Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2602 - Stage Struggle, Silent Wonder's Decision Azure City, Battle Arena:

Chapter 2602 – Stage Struggle, Silent Wonder’s Decision Azure City, Battle Arena:

With the Azure Chamber of Commerce hosting its annual competition, many of Azure City’s players had swarmed the Battle Arena in hopes of watching the battle. However, Azure had stationed several thousand experts around the building to stop the flood of approaching players. Azure had no intention of allowing uninvited players to view the competition. As the various invited powers entered the Battle Arena, the uninvited public grew envious.

Although Azure City’s Battle Arena was much smaller than the one in Stone Forest City, its interior had been magnificently decorated. Even Shi Feng was a little impressed as he entered the building’s main lobby.

The main lobby had been paved with Mana Ore, and the instant he stepped inside, the Mana he felt was considerably denser than outside. Moreover, artisans had carved all sorts of images into the lobby’s walls.

These engravings might not seem special to ordinary players, but players who knew combat techniques would easily recognize them.

Every engraved image depicted a different combat technique!

Of course, these combat techniques were incomplete. Learning techniques from these engravings would be many times more difficult than learning them from complete legacies. It would take an absolute genius to learn anything from these carved walls.

From what Shi Feng could tell, anyone that mastered these incomplete combat techniques would gain a massive strength boost. Most of these incomplete techniques were Advanced rank or higher.

Following an NPC, Shi Feng’s group soon arrived in the largest arena within Azure City’s Battle Arena. The room could easily accommodate over 10,000 spectators, and all of the stages within had been made with Mana Ore. On these stages, players would be able to exhibit extraordinary combat power, making their fights far more interesting.

By the time Shi Feng’s group reached their seats, most had already been filled. The majority of the spectators were either talented newcomers from the various powers or Azure’s core members. Excitement filled the air as everyone watched Azure’s younger members approach the center stage, one after another.

“We already know who’s taking first place, but I wonder who will earn second place?”

“I think Vice Guild Leader Burning Owl from the Long Family has a high chance. He’s already been acknowledged as the third strongest member of Azure’s younger generation. I’ve also heard that he’s recently mastered an Advanced Footwork technique, so he should’ve grown significantly stronger.”

“Burning Owl might have been strong before, but times have changed. There’s a rumor that quite a few members from the other families have reached the Void Realm. I think Burning Owl will have a hard time claiming one of the top three spots.”

All of the spectators had their guesses of who would secure the competition’s second place. Everyone was certain that there were six candidates that could vie for the position, and all six had reached the Void Realm. However, nobody was certain which of these six candidates would succeed. After all, players could gain a massive amount of combat power from a single moment of inspiration once they had reached the Void Realm. Hence, all six candidates had a chance of taking second place.

While the audience chatted amongst themselves, a middle-aged man in light-gray leather armor with two longswords across his back took his place on the center stage. This man didn’t look very old; at most, he should be in his 40s. His aura wasn’t all that intimidating, either. On the contrary, his aura was as calm as the surface of a lake on a summer day. When he took the stage, however, the arena fell silent.

“Crap! He’s presiding over the competition this time?!”

“The GCPs it cost to watch this competition were really well spent!”

When the crowd saw the middle-aged man, their eyes glowed with excitement.

This man was Sinful Flame, the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s strongest member. It was rumored that he could even fight Netherworld Empire’s number one Assassin and the commander of Mythology’s strongest trump card legion to a standstill. He even ranked as one of the top ten experts on the God’s Domain Experts List.

Sinful Flame rarely appeared in public and generally focused on training for his rematch against Netherworld’s Assassin and Mythology’s commander. With such a mythical individual before them, how could the crowd contain their excitement?

Furthermore, during Azure’s annual competitions, the first place winner had the privilege of fighting the host. This meant that the audience would get to watch Sinful Flame in action. This was an incredibly rare opportunity.

“I won’t bore you with nonsense. During past competitions, we have chosen six members from the first phase to participate in the main event. However, Azure has gained much over the last year. As many as seven of our members have reached the Void Realm and beyond! Rather than the usual six, we will choose eight individuals to participate in the main event this year.” Sinful Flame announced, glancing at the youngsters before him. “Any of you who wish to challenge yourselves may begin, but because we have quite a few who have reached the Flowing Water Realm, every member may only challenge two opponents, instead of the usual three. Choose wisely.”

When Sinful Flame finished his opening statement, the central stage split into eight smaller stages, each with a 60-yard radius. It gave Tier 3 players more than enough room to display their skills. In addition, the same rules applied to every stage. All players’ Basic Attributes would be equalized. This would ensure that the fighters had to rely on their combat standards to win.

Once the eight stages settled in place, Solitary Frost and the other Void Realm or higher experts split up, choosing a stage. The other members from the various families hesitated to approach the eighth stage, however.

Solitary Frost’s team of seven clearly had incredibly high combat standards, but the rest of the participating members had only reached the Flowing Water Realm. Challenging these seven would only result in one outcome—defeat! None of them were foolish enough to waste their two challenge opportunities.

If they took the eighth stage, however, they’d be forced to face numerous opponents. While they might be able to secure consecutive wins, every battle would expose more of their strength. This, in turn, would reduce their chances of winning.

“Why isn’t anybody taking the eighth stage?” Sinful Flame demanded. “Aside from the usual rewards the Guild has prepared for the top three victors, the Zeus Corporation has promised to send the top eight fighters to train in Violet Sword’s magical secret land. You should all cherish this opportunity.”

With that, excitement flashed in the participating players’ eyes.

Violet Sword occupied a magical secret land that came with a training ground that had survived since ancient times. Although training in this secret land wouldn’t be as beneficial as their prior training with Violet Sword, it could help players rapidly improve. If they could spend some time in that secret land, breaking through to the Void Realm would be entirely possible. They might even become an Elder in the Guild.

Suddenly, every one of these players made a mad dash for the eighth stage.

Is Second Sister holding back? Burning Owl wondered in confusion as he glanced at Silent Wonder, who remained still even after the announcement.

While everyone fought over the final stage, Silent Wonder turned and walked toward the first stage, where Solitary Frost waited.