Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2597 - Changes to the Lost Town Lost Town, Zero Wing's Residence:

Chapter 2597 – Changes to the Lost Town Lost Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

With a flash of light, Silent Wonder arrived in the Residence’s plaza, looking worried.

She was already at the Half-step Void Realm standard, and crossing that barrier soon was entirely possible. A single flash of inspiration is all she would need, especially in her current state. She had already refined her control and pushed her five senses to their limits. Making a breakthrough in a single battle was likely.

Even if she did, however, she’d, at most, reach the Void Realm before the family competition began. Her combat standards still wouldn’t compare to Azure’s combat geniuses. Thus, she struggled to understand why Shi Feng suddenly wanted her to train in the Lost Town.

This wasn’t her first visit to the town, and she was aware of the Extraordinary Tower’s astounding effects. The tower was the very reason she had reached the Truth Realm, although reaching the Ascension Realm was still a major challenge for her. In fact, reaching the Ascension Realm would be much harder than reaching the Void Realm.

“Huh? This place…”

Before she had even exited the teleportation array, however, the scenery dumbfounded Silent Wonder.

Many of Zero Wing’s members fought translucent phantom clones both within and outside of the Residence. Their battles were fierce, and some even met their demise. Meanwhile, the Zero Wing members watching from the side seemed envious…

However, what truly surprised Silent Wonder was the incredibly low Mana density within the Lost Town. She couldn’t even sense the flow of Mana around her. Conversely, the Mana within her felt far more apparent than usual. She also found it easier to manipulate. Moreover, her mind didn’t feel clogged in the Lost Town like it did in most Mana deficient environments.

She knew exactly how valuable such an environment was.

The various powers’ Tier 3 experts were all busy, desperately hunting for methods to unlock their Mana Bodies effectively, but perceiving the Mana within their bodies was incredibly difficult, let alone manipulate it.

The Lost Town’s environment made it easier for players to notice their own Mana. Naturally, this would be immensely helpful as they worked to unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential.

Even so, Silent Wonder shook her head, returning to her prior thoughts.

While the Lost Town’s training environment had improved, she still only had six days left. Since travel to the western continent would require a full day, she only had five days to train. Even in such a useful environment, trying to unlock her Mana Body in five days was asking for the impossible.

When Silent Wonder entered the Extraordinary Tower, however, she was shocked again.

If the Lost Town were a precious training ground, the Extraordinary Tower was sacred, especially to players trying to increase their Mana control. In the tower, she could sense the various Mana elements around her and their movement patterns. It felt like nowhere else in God’s Domain.

“What do you think? Do you think you can unlock your Mana Body’s full potential before the family competition now?” Shi Feng asked as he approached Silent Wonder, smiling when he saw her dazed expression.

God’s Domain offered a variety of ways to increase one’s combat power, particularly after players reached Tier 3. The benefits Tier 3 players could gain by improving their Mana Control were in no way lesser than what they could gain by training their combat standards.

“I can train here regularly?” Silent Wonder asked.

This wasn’t the first time she had stood in the tower, but it had changed drastically. She found it truly hard to believe that she could spend all her time training in such a sacred place. This environment was astonishing, and it had to come at a high price.

“Of course,” Shi Feng confirmed, nodding.

He understood Silent Wonder’s concerns, and maintaining the Extraordinary Tower was costly. After activating the Extraordinary Tower’s third floor, he had to spend 20,000 Magic Crystals per day to keep the third floor’s divine runes active. No first-rate Guild could afford the expense, but it wouldn’t be a problem for Zero Wing. Zero Wing was more than capable of keeping the Extraordinary Tower running at full power every day.

“Although I can’t make any promises, I should have a high chance of succeeding before the competition,” Silent Wonder said after giving the matter some thought. “However, are you sure you won’t reconsider visiting Violet Sword, Guild Leader? Violet Sword is the only one harassing my family on the surface, but it’s backed by the Zeus Corporation in this. If the situation isn’t handled carefully, our Guild might not be allowed on the western continent anymore…”

Thanks to her experiments and the ancient potion Shi Feng had given her, she had unlocked over 30% of her Mana Body. If she focused on training in the Extraordinary Tower, reaching 100% within five days was definitely plausible.

However, the family competition was a small matter. The Zeus Corporation was the real problem.

The west’s Guilds under the Zeus Corporation’s control weren’t limited to the Azure Chamber of Commerce and Violet Sword. The corporation had significant shares in a few adventurer alliances, as well. Even without Violet Sword’s strength, Zeus could easily destroy a superpower in the west by simply issuing a bounty.

Meanwhile, most of Zero Wing’s power lay in Cold Spring Forest. The Guild had far less influence outside of the neutral map. There were also quite a few superpowers targeting Zero Wing in the east, not to mention the west.

“As long as you can do it, it’s fine. Don’t worry about the Zeus Corporation. If they really want a fight in the end, I don’t mind giving them one,” Shi Feng said, brimming with confidence in his Guild.

“That’s right! If the Zeus Corporation goes too far, we’ll prove that Zero Wing isn’t to be trifled with!” Aqua Rose commented as she approached. “That’s why you don’t have to worry about anything, Wonder. Just focus on unlocking your Mana Body. You mustn’t let those bastards look down on Zero Wing.”

Silent Wonder was touched by her companion’s assurances, although their comments still rendered her speechless.

It was enough of a problem that Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, liked to cause trouble, but now, Aqua Rose had picked up the habit. They were talking about one of the top 10 corporations in the entire world, not an opponent to be casually provoked.

After Shi Feng gave Silent Wonder some tips to unlock her Mana Body, he sent Aqua Rose and the other Guild members with fully unlocked Mana Bodies to Zero Wing’s Residence. He then began to plan the raid on the Demonwolf Den that housed the medium teleportation gate. Once they secured it, Zero Wing would have another open path to travel between the two main continents.

Some time later, 12 players gathered in the Residence’s spacious plaza. Although there weren’t many of them, the collective Mana they radiated substantially increased the Mana density in the plaza.

“Guild Leader, everyone’s here, but I’m afraid that raiding the Demonwolf den you mentioned will be difficult with just 12 of us and those Personal Guards…” Aqua Rose said.

For the various superpowers, having 12 Tier 3 experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies and several dozen Tier 3 Personal Guards was definitely something to be proud of. God’s Domain’s powers would even consider the force nearly invincible, but they were about to face the monsters in the Demonwolf den Shi Feng targeted.

According to Fire Dance’s scouting reports, the Demonwolf den was home to more than 50,000 monsters, with Level 120 Lords being the weakest among them. Many of these monsters were even ordinary Grand Lords and Grand Lords with special Bloodlines. Moreover, the den had a particularly severe environment. Even Fire Dance, who had already unlocked her Mana Body’s full potential, had nearly lost her life during her scouting mission.

“It would agree with you, but don’t we still have a Tier 4 Personal Guard?” Shi Feng countered, chuckling as he gestured to the fully armed Versailles behind him.

“Him? But his level…” Aqua Rose only felt concern when she looked at the elderly NPC. Versailles might have an imposing aura, but she couldn’t help the feeling that he would be unreliable.

While Tier 4 NPCs were very powerful, Versailles was only a Secret-Silver Guard. At best, he could hold his ground against an ordinary Mythic monster of the same level, but the old man was only Level 112, which was even lower than the gathered players. How was he supposed to help them fight Level 120-plus Mythic monsters or Grand Lord ranked Mutated Demonwolves that rivaled Mythic monsters?

The rest of the team worried, as well. They could now afford to risk their Personal Guards’ lives, but resurrecting a fallen guard would still require the precious Water of Life. It wouldn’t be a laughing matter if all of these Personal Guards fell in battle.

“Let’s go. You’ll understand when the time comes,” Shi Feng dismissed the matter, still chuckling. He then led the team to the Demonwolf Den.

Meanwhile, on the western continent, Long Wushang had returned to the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Residence and relayed Shi Feng’s message to his family’s Elders and Grand Elders.