Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2603 - Overestimating Oneself?

Chapter 2603 – Overestimating Oneself?

“That’s Solitary Frost’s stage. Why is Silent Wonder going there?”

“She’s going to challenge Solitary Frost.”

“Challenge Solitary Frost? Is she insane?”

The players that had been competing for the eighth stage paused, watching Silent Wonder approach the first stage. They were all curious to see what she planned to do.

“Second Sister?” Even Burning Owl was confused as he watched.

Even if Silent Wonder wanted to secure one of the top eight positions, she shouldn’t have started with Solitary Frost.

Solitary Frost had always been stronger than the rest of Azure’s younger generation, and now, after his training with Violet Sword, he was on a completely different level.

Anyone that challenged Solitary Frost would only waste one of their opportunities.

Yan Xiaoqian was just as astonished as she watched Silent Wonder from her position on the second stage.

She might not have been surprised to see the Long Family’s Silk Moon challenge Solitary Frost, since she would actually have a chance of winning, but why would Silent Wonder challenge that monster of a player?

This competition wasn’t like the previous alchemy competition. They weren’t fighting monsters this time, and superior levels and equipment couldn’t help Silent Wonder here. On these eight stages, everyone’s Basic Attributes would be the same. Players would have to rely on their combat standards and techniques to win. Silent Wonder could never be a match for Solitary Frost in these aspects.

Meanwhile, the audience was in an uproar as it watched Silent Wonder. The Long Family’s Elders and Grand Elders’ in particular, anxiously sat on the edge of their seats.

They had, more or less, given up any hope of securing one of the top three spots. They only hoped that Burning Owl could hold fourth place, and Silent Wonder would make it into the top eight. They could, to a certain extent, avoid embarrassment if two of their representatives ranked among the top eight fighters. Whether or not the Long Family retained its ruling rights over the Azure Chamber of Commerce would depend on Silent Wonder’s obedience in training with Violet Sword. As long as she did, the Zeus Corporation would stop meddling in Azure’s affairs, and the family would be safe.

And yet, the foolish girl was about to waste one of her challenge opportunities on Solitary Frost!

“That girl is quite brave,” Sinful Flame muttered, praising Silent Wonder as she stepped onto the first stage.

Solitary Frost, on the other hand, showed no appreciation for Silent Wonder’s courage. Rather, he seemed to look down on her.

“To challenge me directly, it seems you’ve improved quite a bit in Zero Wing, Wonder,” Solitary Frost said coldly.

The selection for the eight finalists had just begun, yet Silent Wonder had chosen to challenge him now. If she were truly powerful, she would be more than capable of facing off against him in the main event. By choosing him now, she was declaring to every player in the arena that he was an easy opponent. Essentially, she was trying to humiliate him.

“Mhm. I have indeed improved in Zero Wing, so I’d like to test my limits on you,” Silent Wonder honestly replied, nodding.

“I guess you’re serious, then,” Solitary Frost reasoned, his anger subsiding as he realized that Silent Wonder wanted to fight him in earnest, not make fun of him. His expression shifted, becoming serious, and he pulled the silver greatsword from its sheath across his back. “In that case, show me how much you’ve grown in your little Guild!”

“Thank you.” Silent Wonder offered the words of gratitude, knowing Solitary Frost would take her seriously.

“There’s no need for that. I appreciate all true challengers. I hope you won’t disappoint me. During my training with Violet Sword, only Yan Xiaoqian withstood a few of my moves. The rest of our generation was too boring and weak to make me work for my victory,” Solitary Frost said.

By the time Solitary Frost finished his last statement, Sinful Flame had arrived in the center of the stage.

“Since you both agree, let the match begin,” the older man announced after taking a good look at the two youngsters.

A roar of excitement swept through the spectator stands when the crowd heard Sinful Flame announce the start of the match. They had never thought Solitary Flame would take Silent Wonder’s challenge seriously, and they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm.

“And here I thought I’d have to wait until the main event to watch a Solitary Frost and Burning Owl duke it out. Thanks to Silent Wonder, I’ll get to watch Solitary Frost in a serious battle now.”

“I wonder how many minutes Silent Wonder will last?”

“Minutes? Aren’t you giving her a little too much credit? I doubt even Burning Owl will last more than ten moves against Solitary Frost.”

The various powers’ members had heard plenty about Solitary Frost. Many of them had even come just to see how powerful the boy, who had fought the famous Wildfighter to a standstill, was.

Wildfighter was a legend among Berserkers, and getting a chance to see such an individual in action was almost impossible. However, if Solitary Frost fought with all he had, they could get a feel for how strong Wildfighter was.

Once Sinful Flame had initiated the match on the first stage, Solitary Frost and Silent Wonder moved to their designated positions and prepared for battle.

“I’ve heard that Yan Xiaoqian used to consider you a rival. In that case, I’ll use the same move that defeated her against you. I hope you’re ready!” Solitary Frost wanted Silent Wonder, who stood 40 yards away.

Suddenly, the young man split into four clones of himself. All four figures were identical and radiated similar auras, making them impossible to tell apart. The doppelgangers then split up and surrounded Silent Wonder.

“Are you kidding me? Solitary Frost is using Four Absolute Phantoms so soon?” the female, Tier 3 Assassin said from one of the other seven stages, her jaw dropping as she watched Solitary Frost treat Silent Wonder as a true opponent.

Yan Xiaoqian, who stood on the stage next to Solitary Frost’s, revealed a grim expression, as well.

Solitary Frost’s Four Absolute Phantoms was an incredible challenge to overcome for magical class players like her. The four doppelgangers weren’t altogether fakes. One could only deal damage to Solitary Frost by attacking all four at once, and that wasn’t the move’s most frightening aspect. The true danger lay in the fact that Solitary Nine could control all of his doppelgangers with as much precision as he controlled his own body.

Using doppelgangers in combat was immensely difficult in God_s Domain. Controlling two bodies simultaneously would even reduce a peak expert’s combat power. Ordinary Domain Realm experts would be lucky if they could control three bodies without sacrificing some of their performance. However, Solitary Frost could control all four doppelgangers without reducing any of their combat power.

Of course, landing an attack against a Domain Realm expert without using a Skill or Spell was just as difficult. Domain Realm experts could perceive all movement within their vicinity, after all. Relying on their keen senses, they could preemptively evade and launch counterattacks.

Fighting Solitary Frost’s Four Absolute Phantoms would be as challenging as facing four Domain Realm experts simultaneously. For peak experts, this move was an absolute nightmare.

And once a magical class player allowed a melee player, especially a Domain Realm expert, to move within attack range, it was game over.


Silent Wonder exclaimed, admiring Solitary Frost’s perfect control.

“Face my Four Absolute Phantoms!”

Silent Wonder’s admiration wouldn’t slow Solitary Frost down, and his four doppelgangers encircled their opponent, rapidly closing in.

While Solitary Frost’s doppelgangers drew closer, Silent Wonder began to wave her staff.

Four Ice Walls shot up from the stage around her, protecting her from all sides.

“Ice Walls? She doesn’t actually think such a low-tier Defensive Spell can stop Solitary Frost’s attack, does she?” The female Assassin couldn’t help but laugh.

The Spell, Ice Wall, could only be enhanced to Tier 2. It wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to stop a Tier 3 player’s full-powered attack. The Spell wouldn’t even buy Silent Wonder any time.


Silent Wonder’s opening move disappointed Solitary Frost a little, but he didn’t pause his assault. He immediately canceled his Four Absolute Phantoms before brandishing his greatsword. The weapon transformed into three identical copies before converging on the Ice Wall before him.

Combat Technique, Triple Heavy Slash!


As the greatsword crashed into the Ice Wall, a deafening boom filled the arena.

“How is that possible?”

Solitary Frost was stunned when his attack failed to deal any damage to the Ice Wall. Moreover, the recoil had left both of his arms numb as if he had just struck an impenetrable wall…