Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2601 - Zero Wing's Arrival, Competition Begins

Chapter 2601 – Zero Wing’s Arrival, Competition Begins

The Flying Ship’s arrival startled Azure City’s players. Many of the powers that had come to watch Azure Chamber of Commerce’s competition were stunned.

Aside from how rare Flying Ships were in God’s Domain, its colossal size was shocking enough. Flying Mounts, which most players thought were gigantic, looked like children in comparison.

“Which power owns that Flying Ship? Doesn’t showing up like this seem like grandstanding?”

“Has a Super Guild come to watch the competition?”

Azure City’s players fell into heated discussions as they watched the rapidly approaching Flying Ship. The various powers’ members, who had come to spectate Azure’s competition, were especially taken aback. Everyone wanted to know who owned the airborne vessel.

Flying Mounts’ aerial combat power was nothing compared to that of a Flying Ship. Such a vessel was also stronger than Flying Mounts in other aspects.

A Flying Ship could instantly elevate any ordinary Guild’s standing in God’s Domain. The Guild’s main force might even develop as quickly as the main force from a first-rate Guild.

While everyone discussed the ship’s arrival, the Flying Ship drifted to a stop above the plaza in Azure’s Residence. When it landed, everyone eagerly stared at the ship’s hatch, overcome with curiosity.

Several cloaked players, all of whom had concealed their information and appearances, disembarked. One woman, however, wasn’t wearing a Black Cloak. Rather, she wore luxurious, dark-blue mage robes and instantly became the center of attention in the plaza.

Players didn’t just stare because of her powerful aura. Everyone was also astonished that she had actually reached Level 113. She was the highest-leveled player they had ever seen.

The white-haired elder from Violet Sword had already reached Level 112, yet this woman surpassed him by one level. She was obviously an extraordinary expert.

“Silent Wonder? Isn’t she from the Long Family?” a Level 110, Tier 3 Ranger, who had come to watch the competition, wondered when he saw her statistics. “Since when did the Long Family have a relationship with such an astounding power?”

To think that, aside from the Zeus Corporation, the Long Family has the support of such a powerful entity. It’s no wonder why the Long Family isn’t afraid of the Zeus Corporation.”

The various spectating powers’ upper echelons were surprised when they saw Silent Wonder. They had never considered that the Long Family would have such a powerful foundation.

For a time, these upper echelons reconsidered their views of the Long Family.

“What grandeur! They actually arrived in a Flying Ship!” Long Wushang, who watched from within Azure’s Residence, clicked his tongue as Zero Wing’s members emerged from the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was Zero Wing’s symbol in the east, just as the Netherflame Eagle was Violet Sword’s. Only, since information between the two main continents was restricted, few powers in the west knew about the Flying Ship.

“Isn’t this great, Fifth Uncle? At the very least, our momentum isn’t any slower than the others,” Burning Owl said, smiling.

Violet Sword was too overbearingly famous. The fact that the Super Guild had escorted Solitary Frost’s group to Azure City atop a Netherflame Eagle was enough to sway Azure’s neutral Elders and Grand Elders. Some had even initiated negotiations with Solitary Frost’s and his companion’s families.

“What’s the point of this meaningless display now? Actions speak louder than words, in the end!” Long Wushang disdainfully dismissed.

Zero Wing might have a lot of influence on the eastern continent, but the same couldn’t be said in the west. Meanwhile, the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s main area of development lay in the west, which was also the Zeus Corporation’s home ground. Zero Wing couldn’t do anything to help Azure.

“Little Qian, your opponent has finally arrived,” a Level 111, Tier 3 female Assassin announced, glancing at Yan Xiaoqian. “By the looks of it, she’s grown a lot stronger. You have a tough fight against her.”

“A tough fight?” Yan Xiaoqian only rolled her eyes. Calmly, she said, “Her alchemy techniques might be stronger, but she’s no match for me in combat. The Long Family’s only decent fighter is Silk Moon. If she hasn’t grown stronger since we last met, taking second place in this competition will be a breeze!”

Yan Xiaoqian’s comment had been firm and without any hint of arrogance. She had said it as if it was just a normal fact.

The female Assassin didn’t argue with her friend. What Yan Xiaoqian had said was true, after all. Their combat standards had considerably improved during their training with Violet Sword, and she had to admit that the veteran Super Guild was impressive. The Azure Chamber of Commerce was no match for Violet Sword when it came to nurturing experts.

During Violet Sword’s training, Yan Xiaoqian had grown tremendously. Many of Violet Sword’s old monsters had even praised her for her talent. Now, she was only half a step away from the Domain Realm, and many of Violet Sword’s old monsters were certain that she’d reach the realm soon.

On the other hand, while Silent Wonder was an amazing alchemist, her combat talent was subpar in comparison. She hadn’t even reached the Void Realm before the previous competition. Even if Zero Wing were capable and helped Silent Wonder reach the Void Realm since, that wouldn’t change anything. Even between Void Realm experts, there was a massive difference in strength.

While the female Assassin and Yan Xiaoqian conversed, a middle-aged man with a chilling aura and pale complexion approached. This man was Duan Hanshan, the strongest member of the Duan Family’s second generation.

“Xiaoqian, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed this time. We just received news that Silk Moon won’t be attending the competition for some reason. Nobody can get in touch with her. The entire Long Family is panicking over the matter,” Duan Hanshan interjected.

“Silk Moon isn’t coming? Doesn’t that mean the Long Family is finished?” the female Assassin asked.

Silk Moon was the Long Family’s last hope of securing one of the top three positions in this competition. If she had succeeded in earning one of those positions, the Long Family would’ve retained its reputation. However, now that Silk Moon couldn’t make it, the Long Family had a bleak future ahead.

The Long Family currently held the right to rule the Azure Chamber of Commerce, but the younger generation would determine the Guild’s future. If the Long Family’s successors weren’t up to the task, who would trust the family to run Azure?

Soon, both the Zeus Corporation and the chamber’s various shareholder families would use the Long Family’s ineptitude as an excuse to reclaim Azure’s ruling rights.

“That’s why all of you need to perform well. We mustn’t allow any member of the Long Family to take one of the top three positions. This isn’t just the family’s requirement, but the Zeus Corporation’s, as well. As long as you succeed, you will all have another opportunity to train with Violet Sword,” Duan Hanshan said seriously.

“Top three? Doesn’t that only leave Burning Owl as a threat?” the female Assassin surmised, turning to look at the distant Burning Owl, who wore an ugly expression.

Burning Owl was undoubtedly a peak expert. None of them had been a match for his combat standards in the past, but after training with Violet Sword, the five individuals from the various shareholder families had joined the ranks of peak experts. Moreover, they had engaged in live combat against a large number of Violet Sword’s peak experts. If Burning Owl was their only opponent, the group had a high chance of securing all three top positions in this competition.

Once they succeeded, they’d all be able to return to Violet Sword, making this an incredibly valuable opportunity.

Their training with Violet Sword had cost a lot of manpower and resources, a cost that the Azure Chamber of Commerce couldn’t currently afford. If not for the Zeus Corporation’s request, Violet Sword wouldn’t have bothered training them at all.

“Time is almost up. Let’s head to the arena,” Duan Hanshan said after taking a look at the time. He then led Yan Xiaoqian and the female Assassin toward the Battle Arena in the heart of Azure City.