Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2605 - Spiritualization Realm Appears Once More "Solitary Frost lost?"

Chapter 2605 – Spiritualization Realm Appears Once More “Solitary Frost lost?”

“This is a joke, right? He even rivals Wildfighter!”

“A player can become so strong after fully unlocking their Mana Body?”

Silent Wonder’s victory flabbergasted everyone. There were quite a few peak experts in the audience, as well as some Domain Realm experts. Hence, they hadn’t had any trouble seeing and understanding what had happened in the battle between Solitary Frost and Silent Wonder.

They were certain that Silent Wonder hadn’t reached the Void Realm, and there was a massive difference between her and Solitary Frost.

Even if her casting speed and Spell power had greatly improved, thanks to unlocking her Mana Body’s full potential, logically, Solitary Frost should’ve been able to bridge the gap by relying on his superior combat standards when their Basic Attributes were on the same level. In fact, despite not being a match for the Elementalist head-on, Solitary Frost had evaded all of her attacks and targeted Silent Wonder’s weak points during the first half of the match.

In the end, however, Solitary Frost had still lost. How were they supposed to wrap their minds around this?

“Second Sister won, just like that?” Burning Owl was just as stunned as the players in the audience.

He had thought that even if Silent Wonder was no match for Solitary Frost, no one else among Azure’s younger generation could take on his second eldest sister. With her here, the Long Family was practically guaranteed to retain its ruling rights in the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

But he hadn’t actually expected Silent Wonder to defeat Solitary Frost…

Now, the other shareholder families had lost any excuse to threaten the Long Family’s position. Not even the Zeus Corporation would be able to complain about the family.

“Excellent! Magnificently done!” Long Wushang was elated to see Silent Wonder still standing on the first stag never dreamed that she’d be capable of launching a three-pronged attack against Solitary Frost. Not even his third eldest brother, Long Xianglong, would have the leeway to execute such a complex tactic against a Domain Realm expert.

Long Wushang had assumed Silent Wonder would lose the match; he had never expected such a pleasant surprise. With this victory, Silent Wonder was now the strongest member of Azure’s younger generation!

Even if the Long Family lost the Zeus Corporation’s support, this achievement would ensure that the family wouldn’t have to worry about its position in the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Now, the family’s position was stronger than ever before!

“Just how did she manage to pinpoint her environment and opponent’s behavior?” Yan Xiaoqian muttered, staring at Silent Wonder.

As a magical class player herself, Yan Xiaoqian knew Silent Wonder hadn’t relied on luck to win the match. She had planned every move before the match had even begun. Although magical class players typically predicted their battles’ progression beforehand, she had never seen anyone assess their opponent to such an extent. Silent Wonder’s final move had been especially eye-opening since she had taken into account how much damage her Tier 3 Course would deal to her and her opponent. It was as if she had orchestrated the entire battle.

Silent Wonder looked like a completely different person to Yan Xiaoqian right now. Her rival certainly hadn’t shown such abilities during the alchemy competition.

While everyone grumbled about their confusion and dissatisfaction over Silent Wonder’s marvelous performance,

Sinful Flame gazed up at the girl from below the stage, excitement flashing in his eyes.

“Is something wrong, Elder Flame?” a Tier 3 Guild Elder, who acted as the deputy referee for this competition, asked when he saw Sinful Flame’s elation.

Sinful Flame had seemed bored when he had been tasked to host the family competition this year. He actually found the responsibility annoying, yet he now seemed excited and interested in a younger member of the Guild. It was unbelievable.

Sinful Flame had been unfazed when he learned that Solitary Frost had reached the Domain Realm. Silent Wonder, on the other hand, hadn’t even gotten that far. Although she had unlocked her Mana Body’s full potential, she shouldn’t be impressive enough to attract someone like Sinful Flame’s interest.

While unlocking one’s Mana Body was a difficult endeavor for ordinary Tier 3 experts, it was only a matter of time for an expert of Sinful Flame’s caliber. He was actually quite close to unlocking 100%, and would likely succeed in another two weeks or so. Hence, he shouldn’t consider fully unlocking one’s Mana Body that much of an achievement.

“The Spiritualization Realm! She’s reached the Spiritualization Realm, and she’s made considerable progress in it!”

Sinful Flame declared. “It seems the younger generation is full of exceptional geniuses!”

“The Spiritualization Realm?” The Tier 3 Elder was confused. He had no idea what Sinful Flame was going on about. Before the Elder could ask, however, Sinful Flame jumped onto the stage and approached Silent Wonder.

“Isn’t the match over already? What’s Elder Flame trying to do?”

“Was there a problem with the match?”

The spectators were even more confused to see Sinful Flame on the stage. Normally, the system decided a match’s outcome. Its judgment was far more accurate than players, after all. If both opponents died by the end of the match, the system could determine whether they had died at the same time or if there had even been a millisecond between their deaths. No player could do the same.

This was why players relied on the Main God System to judge all matches in God’s Domain, barring special circumstances.

However, the results of Solitary Frost and Silent Wonder’s match was clear. There was no chance either of them could’ve cheated since players weren’t allowed to use Berserk Skills or tools on the stage. Players weren’t even allowed to use the Additional Active Skills they gained from their weapons and equipment. Hence, there shouldn’t be any dispute over the outcome.

However, the crowd began to doubt the fact as they watched the famous Sinful Flame take the stage. He would be able to spot far more details than they could, after all.

“Sinful Flame doesn’t intend to deny the match’s result, does he?” The situation began to make Long Wushang nervous. “We’re talking about the system’s judgment!”

Silent Wonder’s performance had involved many surprising aspects. If Sinful Flame had seen some peculiarity, his celebration would’ve been premature.

“Could she have actually cheated?”

In contrast, Duan Hanshan was overjoyed to see Sinful Flame interfere. He had thought his hopes of dethroning the Long Family were lost, but it seemed that might not have been the case.

While everyone discussed the matter in hushed whispers, Sinful Heart turned away from Silent Wonder and addressed the audience.

“Everyone, you have seen the match’s outcome for yourselves, so you all know just how powerful Solitary Frost was. Without a doubt, he is the participant in this competition,” Sinful Flame said. “Now that Silent Wonder has defeated him, I’m sure you all realize who will win first place. Hence, I have a suggestion. Rather than waste time with the rest of the qualifying matches, why don’t we host a more meaningful competition?”

“Indeed. It doesn’t make much sense to continue the qualifying matches.”

“Going straight into the main event isn’t a bad idea.”

“It’s a pity that the first match was the most interesting. My seat isn’t even warm, yet the competition is already over.” Every player in the crowd nodded, agreeing to Sinful Flame’s suggestion.

Since Silent Wonder had proven herself stronger than Solitary Frost, the top eight positions were as good as decided.

Continuing the qualifying matches would be pointless. It would be much more interesting to proceed to the peak experts’ matches.

“Since Silent Wonder is the undisputed first place winner of this competition, according to our regulations, I will face her later. How would you all feel about watching that match?” Sinful Flame asked the crowd once the audience had agreed to his first suggestion.