Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2588 - Inhuman Abilities, Dark World Shaken!

Chapter 2588 – Inhuman Abilities, Dark World Shaken!

Furious Heart was dumbfounded at the levels of Blue Rainbow and the others.

Even the peak experts of God’s Domain had only reached Level 110 and were still a far cry from Level 111. Nevertheless, the majority of Dark Rhapsody’s and Deity Society’s members present here were at Level 115 already, with even the lowest-leveled player among them at Level 114.

“How are their levels so high? What did Zero Wing do?” Furious Heart’s eyes were wide with astonishment as he gaped at Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold.

Furious Heart had personally met Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold just a few days ago. Back then, both of them were only at Level 109. Now, in less than a week, they had actually leveled up six times and reached Level 115.

The only explanation Furious Heart could think of for this situation was the expedition Dark Rhapsody’s and Deity Society’s main force members had gone on with Zero Wing. However, no matter how he cudgeled his brains, he simply couldn’t figure out how Zero Wing could fast-track the two Guilds’ main force members’ leveling that much.

Past Level 100, leveling up became incredibly difficult. Even Tier 3 experts would need two or three consecutive days of relentless grinding to level up once. However, the two Guilds’ main force members had disappeared for just a little more than three days, yet every one of them had gained around five or six levels—which meant they leveled up nearly twice a day. Even a Super Guild mobilizing all of its available strength to help just one individual level up couldn’t accomplish such a feat.

Zero Wing, on the other hand, had done so for more than 200 players. Just what kind of resources and manpower would such a feat entail?

“Elder Heart, look at their equipment…” the Tier 3 Assassin from World Domination said, pointing at the gear of Dark Rhapsody’s and Deity Society’s members.

When Furious Heart did as the Assassin suggested, he gasped in shock.

“Am I dreaming?” Furious Heart muttered.

Previously, his attention had been fully occupied with searching for the supposed third faction that had captured the Ancient God’s Tower; hence, he had instinctively ignored the members of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society. However, after scrutinizing the two Guilds’ members, he noticed that the majority of them wore Secret-Silver Equipment mixed in with some Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment.

In terms of rank, the two Guilds’ members’ equipment couldn’t even compete against that of the alliance team members, who were fully geared in Fine-Gold Equipment. However, Furious Heart still felt an incredibly powerful pressure coming from the two Guilds’ members. Logically, this shouldn’t be possible even with a five-level disparity.

The only explanation Furious Heart could think of for this situation was that the two Guilds’ members boasted Level 115-plus weapons and equipment.

In terms of Basic Attributes, Level 110 Secret-Silver Equipment was roughly equal with Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment. Meanwhile, although players would gain some Basic Attributes from leveling up five times, the increase wouldn’t resd^ in a huge gap in Basic Attributes. At the very least, there needed to be a one-rank difference for such a disparity to exist. Hence, the only logical explanation was that the Secret-Silver Equipment Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members were using was Level 115.

Currently, Level 110 equipment was incredibly rare even for the various superpowers, while Level 115 equipment was something nobody dared to dream of obtaining right now. After all, obtaining Level 115 equipment required killing Level 115-plus monsters. And generally, only monsters at the Great Lord rank or above had a chance of dropping Secret- Silver Equipment.

Meanwhile, all 200-plus members of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s team were fully geared in Level 115 Secret- Silver Equipment or better. This was simply ridiculous.

Guild Leader, it seems we really made the wrong choice. The Level 110 Assassin from World Domination could not help a bitter smile as he gazed at Blue Rainbow and the others.

A third faction capturing the Ancient God’s Tower? That was merely their arbitrary wish.

In reality, the ones responsible for capturing the Ancient God’s Tower were none other than the joint team of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society. However, the only reason why the two Guilds succeeded was Zero Wing’s help.

Meanwhile, just because of Zero Wing’s help, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society had gone from being inferior to World Domination to surpassing World Domination by a large margin. In fact, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society were now at a level where World Domination could only look up to them in awe. With the two Guilds having captured the Ancient God’s Tower, it was already obvious that they would experience tremendous development in the Dark World.

In the future, the two Guilds would definitely become the rulers of the Dark World.

Meanwhile, after their conquest of the Ancient God’s Tower, Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold did not place any more attention on the tower, making their way back to their respective headquarters to rest instead. After all, they didn’t need to manage the tower. Currently, the only option the Dark World’s various powers and players had to leave the Dark World was the Teleportation Gate connected to Cold Spring Forest. As for using the Ancient God’s Tower’s teleportation arrays, that would simply be a waste of time and resources. After all, they would first have to transit through another Otherworld to get to the main continent.

Shortly after Blue Rainbow and the others left the central hall, news of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society capturing the Ancient God’s Tower also started spreading like wildfire across the entire Dark World. For a time, the Dark World was in an uproar.

“How is this possible? Didn’t they say that Demon’s Heart allied with the various major powers to raid the Ancient God’s Tower?”

Those two Guilds are that strong now?”

“Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society actually took control of the Ancient God’s Tower. With this, it seems that everyone in the Dark World will have to listen to those two Guilds. Seeing as not many people are joining those two Guilds now, let’s use this opportunity to join them quickly, while we can still do so easily.”

At the news of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s achievement, some players celebrated while others felt disappointed. Nobody had ever entertained the thought of such an outcome.

The alliance that Demon’s Heart formed with the Dark World’s various major powers had actually suffered defeat.

This outcome solidified Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s position as the top two Guilds of the Dark World. Now, the dissatisfaction of the Dark World’s many players no longer mattered. Nobody would be able to stop the two Guilds’ development; trying to do so would simply be suicide. After all, the two Guilds could easily prevent their enemies from ever setting foot outside the Dark World.

While players could grind and level up inside the Dark World, it was sorely lacking in Level 100-plus resources. Players restricted to grinding in the Dark World would experience extremely slow leveling speeds. If this situation continued over a long period, the gap between the two Guilds’ members and those barred from leaving the Dark World would only widen.

Meanwhile, among the Dark World’s players, the ones most surprised by this outcome would have to be the members of Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society—especially the upper echelons and Guild Leaders of the two Guilds.

However, what truly surprised the upper echelons and Guild Leaders of the two Guilds wasn’t the successful capture of the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor but the levels and equipment of Blue Rainbow, Elder Gold, and the others.

With such levels and equipment, no power would be capable of contending against their two Guilds even on the main continent, much less in the Dark World.

However, only Blue Rainbow, Elder Gold, and the members of the two Guilds’ main forces knew that, in reality, their greatest gains from partnering with Zero Wing weren’t these things but the Exotic Legacy Potions they obtained.

Due to the Exotic Legacy Potion and the Freedom Hotel’s effects, every member of their team had successfully unlocked 40% of their Mana Bodies’ potential on average. As for Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold, the two of them had even managed to release 60%, only 40% away from fully unlocking their Mana Bodies.

Cold Spring Forest, Stone Forest City, Freedom Hotel:

“Guild Leader, this is terrible. Now, not only have Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society taken control of the Ancient God’s Tower, but their main force members are also far ahead than ours in both levels and equipment. At this rate, I’m afraid…” a Level 110, Tier 3 Assassin from World Domination said worriedly to Dawn Dominance, who was currently resting inside the Freedom Hotel, through a video chat.

“It seems I really underestimated Zero Wing. I never thought that it would possess such capabilities. Those two Guilds sure have found themselves a powerful backer this time,” Dawn Dominance remarked, his mood indescribably calm despite having read his subordinate’s report regarding Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s achievements. His reaction made it seem as if this matter was completely unrelated to him. In fact, a faint smile even graced his face right now.

“Guild Leader?” The Tier 3 Assassin was confused when he saw Dawn Dominance’s reaction.

“I admit that Zero Wing is very powerful. However, Zero Wing’s era will end very soon,” Dawn Dominance said, chuckling.

“Guild Leader, do you have some method to deal with Zero Wing and the two other Guilds?” the Assassin asked, curious.

Zero Wing, Dark Rhapsody, and Deity Society currently controlled all the exits from the Dark World. The daily growth of the three Guilds was no laughing matter. He found it truly hard to imagine that World Domination had some way to oppose Zero Wing.

Take a look at this,” Dawn Dominance said, his smile widening as he took out a dark-gray crystal ball and displayed it through the video chat.

As soon as Dawn Dominance took out the crystal ball, the space around it started darkening, the corrupted space giving off an indescribably strange feeling. In fact, even space itself started cracking, due to the evil energy the crystal ball released.

“What dense energy! It can practically rival the energy in Seven Luminaries Crystals!” the Assassin exclaimed in shock.

“I need you to do something for me. Take this crystal and harvest the lives of the Dark World’s players. Harvest as many as you can. Once this crystal has collected enough energy, it’ll be the end of Zero Wing and those two other Guilds!” Dawn Dominance said.

“Understood. I’ll get it done right away.” The Assassin nodded before disconnecting the call.

In the meantime, when the main continent’s various superpowers found out that Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society had taken control of the Ancient God’s Tower, they could not help feeling surprised at Zero Wing’s capabilities. As for Shi Feng, after resting sufficiently, he returned to Star-Moon Kingdom’s White River City.

White River City, Adventurer’s Association, second-floor VIP reception room:

“Lord Bronze Legatee, how may I be of service?” Senior Administrator Lorrain asked, smiling as she entered the room.

“I wish to transfer the Lost Town under my name to the Ten Saints Empire’s Demonwolf Mountain Range. May I know if that is possible?” Shi Feng asked her.

The loot from raiding Poison City included not only excellent equipment and materials but also a Town Transfer Order for Level 100-plus maps. Now that Stone Forest City had already taken root in Cold Spring Forest, it should not be moved casually. However, to ensure that he could travel between the two main continents consistently, he needed to establish a stronghold in the Demonwolf Mountain Range as well. Moreover, this stronghold had to remain a secret. After giving the matter some thought, he felt that the Lost Town was the best option.