Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2600 - Monstrous Upstarts West Continent, Frost Hills, Azure City:

Chapter 2600 – Monstrous Upstarts West Continent, Frost Hills, Azure City:

As a Guild City in a Level 90 neutral map, Azure City played a transitional role for many of the Winter Empire’s players as they prepared to travel to Level 100-plus maps. Including the fact that the city’s ruling Guild, the Azure Chamber of Commerce, was one of trade and business, the city had become the largest trade hub in the empire. Many players and powers traveled to Azure City on business, and the city enjoyed easily over five million visitors per day.

A long line of players had formed at the city gates, waiting to enter, and from time to time, they saw gigantic Flying Mounts pass overhead, making the ordinary players in line jealous.

“Azure City is amazing. I’ve never seen Flying Mounts in other Guild Cities, yet so many have passed by while I’ve been in line!” an independent, Level 103 Berserker exclaimed as he watched a Two-headed Vulture soar past.

“There are usually quite a few Flying Mounts coming and going from Azure City every day, but there seem to be far more today. I’ve heard that Azure is hosting the competition for its younger generation and has invited several powers to watch. I assume those Flying Mounts belong to the invited powers’ upper echelons,” a Level 108 youth wearing a Guild Emblem explained.

“A competition among Azure’s younger generation?” The comment confused the Berserker. “What’s so great about that? Isn’t it just a PvP tournament between a bunch of unknown upstarts? It’s not even a competition between peak experts, yet all of these powers are attending with such fanfare.”

“I take it you don’t know much about Azure. Azure is a veteran Guild run by multiple families. It’s main shareholders make their living through virtual reality games. Unlike the various superpowers’ experts, who generally start training only after turning 15 or 16, Azure’s younger generation start their training during childhood. They’re all astonishingly strong, far stronger than the various superpowers’ ordinary experts. Some of them are even stronger than the superpowers’ peak experts,” the Elementalist youth explained, rolling his eyes. “Moreover, this competition revolves around combat standards and techniques. You can learn plenty just by watching the fight. Why else would Azure’s partnered powers bother showing up? I bet most of them have brought their younger talents to watch, as well.”

“I heard that this year is going to be extraordinary. Many of Azure’s younger members have been training with Violet Sword. A few days ago, Violet Sword even announced that someone from Azure’s younger generation fought Wildfighter, one of the vice commanders for the chamber’s strongest trump card, to a standstill. Violet Sword’s upper echelons were stunned,” a Level 110, Tier 3 Swordsman wearing a Guild Emblem similar to the Elementalist youth’s said.

“Fought Wildfighter to a standstill? Who are you trying to fool? Wildfighter is one of the top 30 players on the God’s Domain Experts List!” the independent Berserker protested, skeptical. “Wildfighter has been famous for over a decade and is a publicly acknowledged monster. I’ve heard that Wildfighter can hold his ground against a Level 110 Mythic monster by himself. How could one of Azure’s youngsters possibly fight him to a standstill?”

Almost every Berserker player on the western continent knew about Wildfighter. For many Berserkers, he was a goal and idol. Naturally, this Level 103 Berserker was no exception.

“This is insider information. One of my friends is a core member in Violet Sword,” the Level 110 Swordsman argued. “I wish I could watch the competition, too. Who knows? It might give me an idea of how to grow stronger.”

One-on-one duels between peak experts were rare, and even when they happened, the various superpowers kept a tight lid on the matter. Ordinary players only got to watch peak experts in action when the various major powers or superpowers waged war against each other. However, large-scale battles weren’t as useful when trying to improve one’s combat standards.

Peak experts typically relied on their incredibly high Basic Attributes to overwhelm their opponents. They rarely used complex techniques in battle. When peak experts met on the battlefield, their fights were rarely one-on-one.

To put it simply, opportunities to watch two peak experts rely on techniques in a duel were invaluable. Many players spent big bucks to spectate.

While these several players chatted amongst themselves, a sharp cry rang through the air, echoing throughout the area.

Everyone turned to find the source of this cry, spotting a giant eagle with a wingspan of over twenty meters. The bird of prey was shrouded in a black fog as it drew closer to Azure City.

“Crap! That’s Violet Sword’s Netherflame Eagle! Violet Sword is attending the competition, too?”

“What a powerful aura! That eagle is nearly as strong as a Grand Lord!”

“Nearly? I’ve heard that the Netherflame Eagle can take down Grand Lords of the same level. Very few Flying Mounts in the east are as powerful.”

Awe flashed in everyone’s eyes as they spoke about the Flying Mount above.

A Flying Mount that rivaled Grand Lords of the same level was incredibly useful. As long as players had high enough DPS and that Flying Mount, killing Grand Lords in the fields with a small team was entirely possible. Furthermore, the Netherflame Eagle was fast enough to save players plenty of travel time.

As everyone discussed the Flying Mount, the Netherflame Eagle blurred as it flew to Azure’s Residence within the city.

When the massive Flying Mount landed, over a dozen people jumped off its back. They were all Level 111, except for the white-haired old man that remained seated; he had already reached Level 112.

“Violet Sword has taught you everything you need to know. I hope you won’t disgrace the Guild’s good name. If you fail, you’d better not mention that I taught you. You won’t get a second chance to train with Violet Sword, either!” the white-haired elder indifferently warned his travel companions.

“Don’t worry, Instructor Torre. We’ll show the Long Family how foolish they’ve been to decline your training,” a silvereyed, blue-haired youth with a greatsword slung across his back respectfully promised.

“Good. I will be waiting in Holy Flame City. Do not disappoint your elders or me!” the white-haired elder said, nodding. His gaze held a hint of warmth as he looked down at the blue-haired boy.

Atop his Netherflame Eagle, the white-haired elder left the city. Meanwhile, the blue-haired youth’s group immediately attracted the attention of Azure’s members and upper echelons.

“Fifth Uncle, they’ve clearly grown a lot stronger during their training, especially Solitary Frost. I still can’t believe he fought Wildfighter to a standstill. I’ve also heard that he has a favorable view of Yan Xiaoqian, and she has made great progress with her training. They won’t be easy opponents,” Burning Owl cautioned, astonished as he watched the group of youths in the middle of the plaza.

Burning Owl had thought he had a chance of securing one of the top three positions in the upcoming competition, but after seeing the other families’ experts return from their training with Violet Sword, his confidence started to waver.

“Let’s hope Silk Moon has improved as well. Otherwise, our family might struggle to rank among the top three,” Long Wushang agreed, frowning.

The Long Family didn’t expect to earn first place in this competition. The gap between their younger members’ strength and the other families’ participants was simply too large. Solitary Frost, in particular, was on an entirely different level, and many of the others had already reached the Void Realm.

Silk Moon, the Long Family’s most talented combat player among the Long Family’s younger generation, was the family’s last hope.

Just as Solitary Frost’s group was about to leave the plaza, and the crowd was about to disperse, everyone heard a loud humming from above the city, causing quite the commotion.

“What’s that sound?”

“Is some kind of special event about to happen in Azure City?”

Everyone was curious about the humming sound, with many players emerging from hotels and bars to get a better look at its source.

When everyone found the sound’s origin, however, they were all dumbfounded. A hundred-meter-long, steel behemoth flew toward the city as they watched.

“What’s going on!? Is that a Flying Ship?!”