Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2589 - Medium Teleportation Point

Chapter 2589 – Medium Teleportation Point

The Lost Town served as Zero Wing’s secret stronghold for nurturing talents. Even now, very few Guild members knew of its existence. Generally, only core members with great potential had the qualifications to set foot into the town. Moreover, these core experts needed to undergo multiple inspections before receiving the approval to enter the Lost Town. After all, the Extraordinary Tower’s function was simply crucial…

Now that Shi Feng wished to establish a stable teleportation point inside the Demonwolf Mountain Range, the Lost Town was his best option.

Firstly, the teleportation point linking the two main continents could not be disclosed to too many people. Hence, the stronghold established in the Demonwolf Mountain Range should have as few players operating within it as possible.

Secondly, the size of the stronghold should not be too large, to limit the manpower and resources required for its upkeep. Otherwise, concealing it would be very difficult. Other powers keeping an eye on Zero Wing would definitely grow suspicious if a significant portion of the Guild’s funds was disappearing for no good reason.

The Lost Town fulfilled both conditions perfectly.

Of course, the act of transferring a Guild Town to a Level 100-plus neutral map was also incredibly insane. After all, the dangers lurking in Level 100-plus neutral maps were no laughing matter. If the Guild Town in question lacked sufficient defenses, it might not survive the first monster tide that assaulted it.

However, with Zero Wing’s current strength, so long as Shi Feng did not move the Lost Town too deep into the Demonwolf Mountain Range, defending it from the periodic monster tides was still feasible.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, transferring your town to the Demonwolf Mountain Range is very dangerous. Once your town is transferred there, it will no longer be protected by any kingdom or empire. Are you sure you wish to go through with the transfer?” Lorrain asked.

“I’m sure,” Shi Feng replied with a nod.

Very well. Please specify your exact transfer location,” Lorrain said as she took out a map of the Demonwolf Mountain Range.

“Let’s move it here,” Shi Feng said as he pointed at a gravel hill in the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s inner area.

In the past, the Demonwolf Mountain Range had been incredibly famous in God’s Domain for having two teleportation points connected to the western continent. However, unlike the first teleportation point Shi Feng secured, which was the Magic Gate hidden beneath the frozen lake, the second teleportation point was a medium teleportation point with special circumstances.

The medium teleportation point was inside a Demonwolf den. Players that wished to activate the teleportation array there had to clear out the monsters within the den first. However, the monsters inside this den would respawn periodically. Moreover, they would grow stronger with each respawn. In addition, nobody could truly take control of the teleportation point, so once the gate was activated, any player could make use of the gate so long as they had sufficient Magic Crystals.

Due to this reason, the various superpowers had desperately fought to monopolize this teleportation point. The fires of war had never once ceased after the Teleportation Gate’s discovery. Even after a decade had passed in God’s Domain, the situation surrounding the teleportation point remained extremely volatile.

Currently, Shi Feng was urgently trying to secure more teleportation points linking the two main continents. However, he would need to invest a lot of time if he wished to activate and secure the other teleportation points he knew of, as activating those teleportation points involved a series of quests. Either that or the teleportation points were small ones that could send only a handful of players with each use. Hence, the medium teleportation point located in the Demonwolf Mountain Range was his only option.

Moreover, the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s medium teleportation point was in a Level 120-plus area, which was still a blind spot for current superpowers. He could use this opportunity to thoroughly stabilize his rule over the area. Thus, going for this teleportation point wasn’t a particularly bad choice.

“Location verified. Please produce your Town Transfer Order. In addition, you have to pay a transfer fee of 80,000 Gold,” Lorrain said. “Once you complete the payment, we will transfer your town to the desired location as soon as possible.”

“Eighty thousand?” Shi Feng was astonished at this price.

Although transferring Guild Towns and Cities to Level 100-plus neutral maps generally cost a lot of money, the transfer fees were scaled, based on the target’s rank. Meanwhile, the Lost Town was merely a Basic Town, yet it cost 80,000 Gold to transfer it to the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s inner area. This was completely outside of his expectations.

If he were transferring a Basic City instead of a Basic Town, the transfer would most likely bankrupt him.

“That’s right. Not only is the location you have selected far, but it is also somewhat special. Hence, the transfer fee is slightly more expensive. However, please rest assured that the additional charges we collect are fair and reasonable,” Lorrain said, smiling.

“Alright. Here is the Town Transfer Order and 80,000 Gold,” Shi Feng answered as he passed the document and the funds to Lorrain.

He inwardly celebrated the fact that Stone Forest City had been raking in the profits recently. Despite the substantial increase in Zero Wing’s daily expenditure due to the number of Guild experts increasing to 220,000, the Guild still managed to save up a liquid fund of 170,000 Gold. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have been able to afford the transfer fee this time.

“Payment received. The transfer will be done in 30 minutes. You have one day to complete the handover procedures. Our security personnel will leave the site after one day, so please complete the handover procedures as soon as possible,” Lorrain reminded after receiving payment.

At the same time as Lorrain finished speaking, the Lost Town, in the distant Boneless Land, suddenly disappeared.

Now, only a bunch of confused Zero Wing members remained in the barren wasteland.

And in no time at all, Shi Feng received a call request from Aqua Rose.

“Guild Leader, big trouble! The Lost Town disappeared!” Aqua Rose reported anxiously.

The Lost Town was Zero Wing’s secret training ground for nurturing expert players. Although the town currently housed only several hundred players, all the experts that successfully reached the Truth Realm were more adept at fighting against monsters than even Refinement Realm experts.

The only problem was that the players being nurtured at the Lost Town were all very low-leveled newcomers. The majority of them hadn’t even reached Level 100 yet, much less Tier 3. Nevertheless, so long as these players caught up in levels and tiers, they would become mainstays of Zero Wing. And with the help of these players, Zero Wing would finally gain the qualifications to stand toe-to-toe with the various superpowers!

Hence, the Lost Town’s sudden disappearance would have a significant impact on Zero Wing’s future development.

“It’s fine. I did it,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Shi Feng’s words confused Aqua Rose. “You made it disappear?”

The Lost Town was serving its purpose just perfectly, so why did Shi Feng make it disappear right when Zero Wing was rapidly expanding its scale of operations? The Guild needed to nurture plenty of expert players to ensure normal operations.

“Mhm. I transferred the Lost Town to the Demonwolf Mountain Range’s inner area. In the future, we wouldn’t have to worry about the trainees sacrificing their levels to improve their combat standards,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“The Demonwolf Mountain Range’s inner area? Isn’t that a Level 120 grinding spot?” Aqua Rose’s eyes widened in shock when she heard Shi Feng’s statement. She felt that he was simply insane for carrying out the transfer.

Level 100-plus maps were incredibly dangerous. This was especially so for the Demonwolf Mountain Range.

Transferring Stone Forest City into Cold Spring Forest had been incredibly risky. Fortunately, there was the Knight Division. With the Knight Division’s strength and the city’s defensive capabilities, they were able to cope with the monster tides. In fact, the Knight Division even took the initiative to wipe out any approaching monster tides.

The Lost Town, on the other hand, was only a Basic Town. Its defensive capabilities were pitifully weak. Even though Zero Wing had strengthened the town repeatedly and constructed plenty of Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers as well as a defensive wall, the Lost Town was still a Basic Town. Without the protection of an NPC kingdom or empire, it would face destruction very quickly.

“Relax. Read at L should be able to hold against the monster tides,” Shi Feng said, understanding Aqua Rose’s concern.

“But that’s a Level 120 neutral map!” Despite Shi Feng’s reassurance, Aqua Rose still could not help worrying. After all, the Lost Town did not have the protection of a Knight Division.

“Right, how is the collection of the disabled guards coming along?” Shi Feng asked, changing the topic.

The collection of the disabled guards is progressing relatively smoothly. We have over a hundred of them already. As per your instructions, we gathered only those with Growth Potentials above 20. However, even the strongest one only has 32 Growth Potential,” Aqua Rose said.

That many already?” Shi Feng was surprised when he heard Aqua Rose’s report. “Gather them all at the Residence immediately. It’s about time we put them to work.”

Previously, although he had strengthened plenty of Personal Guards using the Ancient God’s Literature Fragment, they were still far from sufficient for Zero Wing’s needs. However, collecting the Soul Essences necessary for Soul Strengthening was not an easy task. Moreover, NPCs with high Growth Potential were incredibly rare. Since locating the last batch of NPCs until now, Zero Wing had barely found any NPCs with high Growth Potential.

This could also be said to be the Literature Fragment’s limitation.

However, the Tree of Life’s Water of Life was different. Not only could it raise the Growth Potential of NPCs slightly, but it could also resurrect dead NPCs or heal heavily injured NPCs within a short time. The Water of Life was manna from heaven for NPCs that had their Growth Potential drastically reduced due to heavy injuries.

After Shi Feng finished speaking, he took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and immediately teleported back to Stone Forest City.