Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2607 - Zero Wing's Young Talent?

When Duan Hanshan finished speaking, the arena fell silent again. None of them had ever dreamed that he’d suggest such a thing.

“Vicious! Truly vicious! It’ll be very hard for Silent Wonder to take back her claim now!”

“It’s her own fault for boasting. She actually gave Old Ice Demon a chance to strike.”

“I wonder if she’ll stick by what she said? Zero Wing must be freaking out right about now.”

Azure’s various shareholder families snickered at the young woman on the first stage.

They acknowledged that she had become much stronger than they were, but excessive bragging was annoying. The families’ younger members found it particularly obnoxious. These younger members hadn’t had anything against Silent Wonder, but now that she had insulted them, they were eager to watch her make a fool of herself.

Meanwhile, excitement shot through the audience like lightning. They couldn’t wait to see how Silent Wonder would get herself out of this predicament.

“This is interesting. Zero Wing is the Guild that arrived aboard a Flying Ship, right? I wonder if Zero Wing is as strong as Silent Wonder claims? If it is, this upcoming match will be quite a spectacle.”

“It’s definitely just an empty boast. Silent Wonder will likely fumble as she tries to take back her words.”

“I doubt we’ll see a match between Zero Wing and Sinful Flame. Sinful Flame is a legend in the Azure Chamber of Commerce. The fact that he’s willing to face one of Azure’s up-and-coming talents is already a miracle. He’ll likely refuse to fight an outsider.”

Curious, the audience turned to Sinful Flame.

Sinful Flame was quite famous in the virtual gaming world, but he rarely fought other players. The challenge he had issued Silent Wonder was already an incredibly rare opportunity. Trying to convince him to fight an unknown outsider would likely be a major challenge.

As everyone expected Sinful Flame to refuse, he turned to Silent Wonder and asked in earnest, “Are you telling the truth?”

The crowd turned their gaze to Silent Wonder. This was her chance to retract her previous statement. If she claimed it had been a joke, she could get away with just a little embarrassment, but if she insisted, her prestige would go down the drain.

“Mhm,it‘s true. If Elder Flame doesn’t mind,you can challenge one of them,” Silent Wonder said, nodding.

Everyone shook their heads in disapproval. Sinful Flame had given her an opportunity to save herself, yet she chose to stick with her claim to elevate Zero Wing’s reputation.

“Hahaha! Xiaoqian, Silent Wonder must really be insane! Does she think Zero Wing is God? Does she think that just any random young talent can fight Elder Flame?” the female, Tier 3 Assassin said, laughing.

However, Yan Xiaoqian, who stood on the stage next to the female Assassin’s, did not respond. She knew that Zero Wing indeed possessed a monster capable of fighting Sinful Flame.

That person was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame. Black Flame was an individual that even Adolf, the Light Saint of Divine Tribe, had to treat prudently. If Black Flame wished to salvage Zero Wing’s reputation, he might actually face Sinful Flame.

While Silent Wonder’s reply surprised the crowd, Sinful Flame’s eyes glowed with excitement. He then turned his gaze toward Zero Wing’s members and asked, “May I know if anyone from Zero Wing is willing to take Wonder’s place?”

Sinful Flame’s question hadn’t been loud, but every word was laced with determination and power. He was obviously serious, and there was even a hint of anticipation in his tone.

“What?! They’re really going to fight?!”

“This is interesting! I wonder who Zero Wing will send?”

“I’ve heard that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is extremely powerful, despite being relatively young. He is also one of the top 30 experts on the God’s Domain Experts List. It would be awesome if these two fought each other.”

The audience was beside itself, all too eager to watch the upcoming match.

Everyone looked up to the top 30 experts on the God’s Domain Experts List. However, most players didn’t get the chance to meet these experts, let alone watch a match between two of them. God’s Domain was incredibly large, and barring special circumstances, the top 30 experts rarely crossed paths.

The various major powers in the spectator stands weren’t the only ones curious to see who Zero Wing would send to face Sinful Flame. Duan Hanshan was just as interested.

In Duan Hanshan’s opinion, the only person Zero Wing could send was Black Flame.

During the alchemy competition, Black Flame had shocked everyone with his identity as a Tier 3 Sword King. Even the Long Family’s Long Xianglong had been forced to admit defeat. Since he had reached Tier 3 far sooner than anyone else, he was incredibly powerful.

Based on appearances, Black Flame shouldn’t be much older than Silent Wonder. Normally, as Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame wouldn’t casually take action, but he might accept Sinful Flame’s challenge to protect his Guild’s reputation. He was, after all, the only member of Zero Wing who could put up a fight.

During the time the Long Family and Duan Family wondered if Black Flame would make a move, Shi Feng turned to the lithe figure beside him.

“Violet, go fight him.”


After a brief conversation, the woman beside Shi Feng bounced down from the spectator stands and onto the stage.

She radiated the sacred aura unique to Clerics.

“Is Zero Wing looking down on Sinful Flame? They’re sending a Cleric to fight?”

Everyone was shocked as they watched Violet Cloud make her way to join Sinful Flame on the stage. They never thought that Zero Wing would pull such a move.

Even Azure’s various shareholder families were astonished.

Zero Wing was insane!

While the Cleric class played a role in combat, battle wasn’t the class’s priority. Sending a Cleric against Sinful Flame, Azure’s publicly acknowledged strongest member, was a mockery.

Although Violet Cloud hid her statistics with a Black Cloak, she didn’t bother to conceal her appearance. Everyone could clearly see that she was much younger than Silent Wonder, still a teenager.

Not only had Zero Wing sent a Cleric to face Sinful Flame, but she was also just a young girl. This was a blatant insult.

“Zero Wing is dead for sure now. Even if Silent Wonder’s boast is true, does the Guild have to send such a young lady to fight? Elder Flame must be furious.” The female, Tier 3 Assassin covered her eyes with a hand. She could bear to watch what would happen next.

Sinful Flame had always been a serious fighter, and to improve his skills, he pushed himself so hard that others thought him a lunatic.

One could easily imagine how enraged Sinful Flame must be with Zero Wing mocking his strength. The man would definitely vent his anger out on Violet Cloud with a good beating.

Sinful Flame chose this moment to release his aura, which burst from him, spreading to his surroundings like a powerful tsunami and threatening to devour all in its path. Even Solitary Frost, who stood below the stage, felt suffocated as he bathed in Sinful Flame’s aura.

“So, this is our Guild’s strongest expert?” Solitary Frost could not help his grin when he sensed the elder man’s killing intent.

Solitary Frost had assumed that he could put up a good fight, even if he couldn’t defeat Sinful Flame. In this competition’s matches, the fighters’ Basic Attributes were equalized, after all. It would be a match purely involving combat techniques. However, looking at the man now, it seemed he had merely been dreaming. He’d be lucky if he survived a few moves against Sinful Flame, much less put up a good fight.

However, despite sensing Sinful Flame’s unrestrained aura, Violet Cloud leisurely walked toward the center of the stage, stopping before Sinful Flame.

“Shall we begin?” Violet Cloud asked sweetly.