Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2608 - Match between Monsters

The entire arena momentarily fell silent at Violet Cloud’s words as everyone stared at the Cleric girl in astonishment. “Is she tired of living?”

Sinful Flame had already made his dissatisfaction with this upcoming match very clear through his behavior. If not for him serving as the host of this important competition, everyone was certain he would’ve slaughtered her already.

While this was only a fighting competition without any death penalty, Sinful Flame could kill his opponent any way he wanted. Meanwhile, there were plenty of methods he could employ to humiliate Zero Wing.

What is Black Flame trying to do?! That’s Sinful Flame! We’ll lose the independent Elders and Grand Elders’ support if we anger him! Without them, how is Wonder supposed to negotiate with the Zeus Corporation?! Long Wushang grew nervous as he glanced at Shi Feng, who remained seated calmly in the spectator stands.

Silent Wonder’s progress up to this point had astounded Long Wushang. However, if they wished to change the Zeus Corporation’s mind, they definitely could not do so without the support of Azure’s independent Elders and Grand Elders. Meanwhile, Sinful Flame could be said to be the representative of these independent Elders and Grand Elders.

By sending a Cleric to fight Sinful Flame, Zero Wing would not only suffer a humiliating defeat at Sinful Flame’s hands but also thoroughly offend the man. This was the height of foolishness.

At this moment, let alone Long Wushang, even the members of the other shareholder families were at a loss for words at this situation.

While it might seem a little shameful, Black Flame clearly could’ve stepped up to fight. In that case, Sinful Flame would enjoy himself thoroughly and more or less support Silent Wonder. However, as if thinking that it hadn’t been arrogant enough, Zero Wing had actually sent a young Cleric out. The Guild had to be tired of living.

Meanwhile, as everyone was saying a silent prayer for Violet Cloud, Sinful Flame put some distance between himself and the young Cleric.

“You attack first! I’ll give you only one chance! Let me see whether you are as strong as Wonder said! If you turn out to be a sham, I’ll let you have a taste of hell!” Sinful Flame said coldly as he looked at Violet Cloud.

“I can attack first?” Violet Cloud asked strangely.

“That’s right! If your performance doesn’t meet my expectations, I’ll make you regret ever standing on this stage!” Sinful Flame confirmed, nodding.

Then, I’ll really attack now,” Violet Cloud said tentatively, seeking confirmation once more.

“Stop with all the nonsense! I already said I’ll let you attack first, so do it! This is your only opportu—”

After Violet Cloud repeatedly sought confirmation, Sinful Flame very nearly lost what little patience he had left. However, before Sinful Flame could finish his words, Violet Cloud suddenly took out her staff and started chanting an incantation.

Immediately, with Violet Cloud as the center, a silvery-gray, twofold magic array appeared on the stage and sucked in a massive amount of Mana from the arena. After this phenomenon continued for three seconds, the ambient Mana inside the venue had become distinctly thinner.

Before anyone could react to this drastic change, 22 shadow blades appeared around Violet Cloud, rotating around her and making her look like the Goddess of Darkness incarnate. The Cleric also released a frightening aura rivaling that of Mythic monsters of the same level. Everyone inside the arena could sense their Basic Attributes decreasing rapidly.

“Is she a monster?!”

“What kind of Domain Skill is this? Aside from my Basic Attributes, I can also feel my physique getting heavily suppressed! It’s as if this entire space is rejecting my existence!”

Everyone was stunned by this situation.

After all, Violet Cloud looked nothing like a sacred Cleric now but more like the embodiment of darkness. Moreover, everyone could clearly sense that the space within the entire arena currently centered around her. It was as if she could decide the life and death of everything inside the venue with just a thought.

Before everyone could properly react to this situation, Violet Cloud looked at Sinful Flame, 40 yards away from her, and said, “I’ll start now.”

After saying so, she lightly waved her staff. The 22 shadow blades immediately transformed into a black hole that shot toward Sinful Flame.

Bronze Combat Technique, Spatial Smash!

In the next moment, everything in the wake of this black hole was reduced into nothingness. The black hole’s destructive power was something not even a Mythic monster of the same level could receive.

A Bronze Combat Technique?! How is this possible?! When Duan Hanshan saw this scene, he gaped in shock.

It was simply impossible for players to exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard just by relying on an ordinary Tier 3 Spell. The only explanation for this situation was that Violet Cloud had executed a Bronze Combat Technique. As to why Duan Hanshan assumed the combat technique she used was at the Bronze rank instead of the Advanced rank, it was because only Bronze Combat Techniques could grant players the power to transcend tiers.

However’ mastering a Bronze Combat Technique was simply too difficult. In fact, most Domain Realm experts in the game still hadn’t managed to do so. Now, however, a little girl who was only at the Void Realm had actually executed a Bronze Combat Technique successfully. This was simply incredible.

At this moment, Solitary Frost was also astonished by this scene.

A Bronze Combat Technique!

Even until now, he still hadn’t managed to master a single Bronze Combat Technique, yet a little girl much younger than himself had. Moreover, Violet Cloud had even executed her Bronze Combat Technique so perfectly. Now, Sinful Flame’s only option was to receive her attack directly. There was simply no way he could dodge that attack of hers.


When Sinful Flame first saw the approaching black hole, surprise flashed in his eyes. In the next moment, though, excitement replaced that surprise. He swiftly unsheathed the two longswords he carried on his back and merged them into a greatsword. He then swung the greatsword at the empty space before him.

Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Space Tearing Blade!

Advanced Combat Technique, Quadruple Phantoms!

In the next moment, a frightening amount of Mana burst out of the greatsword. As Sinful Flame swung the greatsword, the weapon split into four copies of itself before merging once more, the merged weapon cutting apart even space itself.


When sword and black hole collided, a powerful explosion shook the entire arena. For a moment, a violent quake rocked the venue, the intense shockwave sending the players standing below the stage, stumbling several steps back. A 30-yard-wide crater also appeared on the Mana Ore stage.

To everyone’s surprise, though, both Sinful Flame and Violet Cloud emerged unscathed from the clash.

“Crap! Who is she?! She actually stopped a full-powered attack from Elder Flame!”

“Wonder was telling the truth?!”

The members of Azure’s various shareholder families goggled in shock when they saw Violet Cloud unharmed. The battle no longer looked like a contest between players; it was practically a battle between two giant monsters. Every one of their actions could shatter space and transform the terrain around them.

Impossible! What kind of Guild is this Zero Wing?!

When Duan Hanshan saw Violet Cloud continuously using her shadow blades against Sinful Flame, preventing the

latter from approaching her, immense shock filled his heart.

Previously, Duan Hanshan viewed Zero Wing merely as a Guild seeking to gain the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s support. However, Silent Wonder and Violet Cloud were now monstrously strong, despite neither of them having very high combat standards. One wouldn’t be able to find such powerful youngsters even in Super Guilds.

This was especially true for Violet Cloud. By relentlessly attacking with her shadow blades, she kept Sinful Flame at least 10 yards away at all times. This was a feat that was impossible even for Duan Hanshan, yet Violet Cloud, who was only one of Zero Wing’s young talents, managed.

However, as the fight on the stage intensified, the Concentration both sides consumed also grew. This was especially true for Violet Cloud. Her control over her shadow blades started to decline.

“What a pity. Your understanding of the Spiritualization Realm is clearly leagues above mine. You have even given me plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately, your mental perception is still too weak. You are incapable of properly taking advantage of your superior understanding and maximizing your combat power. You are also incapable of minimizing your Concentration consumption. At this rate, you’ll last for at most another dozen seconds or so before being incapacitated,” Sinful Flame commented while blocking Violet Cloud’s relentless onslaught. “This isn’t an outcome I wish to see, either. Originally, I intended to save this trump card for my rematch against those two people, but I’ll give you a taste ahead of time!”

After saying so, Sinful Flame changed his footwork, his body suddenly splitting into twelve copies of itself.

Bronze Footwork, Shadowprey!

In the next moment, Sinful Flame’s twelve doppelgangers continuously flickered, rendering all of Violet Cloud’s attacks ineffective. In the end, she could only watch as he closed in on her.

However, as Sinful Flame moved increasingly closer to Violet Cloud, the shadow blades surrounding her suddenly disappeared. From an outsider’s perspective, it looked as if she had given up on resisting and was waiting quietly for his arrival.

“What’s going on? Did she give up?”

“That’s reasonable. Who could possibly stop such an attack? The fact that she lasted until now already makes her one of the top-ranking existences among the younger generation in God’s Domain.”

When the spectating crowd saw Violet Cloud apparently abandoning her struggle, none of them jeered or blamed her for doing so. It was very normal for Violet Cloud to suffer defeat. After all, even among the older generation of gamers, very few people could win against Sinful Flame.

When Sinful Flame got within 15 yards of Violet Cloud, the Cleric suddenly sighed and stabbed her staff into the ground.

“Indeed, just like the Guild Leader said, I am no match for you when it comes to combat standards. I am also incapable of bridging the gap, even with my Mana Body’s potential fully unlocked. It seems I have no choice but to go all-out. This is a trump card that even my Guild Leader isn’t aware of.”

Violet Cloud’s body started radiating much denser Mana than before, her Mana now many times stronger than Silent Wonder’s. At the same time, the suppression effect of the Cleric’s Domain became even more frightening, so powerful that the phantoms Sinful Heart had summoned had decreased from twelve to eight.

This sudden turn of events flabbergasted everyone inside the arena.

“Didn’t she fully unlock her Mana Body already? Why is the density of her Mana still increasing?”

“Wasn’t she using her Mana Body to fight before?”