Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2590 - Water of Life's Effects Stone Forest City, Zero Wing's Residence:

Chapter 2590 – Water of Life’s Effects Stone Forest City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

Inside the Residence’s large conference room, over a hundred NPCs exuding despondent and listless auras currently stood in line. These NPCs were either crippled or civilians with extremely weak life auras. As for clothing, they wore either battered armor or tattered linen clothes. And even the highest-leveled person among them was just a little over Level 50, with the lowest-leveled person being Level 20. Due to the presence of these NPCs, the gorgeous conference room looked more like a refugee camp.

“Guild Leader, everyone’s here,” Aqua Rose reported as she approached Shi Feng. “Do you really plan on using the precious Water of Life on these people?”

At this point, she had already found out about the Tree of Life planted in the Freedom Hotel’s top-floor courtyard because, during Shi Feng’s absence, three other people were tasked with ensuring the courtyard’s normal operation. She was one of those people.

Back when she first saw the Fragmented Divine Artifact ranked Tree of Life, her mind had frozen in shock. She had never dreamed that the Guild she belonged to was so amazing. Currently, the various superpowers of God’s Domain didn’t even possess Legendary items yet, let alone Fragmented Divine Artifacts. Zero Wing, however, had a Fragmented Divine Artifact.

Moreover, the Tree of Life could even produce 17 drops of Water of Life daily. The Water of Life was an incredibly precious item that was obtainable only by luck in God’s Domain. After all, the Water of Life could be used to resurrect dead NPCs. For the various powers who were extremely worried about their Personal Guards dying, the Water of Life was an absolute treasure.

After all, Personal Guards were far more powerful than players, capable of feats that were beyond current players’ capabilities. Only, obtaining a few drops of Water of Life was an incredibly difficult task even for the superpowers. As a result, the superpowers did not dare to casually field their Personal Guards on risky operations.

Zero Wing, however, produced 17 drops of Water of Life each day. Hence, they wouldn’t have to worry about losing their powerful Personal Guards at all and could freely deploy these NPCs on all kinds of quests and expeditions.

However, even for the current Zero Wing, the daily production of 17 drops of Water of Life was still a little too low for the Guild’s needs. If they needed to heal these 100-plus NPCs, they would have to expend the entire stockpile they had accumulated thus far.

It might be fine if they were spending all their Water of Life on healing NPCs with high Growth Potential, but the NPCs gathered here were all NPCs with very poor Growth Potential. Even if they recovered to peak condition, their Growth Potential wouldn’t increase by much. Using the Water of Life on these NPCs would simply be a waste.

“Mhm, I want to test my luck,” Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw the reluctance on Aqua Rose’s face.

“Test your luck?” Shi Feng’s answer exasperated Aqua Rose.

While testing one’s luck was fine, doing so at the cost of Water of Life was simply an extravagance. If God’s Domain’s various powers heard about this, they would definitely go crazy and try to choke Shi Feng to death.

You never know what we’ll get,” Shi Feng retorted, chuckling. “In any case, it’s a waste to let the Water of Life simply sit in storage doing nothing.”

Spending Water of Life to heal these crippled NPCs was indeed prodigal. However, nobody could guarantee that these NPCs would remain mediocre after they recovered to their peak.

Moreover, he didn’t have Aqua Rose randomly gather injured NPCs, either. Instead, he had her select injured NPCs that were at Tier 3 or above. At the same time, these NPCs also needed to have a Growth Potential of 20 or higher.

In God’s Domain, any NPC capable of reaching Tier 3 would not possess a low Growth Potential. Meanwhile, the 20- point mark for Growth Potential was a major turning point for Tier 3 NPCs.

In the past, the various superpowers had experimented with using Water of Life on crippled Tier 3 NPCs. The result they obtained was that all crippled Tier 3 NPCs with a Growth Potential lower than 20 had failed to reach a Secret- Silver Guard rank even after recovering from their injuries.

Of course, this did not mean that all crippled Tier 3 NPCs with a Growth Potential of 20 or higher would reach the Secret-Silver Guard standard once they recovered; the chances of success were just much greater.

Fortunately, aside from Zero Wing, no other power was currently searching for such NPCs. As a result, Zero Wing managed to locate quite a number of these NPCs. And with the Growth Potentials of the gathered NPCs, the odds of there being excellent NPC Guards among them were quite high.

In fact, so long as two or three Fine-Gold Guards emerged among these 100-plus NPCs, Zero Wing would’ve hit the jackpot. After all, NPCs capable of reaching the Dark-Gold Guard standard were incredibly rare in God’s Domain. Although Shi Feng had known about quite a few Dark-Gold Guards during his previous life, he didn’t know where to find them, as the superpowers had kept a tight lid on all information about those NPCs. He had only known about Kite’s whereabouts and circumstances because Kite had originated from Star-Moon Kingdom, and his owner was a merchant player with loose lips.

Following which, Shi Feng provided one drop of Water of Life to every NPC present, his actions giving Aqua Rose a heartache.

Every drop of Water of Life was equivalent to the life of an NPC with high Growth Potential. The Water of Life could also drastically increase the leveling speed of their Guild members. The Guild could raid Mythic Field Bosses without worrying about the price necessary to do so. These 100-plus drops of Water of Life could easily elevate the strength of Zero Wing’s main force to a whole new level.

Upon receiving the Water of Life from Shi Feng, the despondent NPCs immediately brightened up as if they had just seen the light of hope.

Once all the NPCs gathered had received their share of Water of Life, they took one last look at Shi Feng before consuming the Water of Life without hesitation.

A dense life aura immediately filled the room. It was so dense that the cells in Aqua Rose’s body felt invigorated, her mind gaining greater clarity.

After this phenomenon continued for three seconds, a powerful aura swept the entire room as if a Dragon had awoken from its slumber. Aqua Rose could not help stumbling a few steps back.

“How is this possible?!” Aqua Rose’s eyes filled with shock as she gazed at the NPCs, who still looked like a throng of beggars, standing in front of her.

At this moment, however, the feeling she got from the NPCs was nothing like the aura of a beggar at all. Instead, they felt like battle-hardened warriors that had fought on innumerable battlefields. Even though they were still wearing battered armor and tattered linen clothes, their tempered auras and overflowing Mana deterred ordinary people from approaching them casually.

It seems we really hit the jackpot this time. Shi Feng also grew a little excited when he sensed the aura of the NPCs before him.

Originally, he thought that he would be lucky to get even two or three Fine-Gold Guards out of these 100-plus NPCs. However, it would seem that he was sorely mistaken.

The strength of the combined aura these 100-plus NPCs were currently releasing could already rival that of a 100-man team of Tier 3 Knights—despite these NPCs being geared in extremely shabby weapons and equipment. If they were fully equipped with Epic Weapons and Equipment, their combined aura would definitely be much stronger than that of a 100-man team of Tier 3 Knights.

Following which, Shi Feng and Aqua Rose started inspecting the updated statistics of these NPCs to get a better idea of these NPCs’ standards.

Once they completed their inspection, Aqua Rose was stunned.

Of the 100-plus NPCs gathered, even the weakest one was at the Mysterious-Iron Guard standard. These Mysterious- Iron Guards numbered only 47, but every one of them possessed very high Growth Potential for Mysterious-Iron Guards. With the help of the Ancient God’s Literature Fragment, Shi Feng had an excellent chance of elevating them to the Secret-Silver Guard standard.

As for the remaining 57 NPCs, 49 of them were Secret-Silver Guards, six were Fine-Gold Guards, and two were Dark- Gold Guards. This outcome was simply ridiculous.

While Aqua Rose stared at the two Dark-Gold Guards, Shi Feng’s focus was on an elderly man clad in gray robes. Despite this elderly man’s Growth Potential being only at the Secret-Silver Guard standard, Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with astonishment as he gazed at him.

A Tier 4 Great Wizard?!