Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2604 - - Fully Unlocked Mana Body

Chapter 2604 – Fully Unlocked Mana Body

The audience was befuddled when they saw Solitary Frost’s attack come to a grinding halt.

“It didn’t break? But, isn’t it only a Tier 2 Defensive Spell?”

“Did Solitary Frost mess up his attack?”

The players in the spectator stands were all extremely familiar with the Spell, Ice Wall. Before players had reached Tier 3, Elementalists had used the Spell to help protect their MTs from Great Lord ranked Bosses’ attacks.

However, both Solitary Frost and Silent Wonder were both bona fide Tier 3 players. Although their Basic Attributes had been equalized, they both had the Attributes of Tier 3 players. A Tier 2 Ice Wall could, at most, buffer a Tier 3 attack; it shouldn’t be able to stop such a blow, let alone one empowered with a combat technique.

“A Tier 2 Ice Wall can actually stop a Tier 3 Berserker’s combat technique at full strength?” Burning Owl was just as confused as everyone else after seeing Silent Wonder’s Ice Wall intact.

He had fought Tier 3 Elementalists himself, but when they had used Ice Wall against him, the Spell hadn’t even stopped his normal attacks. He had tested this multiple times and never once failed to shatter an Ice Wall.

Meanwhile, Yan Xiaoqian stared at Silent Wonder in astonishment.

“Mana!” Yan Xiaoqian exclaimed, sensing the dense Mana radiating from Silent Wonder. “She’s already unlocked her Mana Body’s full potential!”

Yan Xiaoqian wasn’t the only magical class player to notice the sudden spike in Mana around Silent Wonder. The only explanation any of them could think of was that the Elementalist had fully unlocked her Mana Body.

“She actually unlocked her Mana Body?”

“Amazing! Not even the Super Guilds have any members with a fully unlocked Mana Body yet!”

“It seems my trip here wasn’t in vain. I’ll get to watch an expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body in battle.”

Everyone in the spectator stands began to talk about Silent Wonder. Their opinions of her had all changed. Rather than seeing her as just another member of Azure’s younger generation, they saw her as a true powerhouse.

“Hahaha! Good! Wonderful! We might actually have a chance of claiming one of the top three positions now!” Long Wushang, who sat among the audience, laughed joyously as he watched Silent Wonder.

After failing to contact Silk Moon, the Long Family had given up any hope of securing one of the top three positions in this competition. Now that they knew Silent Wonder had unlocked her Mana Body’s full potential, however, securing one of those spots was almost certain. There was a massive strength difference between an expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body and one without. Tier 3 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies were almost half a tier stronger than ordinary Tier 3 experts.

Every participant in this competition, excluding Solitary Frost, had, at most, reached the Void Realm. Although Silent Wonder had only reached the Half-step Void Realm standard, she could easily defeat Void Realm experts with this advantage. Not even Yan Xiaoqian, who was only a step away from the Void Realm, would be a match for her.

“You’ve fully unlocked your Mana Body?” Solitary Frost’s fighting spirit flared, a passionate flame dancing in his eyes, when he looked at Silent Wonder behind the Ice Walls. “It’s no wonder why you were bold enough to challenge me! I’ve never fought an expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body, so show me how powerful it truly is!”

The Berserker raised his greatsword and leaped into the air, aiming for the one area where Silent Wonder didn’t have an Ice Wall’s protection.

Advanced Combat Technique, Seven Consecutive Flashes!

The greatsword transformed into seven streaks of light, covering the entire area within the Ice Walls and leaving Silent Wonder no room to dodge.

In response, Silent Wonder used Blink, immediately appearing 30 yards away and evading Solitary Frost’s attack. With a wave of her staff, she then summoned over a dozen magical arrays around her opponent. The arrays released a barrage of Flame Spears, each with enough power to rival a Grand Lord of the same level.

As if Solitary Frost had anticipated this move, he tightened his grip on his greatsword and twisted in the air.

Tier 3 Skill, Berserk Dance!

Solitary Frost rapidly rotated in the air, his greatsword leaving arcs of crimson light in its wake that blocked the incoming Flame Spears.

“He executed Berserk Dance with over a 90% Completion Rate even from that position? Is he a monster?” Shocked, Burning Owl stared at the crimson sword lights surrounding Solitary Frost.

While Tier 3 Skills were quite powerful, achieving a high Completion Rate with them was very difficult. Even as a Void Realm expert, Burning Owl could only execute the Tier 3 Berserk Dance with around an 85% Completion Rate, and that was only with optimal conditions. Despite activating the Skill in midair, however, Solitary Frost’s Completion Rate was over 90%.

Meanwhile, just as Solitary Frost was about to land, earthen spikes shot up from the ground below him.

“A two-pronged assault? That might be useful against peak experts, but it will do nothing against Solitary Frost,” the female Assassin standing on the nearby stage said, sneering at the magical attack.

A Domain Realm expert could perceive everything within their surroundings. Even a perfectly timed ambush would be useless against such an expert. The instant they took action, the targeted Domain Realm expert would discover the attack.

Still calm, the Berserker brandished his greatsword and shattered the first round of earthen spikes. He then used his momentum to evade the second wave of spikes.

Landing, Solitary Frost used Flame Charge, dashing toward Silent Wonder. Rather than make a beeline for his target, however, he combined a complex footwork technique with his charge. The Berserker split into six afterimages, rushing toward Silent Wonder from different directions.

Advanced Footwork, Mirage Steps!

His execution was flawless, and the afterimages were impossible to tell apart. In a fraction of a second, he was within 15 yards of the Elementalist.

“It’s over! Your Mana Body might have tremendously increased your casting speed and power, but you lack control of your surroundings! You still can’t use your advantage to its fullest!” Solitary Frost roared as he moved within 10 yards of Silent Wonder. He then swung his greatsword.

Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Triple Flame Scythe!

Three flaming crescents threatened to devour Silent Wonder with even more power than that of a Grand Lord of the same level.

But, just before the attack landed, a gigantic, crimson magic array appeared beneath Silent Wonder’s and Solitary Frost’s feet.

The instant the array completed, a towering pillar of fire exploded forth. Not only did the flames swallow the three flaming crescents, but it devoured Solitary Frost and Silent Wonder, as well.

“What?! A three-pronged attack?! She actually hid a Red Lotus of Fire beneath her?!” Yan Xiaoqian could not believe her eyes as she stared at the raging pillar of fire before her.

Yan Xiaoqian had assumed her rival had only prepared a two-pronged attack. She had never dreamed that Silent Wonder would use herself as bait to lure Solitary Frost into the Red Lotus of Fire, a Tier 3 Curse.

After three seconds, the flaming pillar subsided, revealing Solitary Frost’s charred corpse on the stage. Although Silent Wonder hadn’t emerged from her own attack unscathed, she still had one-third of her HP remaining due casting Flame Shield earlier.

“I might not have a good grasp on my surroundings, but when it comes to power and technique, I’m much stronger than you!” Silent Wonder told the Berserker’s motionless corpse.

From above the stage, a bell rang, signifying the end of the match. At the same time, the system announced Silent Wonder as the victory, momentarily silencing the stunned crowd.