? Sinful Flame actually lost?”

“This is too absurd! Are you sure that girl’s not an old monster in disguise?!”

“That shouldn’t be the case. I feel that she might be a disguised NPC of Zero Wing’s. Otherwise, how could a measly Tier 3 player control 36 blades with power at the Tier 4 standard?”

It took a long time for the match’s results to sink in. However, when everyone snapped out of their daze, they could not help but question this match, feeling that Violet Cloud wasn’t human.

Sinful Flame’s strength was deeply rooted in everyone’s hearts. Nobody present had believed that Violet Cloud could defeat him. In fact, they had initially doubted that she could even get him to take her seriously.

However, Violet Cloud had not only gotten Sinful Flame to use his full strength but even defeated the man. Moreover, she had achieved such an overwhelming victory that Sinful Flame couldn’t retaliate and had no choice but to concede the battle. The spectators couldn’t wrap their heads around the thought of such a huge disparity in combat power between Violet Cloud and Sinful Flame.

Sinful Flame represented the very apex of players in God’s Domain, yet a little girl in her teens just surpassed this apex —and had even done so in a situation where both sides possessed equal Basic Attributes. Violet Cloud’s achievement defied common sense.

While everyone present had seen geniuses before, even those geniuses had their limits. Violet Cloud could no longer be considered just a genius. After all, her achievements were simply impossible for current players.

At this moment, let alone the various spectating powers, even the members of Azure found this situation unbelievable. This was especially true for Solitary Frost and Duan Hanshan, who stood below the stage.

“Wonder wasn’t bluffing…” When Solitary Frost thought back to the words Silent Wonder said before, he was stunned. “What kind of Guild is this Zero Wing?”Read more chapters at NovelFull

When Silent Wonder declared that there were much younger and stronger people than herself in Zero Wing, Solitary Frost had felt that she was only trying to advertise and uplift her Guild.

Back when he was undergoing training at Violet Sword, he had sparred with many of Violet Sword’s young talents. However, less than a handful of them managed to put up a fight against him, much less defeat him.

The fact that Silent Wonder surpassed him was already a miracle. Moreover, even on the eastern continent, Zero Wing was only a pseudo-superpower. How could such a Guild nurture a youngster that was stronger than Silent Wonder?

Now, however, it was proven that not only had Zero Wing produced a youngster that was much stronger than Solitary Frost, but the youngster in question was even stronger than the legendary Sinful Flame.

“How can a little girl from Zero Wing become that strong? Could this be why the Long Family insists on letting Silent Wonder remain in Zero Wing?” Duan Hanshan suddenly felt enlightened as he looked at Violet Cloud before turning his gaze to Long Wushang and the other members of the Long Family.

Duan Hanshan was well aware of Silent Wonder’s combat talent. Let alone the Long Family’s Silk Moon, Silent Wonder was inferior to even Yan Xiaoqian in this regard. Needless to say, she was even more inferior to the combat maniac Solitary Frost.

Previously, when Silent Wonder defeated Solitary Frost, Duan Hanshan could still dismiss the feat as a result of Silent Wonder having an epiphany. After all, while Silent Wonder’s talents were inferior to those of the other prodigies of Azure, she was still undoubtedly a prodigy herself. It wouldn’t be strange for her to raise her combat power by a large margin after gaining fresh insight.

However, Violet Cloud’s performance forced Duan Hanshan to conclude that Silent Wonder’s sudden growth shouldn’t have anything to do with gaining enlightenment at all. Instead, Zero Wing was most likely the cause.

After thinking up to this point, Duan Hanshan started pondering on new plans.

For Azure’s various shareholder families, the younger generation represented their future. The members of the younger generation would also serve as the Guild’s representatives in the future. Hence, nurturing the younger generation in Azure was of paramount importance.

In virtual reality games, so long as one had sufficient strength, there wouldn’t be a need to worry about lacking a path. This was especially true in God’s Domain, which functioned as a second world for humans. God’s Domain could even extend the lifespan people could experience by a large margin. For people with strength, God’s Domain’s appearance represented the start of a golden era.

This was also the reason why Azure’s various shareholder families were desperately trying to retain the Zeus Corporation’s support.

In God’s Domain, strength was the foundation of everything. Without strength, one would be nothing.

However, while Duan Hanshan was having such thoughts, Long Wushang, who stood some distance away from him, remained in a daze.

At this moment, complicated feelings roiled Long Wushang’s heart. He simply did not know whether to cry or laugh. Not only had Silent Wonder won against Solitary Frost and shone brightly in the family competition, but she had even received a challenge from Sinful Flame, which boosted the opinion of Azure’s independent Elders and Grand Elders of her.

Now, Violet Cloud had even beaten Sinful Flame, a feat nobody had ever dreamed of accomplishing.

Zero Wing’s ability to nurture talents truly surpassed Long Wushang’s imagination.

With Zero Wing’s help, the Long Family might really be able to do without the Zeus Corporation’s support. After all, the Long Family had funds aplenty. What they needed were only the Zeus Corporation’s various resources and connections.

When Long Wushang thought back to how he was planning to negotiate with Zero Wing to have it stop hindering Silent Wonder’s future, he found his thoughts laughable.

Meanwhile, as everyone was expressing doubt and astonishment over this match, Sinful Flame walked up to Violet Cloud.

“I don’t care what others say; I am sincerely convinced of my loss,” Sinful Flame said earnestly as he looked at Violet Cloud. “Only, may I ask you a question?”

“What is it?” Violet Cloud asked. Since Sinful Flame was so open-minded about his defeat, she did not refuse his question.

Upon hearing Violet Cloud’s response, Sinful Flame quickly asked, “How did you manage to elevate the density of your Mana to such an extent just now? Didn’t you fully unlock your Mana Body already?”

He was filled with curiosity about Violet Cloud’s sudden transformation.

At the start of the fight, he had already sensed the Mana Violet Cloud’s body radiated, which made him absolutely certain she had fully unlocked her Mana Body already. The Spells she used later on only served to confirm his conjecture. However, at the end of the match, the density of the Mana she radiated and the power of her Spells had further increased by a large margin. He simply couldn’t understand how she had accomplished this feat.

“It’s nothing. I just managed to break through the 100% limit of my Mana Body; hence, I was able to release much stronger Mana,” Violet Cloud explained calmly.Visit our L

The fact that the Mana Body could be unlocked past the 100% threshold wasn’t much of a secret. In her opinion, it was only a matter of time before an expert like Sinful Flame accomplished this feat as well. After all, if even she could break through the 100% limit, there was no way Sinful Heart, who boasted much higher combat standards than she did, could not. She had managed to do so much sooner than Sinful Flame only because of the many resources Zero Wing had provided.

“You can actually unlock the Mana Body past the 100% threshold?” Sinful Flame exclaimed in surprise.

Currently, he was already close to unlocking 100% of his Mana Body’s potential. In his opinion, 100% should mean perfection. Moreover, the system should’ve set it to be so, as well. It never occurred to him that the Mana Body could be unlocked beyond 100%.

Violet Cloud’s words opened the doors to a whole new world for him.

Then, is there anyone else in your Guild that has managed to exceed 100%?” Sinful Flame asked.

Having experienced the strength players would gain from having a Mana Body unlocked beyond the 100% threshold, he knew that such players wouldn’t be capable of truly fighting against Tier 4 existences. However, they would still be dose to rivaling Tier 4 existences and were on a completely different level from ordinary Tier 3 existences.

“This… I don’t know, but there are a few other people who are roughly equal in strength with me. There are also quite a few people stronger than me,” Violet Cloud replied after giving the matter some thought.

“There are still a few others that are stronger than you?” Sinful Flame reflexively turned to look at Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members seated in the spectator stands, when he heard Violet Cloud’s words. He suddenly felt as if his worldview was collapsing.

Violet Cloud was already inhumanly strong, yet Zero Wing actually had a few more experts that were stronger than her? Just what kind of Guild was Zero Wing?

However, the discussions did not continue for long before Azure’s family competition resumed. Only, the subsequent matches paled in comparison to the first two matches of this competition. And to everyone’s disappointment, nothing surprising occurred.

In the end, Silent Wonder won first place in the competition, Solitary Frost came in second, with Yan Xiaoqian in third, and Burning Owl in fourth. The Long Family thoroughly occupied the spotlight for the competition this time. Many of Azure’s independent Elders and Grand Elders even started engaging Silent Wonder in small talk, the scene rendering the members of the other shareholder families speechless. Some families were even wondering if they should approach the Long Family.

“Solitary, what should we do? How do we explain this to the instructor?” Yan Xiaoqian asked Solitary Frost, who was standing quietly beside her, when she saw Silent Wonder surrounded by Azure’s independent Elders and Grand Elders.

“What else can we do but tell the truth?” Solitary Frost sighed. “If you are afraid of telling him, I’ll do it.”

Following which, Solitary Frost contacted Violet Sword’s Instructor Torre and braced himself to report everything that had happened in the family competition.