Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2594 - Half-step Grandmaster Stone Forest City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

Following the NPC, Hermit and the bald man arrived at one of the Basic Meditation Rooms on the trading firm’s top floor. They were greeted by the sight of a woman in luxurious, dark blue robes and enveloped in a faint layer of Mana. The woman was steadfastly focused on brewing a potion, her every action smooth and dexterous.

A short moment later, the woman lifted her hand, holding a potion that radiated dense Mana.

“She can brew the Master ranked Advanced Magic Resistance Potion so easily?”

“She must not be far from becoming a Grandmaster Alchemist.”

The scene had astonished Hermit and his companion.

Master ranked Magic Resistance Potions were quite rare and costly on the market. They could, after all, enable Tier 3 players to roam Level 100-plus maps with harsh environments. However, Master ranked Advanced Magic Resistance Potions were even stronger. Not only could they help Tier 2 players survive in the severe environments in Level 100- plus maps, but the potion’s effects would also last 24 full hours.

Level 100-plus maps had abundant resources, particularly those Level 110 and above, but their environments were severe and dangerous. Only Tier 3 players could survive in these maps without aid. Unfortunately, the various powers had too few Tier 3 experts at this stage of the game, and they had to rely on their Tier 2 members to gather resources for their development. Hence, the demand for Master ranked Advanced Magic Resistance Potions was incredibly high.

However, crafting Master ranked Advanced Magic Resistance Potions wasn’t easy. Even a Master Alchemist wouldn’t have more than a 30% success rate, and the potions took a long time to brew. Including the current rarity of Master Alchemists, there wasn’t enough supply of these potions to meet demand.

Silent Wonder, on the other hand, could effortlessly brew these potions. Moreover, she had completed her last potion with astounding speed. She was efficient enough to take on the work of three or four Master Alchemists. With those skills, she was likely on the brink of becoming a Grandmaster Alchemist.

Rather than Silent Wonder’s alchemy standards, Hermit and the bald man were far more surprised to see that she had reached Level 111. She was actually one level higher than they were…

“It seems the rumors calling Stone Forest City a sacred leveling ground were true, after all,” Hermit muttered, staring at the level displayed above Silent Wonder’s head in shock.

Silent Wonder wasn’t a pure combat player. Although players could gain EXP through their subclasses, they didn’t earn nearly as much as combat players, who relentlessly grinded monsters in the fields.

Despite that, Silent Wonder had still surpassed both of them. This fact alone made it clear how extraordinary a Guild Zero Wing was.

“Fifth Uncle, Elder Hermit, isn’t there still some time before the family competition begins? What’s with the sudden visit?” Silent Wonder asked, curious to see the two people enter the room.

The Azure Chamber of Commerce held a competition between its main shareholder families once a year on the same date. The next competition would begin in six days. Even if her family intended to escort her to the western continent, she had expected they’d only show up the day before. She had no clue why they’d show up so early without prior notice. Moreover, Hermit, the man responsible for Demonstone Town’s safety, had come to see her. These two didn’t seem like they were simply here to escort her.

There is indeed still some time before the competition, but that’s not the only reason we’ve come,” the middle-aged man informed her. “I’m sure you are aware that the Zeus Corporation’s support is a large part of the reason Azure enjoys its current success.”

“Has something happened with the Zeus Corporation?” Silent Wonder asked.

The Zeus Corporation was one of the top ten corporations in the world. The corporation’s support was also a large part of the reason that the Azure Chamber of Commerce had grown over the years and achieved its current status in God’s Domain. Moreover, the Zeus Corporation had a considerable portion of the Super Guild, Violet Sword’s shares.

Violet Sword was relatively ancient, with over a century of history. It was one of the oldest Super Guilds to rise in the virtual gaming world. Its long history was only second to the Five Great Super Guilds, and the Guild’s relationship with the Zeus Corporation was why Azure had developed so smoothly on the western continent.

“That’s right. Violet Sword urgently needs Lifestyle Masters, so Zeus has decided that Azure will offer support. Since you are the greatest talent among our family’s younger generation, you cannot avoid developing in Violet Sword. We have come to escort you to the Guild’s headquarters,” the bald, middle-aged man explained, nodding.

“Develop in Violet Sword? But…” Silent Wonder was stunned.

“I know you wish to remain in Zero Wing, seeing as it has helped you so much.” Helplessly, the bald man continued, “However, you know how much the Zeus Corporation has helped Azure. Zeus’s help is the very reason that Azure maintains its hold on a Grade 1 ore vein. You are one of the Lifestyle Masters the corporation handpicked. If you don’t go, not only will our family lose Zeus’s support, but we might also lose our hold on that vein, which Azure relies on to survive!”

The Zeus Corporation was rich and powerful. It also commanded considerable strength and influence in the west. One word from the corporation is all it would take to throw the Azure Chamber of Commerce to the wolves.

“Can you give me some time to think, Fifth Uncle?” Silent Wonder hesitantly requested.

“We might have allowed you to do as you wish until now, but this concerns the family’s future! We cannot allow you to continue this willful behavior anymore!” the bald man snapped. “Once the family competition has ended, you will travel to Violet Sword to continue your development! Take this time to prepare. You don’t need to worry about your situation with Zero Wing. We will help you settle it.”

With that, the bald man and Hermit turned and left the room, leaving Silent Wonder stupefied.

After leaving the Candlelight Trading Firm, the two men headed straight for Zero Wing’s Residence.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little too impatient, Wushang? We should’ve given Wonder some time to accept the situation,” Hermit commented, sending a sidelong glance at his companion.

“Accept it? Do you assume I don’t want to?” the bald man, Long Wushang, solemnly replied, offering a bitter smile. The Zeus Corporation has given us an ultimatum. In fact, the corporation has already delivered the other families’ younger members to train with Violet Sword as a means to harass the Long Family.”

“Even so, I’m afraid Wonder will not go obediently,” Hermit said.

“With as stubborn as she is, persuading her will be difficult. That’s why we’re going to meet with Zero Wing. As long as Zero Wing willingly lets her go, she’ll be easier to convinceLong Wushang said.

“What if Zero Wing refuses? You must realize that the Guild is not to be trifled with,” Hermit worriedly countered.

“Isn’t that why you’re here?” Long Wushang replied, rolling his eyes. He shifted his gaze toward the nearby Guild Residence, sneering as he continued, “Zero Wing doesn’t have a choice. If Zero Wing refuses to let Wonder go, it will suffer the Zeus Corporation’s wrath!”