Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2591 - Zero Wing's New Residence

Chapter 2591 – Zero Wing’s New Residence

Shi Feng could not believe his eyes as he gazed at the elderly man in gray before him. Tier 4!

This was a bona fide powerhouse, an individual that stood at the apex of God’s Domain!

Noticing Shi Feng’s shock, Aqua Rose’s attention drifted to the Tier 4 Great Wizard. At first, she had been surprised, but disappointment quickly followed.

She had just noticed the elderly man’s Growth Potential.

“What a pity,” Aqua Rose said, sighing. “Tier 4 is amazing, but his Secret-Silver ranked Growth Potential will hold him back.”

Normally, Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Guards hit their limit at Tier 3. While Secret-Silver Guards were stronger than Bronze and Mysterious-Iron rank, they would hit a wall at Tier 4, with minuscule chances of making it to Tier 5.

More of God’s Domain’s players hit Tier 3 every day, and it wouldn’t be long before the various superpowers’ peak experts began to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quests. Once they completed those quests, Tier 4 NPCs’ power would become quite limited, especially that of Tier 4 Secret-Silver guards. A Tier 4 Secret-Silver Guard’s combat power was only on par with a Tier 4 peak expert in full, top-tier equipment. They might be strong, but they weren’t invincible.

“A pity?” Shi Feng shook his head and laughed, but he didn’t bother to say more.

“We’ve gotten so lucky this time, Guild Leader. We now have two more Dark-Gold Guards: a Guardian Knight and an Oracle. If your two Guards participate, you could form a well-rounded raid party to take down high-ranked Field Bosses,” Aqua Rose delightedly reported.

Shi Feng was one of White River City’s Counts, so he had the authority to recruit four Personal Guards. If he accepted these new Dark-Gold Guards, he could use his four guard slots to their maximum efficiency. Dark-Gold Guards were incredibly rare. Most, if not all, superpowers didn’t even have one.

“I’ll pass on these two Dark-Gold Guards. You and Snow will each nurture one. Both of you are Counts, too, so you should have some extra slots,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “I’ll take this gray-clad elder.”

Dark-Gold Guards were extremely useful, especially when players wouldn’t have to worry about dying. Forming a standard, four-man raiding party with only Dark-Gold or better Guards would be a dream.

However, he almost always operated alone. Rather than take the two Dark-Gold Guards for himself, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose could make better use of them. The two women frequently led grinding teams and Dungeon raids. A Dark- Gold Guard would greatly enhance their respective teams’ strength.

“But, Guild Leader, that elder is only a Secret-Silver Guard…” Shi Feng’s decision surprised Aqua Rose.

Shi Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, role model, and face. Even if he didn’t want the two Dark-Gold Guards, he should, at least, take a Fine-Gold Guard. Picking a Secret-Silver Guard, even a Tier 4 Great Wizard, would make him a laughingstock.

“A Secret-Silver Guard is quite powerful,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “He is also a Tier 4 Great Wizard. He could serve as a Magistrate in a major city in any kingdom or empire. He is a true powerhouse in God’s Domain.”

Aqua Rose only saw Secret-Silver Guards as worthless due to the fact that Zero Wing had more than 30 Fine-Gold Guards, but even the various superpowers wouldn’t have more than 2 or 3 Fine-Gold Guards at this stage of the game. Some had even fewer than that.

Normally, the various superpowers treated Secret-Silver Guards like their own children, not to mention a Guard that had already reached Tier 4.

It should be known that Secret-Silver Guards only had a chance of reaching Tier 4; their success wasn’t guaranteed. Tier 4 wasn’t just a major turning point for players, but for NPCs, as well. Reaching Tier 4 was an incredible feat for all in God’s Domain.

Not even Fine-Gold Guards were guaranteed to reach Tier 4. They merely had a higher chance.

Based on past players’ collected statistics, Fine-Gold Guards only had a 30% chance of completing their Tier 4 Promotion Quest. Dark-Gold Guards’ chances were roughly around 40%. Of course, even if a Personal Guard failed their Tier 4 Promotion quest, they could challenge it again. Players would only have to invest more resources to boost their strength.

However, challenging the Tier 4 Promotion Quests was a time-consuming process for both players and NPCs. Personal Guards would have to wait a full month before they could challenge the quest after failing it. Hence, it was easy to imagine how much time it would take to nurture a Tier 4 NPC.

As for recruiting a Tier 4 NPC as one’s Personal Guard, that was simply unheard of. Shi Feng hadn’t heard of a single player recruiting a Tier 4 NPC. At best, some had recruited Tier 3 NPCs.

If he revealed this elderly man’s information, the various superpowers would likely die with envy.

While the gray-clothed Wizard’s Growth Potential was somewhat lacking compared to Dark-Gold Guards, Shi Feng wasn’t concerned. He had plenty of items that could raise an NPCs Growth Potential, and this old man’s was on the high end for Secret-Silver Guards. With a little effort, upgrading him to Fine-Gold rank was entirely possible.

Following which, Shi Feng recruited the elderly man as one of his Personal Guards.

[Versailles] (Ye Feng’s Personal Guard)

Gender: Male

Age: 76

Loyalty: 75

Growth Potential: 74

Level 112

Class: Tier 4 Great Wizard

When she saw Versailles’s statistics, Aqua Rose was speechless. After recovering, the other Tier 3 NPCs had climbed to, on average, Level 120. The Dark-Gold ranked Guardian Knight she had recruited was even Level 121, yet Versailles was only 112?

Versailles hadn’t even reached the level required to challenge the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. He was also a much lower level than mainstream Personal Guards.

“It’s almost time. The Lost Town’s transfer should be complete by now. Gather the main force members immediately, as well as all of the potential newcomers and core members, who have signed our confidentiality contract. From now on, the lost Town will be our developmental headquarters,” Shi Feng said as he glanced at the time.

“Is that all, Guild Leader? What about the Lost Town’s security?” Aqua Rose asked worriedly.

The Demonwolf Mountain Range was a far more dangerous place than Cold Spring Forest, so defending a stronghold there would be a much greater challenge. Moreover, the Lost Town wasn’t a Basic City, only a Basic Town.

Yet, Shi Feng only wanted to station the Guild’s contracted recruits and core members. Even with the Guild’s main force, the town would only have around 5,000 players.

It was far more than what they had stationed in the Lost Town before this, but the town had only occupied a pre-Level 100 neutral map. The small number of high-level NPCs and players had been more than enough to deal with the occasional monster tide. However, they wouldn’t have a level advantage in the Demonwolf Mountain Range.

“Normally, security might have been a problem with so few members, but we have time now,” Shi Feng consoled his companion as he gestured to Versailles. “With him there, we won’t have to worry about security.”

“But, he’s only Level 112 and a Secret-Silver Guard…” Aqua Rose argued.

“Relax. He’ll be more than enough,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to explain. Definitively, he continued, “Just relay the message.”

“Alright, then. I’ll go notify them…” Aqua Rose despondently agreed, leaving to notify the Guild members Shi Feng had requested. Since he was so confident, insisting would be inappropriate.

Before half an hour had passed, all of Zero Wing’s contracted recruits and core members used the Guild Transfer Scroll Shi Feng had provided and arrived in the Lost Town, which had transformed into a wintery wonderland.