Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2586 - Surpassing Logic, Ancient God's Tower Unlocked Dark World, Ancient God's Tower:

Chapter 2586 – Surpassing Logic, Ancient God’s Tower Unlocked Dark World, Ancient God’s Tower:

A team of over a thousand players fought the wandering Barbaric Ores as they advanced across a gravel wasteland, but due to the high number of the Ores, the team’s progress was quite slow.

From afar, it looked like the team was drowning in a sea of Ores. Aside from the area the players occupied, the Barbaric Ores covered every inch of the wasteland.

[Barbaric Ore] (Humanoid Creature, High Lord)

Level 112

HP 57,000,000/57,000,000

[Barbaric Ore Warrior] (Humanoid Creature, Great Lord) Level 113

HP 140,000,000/140,000,000

[Barbaric Ore Captain] (Humanoid Creature, Grand Lord) Level 114

HP 500,000,000/500,000,000

“Elder Heart, too many monsters are swarming out of the ancient city. If we get any closer, I’m afraid we’ll alert the Ore guards on the city walls,” one of the Level 110, Tier 3 Shield Warriors on the frontlines called back.

Although the first three cities had been difficult to raid, none had had this many monsters. The fourth ancient city was home to at least 100,000 Ores.

If their team hadn’t been entirely comprised of Tier 3 experts, these Barbaric Ores and Barbaric Ore Warriors would’ve long since eliminated them.

“Why is this city so much harder?” Furious Heart frowned, watching the Barbaric Ore Captains on the city walls. Gritting his teeth, he commanded, “Everyone, change formation! Prioritize the Ores here before we continue!”

While their team was more than capable of dealing with Level 114 Grand Lords, there were more than 30 Grand Lords stationed on the walls. In the outside world, such a force could effortlessly demolish Guild Towns.

There were simply too many Ores and Ore Warriors for a team of their size to handle.

With Furious Heart’s command hanging in the air, the team moved out of their V-formation into a block formation.Read more at  The MTs and melee players held back the swarming Ores, while the ranged players attacked from within the block’s inner layer.

Once everyone was in position, the team’s magic class players began to chant long incantations. More than a hundred gigantic magic arrays appeared above the Ore force, blotting out the sky.

Four seconds later, the arrays had taken shape and rained fire, ice, and lightning down on the Ores below.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Deafening explosions echoed across the gravel wasteland.

By the time the last large-scale destruction Spell came to an end, the surrounding terrain had transformed. Easily over 4,000 Barbaric Ore and Barbaric Ore Warrior corpses littered the deformed land.

“Nice! A team with plenty of large-scale destruction Spells is awesome!”

“I know, right? My usual team only has a few people with Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells, yet we currently have over a hundred. I doubt even superpowers can field such a powerful team.”

“It’s a pity that the tower’s monsters don’t drop any loot and grant almost no EXP. Otherwise, we would’ve hit the jackpot.”

The various major powers’ experts were astonished at the carnage around them.

They knew that Demon’s Heart had gone around the Dark World, borrowing manpower from the various major powers to raid the Ancient God’s Tower and prioritizing players with Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells. However, only a few players at a time had cast these Spells during their prior battles. They hadn’t been allowed to cast these Spells simultaneously. The shock they felt after watching over a hundred large-scale destruction Spells go off at once was on a completely new level.

The team members also realized how important players with such devastating Spells were. They had to admit that these magical class players were walking cannons in large-scale combat.

“I wonder what Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s people are thinking. I can’t believe they’re trying to race us to the final boss with just 200-plus players. Their full team is smaller than the number of players we have with Tier 3 large- scale destruction Spells,” a Tier 3 Ranger said, laughing at the destruction around him.

“I doubt they have any idea how many large-scale destruction Spellcasters we have on our team. If they knew, they’d likely just give up,” a Tier 3 Elementalist added, chuckling.

Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society were formidable Guilds in the Dark World, but they weren’t strong enough to compete with the combined might of the Otherworld’s various major powers.

Even the weakest member on the alliance team was a Refinement Realm expert in full Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment. Even the various superpowers only had a few experts with such high equipment standards, yet every member of the alliance team wore such equipment. How, exactly, did Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society plan to compete with them?

“Enough chit chat! We need to eliminate these Barbaric Ores quickly! If we take our time, and they respawn during the Boss fight, we’ll be in trouble!” Furious Heart shouted, chuckling.

He hadn’t been worried about the two Guilds’ attempt to raid the Ancient God’s Tower since the very beginning. Not even Zero Wing could help them now.

Not only did the alliance team consist of peak combatants from the Dark World’s various major powers, but it also had support from the main continent’s various superpowers.

Finally, after over a dozen hours of fighting, Furious Heart and his team had obliterated the Barbaric Ore army on the gravel wasteland and in the ancient city. Now, only the Final Boss and a few guards remained.

[Barbaric Ore King] (Humanoid Creature, Archaic Species, Mythic) Level 114

HP 3,500,000,000/3,500,000,000

[Barbaric Ore Guard] (Humanoid Creature, Specialized Grand Lord) Level 114

HP 600,000,000/600,000,000

When they saw the Barbaric Ore King and eight Barbaric Ore Guards in the ancient tower within the city’s heart, Furious Heart and his companions gasped.

An ordinary Mythic Boss was already a major challenge due to their incredibly high Basic Attributes and combat standards. However, a Mythic ranked Archaic Species was even more powerful in both regards.

Meanwhile, the system would enhance one aspect of Specialized monsters. In other words, they could transcend tiers in a specific way. Hence, Specialized Grand Lords’ combat power could sometimes rival that of ordinary Mythic monsters.

Now, their team had to face eight pseudo Mythic monsters, and including the Boss, a total of nine Tier 4 opponents. This force could even destroy Guild Cities.

“Elder Heart, the guards and the Boss are too close to each other. If we attack one, all nine will respond,” a Level 110, Tier 3 Assassin from World Domination warned, frowning.

“Then we have no choice but to fight them all at the same time. Once we begin, lure the eight monster guards aside and kill them first. We’ll focus on the Boss afterward,” Furious Heart decided after giving the matter some thought.

His teammates nodded when they heard his plan. While quite a few mobs surrounded the Boss, they had over a thousand players and could easily afford to split up their combat power to distract the Boss, while the rest finished off the guards, who had significantly less HP.

Once the plan had been agreed upon, everyone got to work.

Just as the team’s MTs were about to split up and lure the Boss and its eight guards, however, they all heard the sound of a series of system notifications.

Ancient God’s Tower Region System Announcement: A team has successfully completed the trial of the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor. The teleportation arrays on the first floor have now been unlocked.

Ancient God’s Tower Region System Announcement: A team has successfully completed the trial of the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor. All players on the first floor will be automatically teleported to the first floor’s inner sanctum in three minutes. Please make the necessary preparations.

“This… How is this possible!?”

After hearing the system announcements, the central tower went quiet.