Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2583 - Clear Reward, S-rank Rating

Chapter 2583 – Clear Reward, S-rank Rating

System: Congratulations! You are the first team of players to complete Poison City’s Secret Land Crusade! Rewarding Level +1, 50 Free Mastery Points, 5 Legacy Skill Points, 1 Exotic Legacy Potion, 20 God’s Domain Reputation Points, and 40 Poison City Reputation Points.

System: Congratulations! You are the first team of players to challenge Poison City while below Level 120 successfully. Rewarding 100 Poison City Reputation Points.

System: Congratulations! Your Poison City Reputation has reached 100 points. Unlocking Poison City Exchange Merchant. You may now purchase Poison City’s specialty items.

System: Congratulations! For completing the Inferior Legendary Quest, “Beginning of the End” in one day, you’ve received an S-rank clear rating. Rewarding Level +1,10 Legacy Skill Points, and 1 Silver Legacy Treasure Chest.

The series of system notifications momentarily stunned every survivor on the team.

These rewards were simply too abundant!

Even without the quest rewards, Crodia had awarded enough EXP to add another 40%, at least, to everyone’s experience bars. Including the various quest rewards, everyone on the team rose by at least two levels. Even the players that had fallen in the battle and later resurrected had reached Level 114…

“These rewards just saved us more than a fortnight of grinding and Dungeon raids. If the others back in the Guild find out about this, they’ll likely die from envy,” one of Dark Rhapsody’s main force members said as he looked at his own level and available Legacy Skill Points.

Even the various superpowers’ peak experts would be lucky to reach Level 110 by this stage of the game, yet the lowest- leveled player among Dark Rhapsody’s main force members had reached Level 114, with many already at 115. In other words, they were one minor threshold ahead of the various superpowers’ peak experts.

While a gap of five levels might not seem like much, it was massive after factoring in the difference in equipment and weapons. Furthermore, Level 115 players could equip Level 120 items.

Aside from the significant increase in levels, the team members were elated when they saw how many Legacy Skill Points they had earned. With 15 Legacy Skill Points, they could learn a new Tier 3 Legacy Skill, which would elevate their combat power to a whole new level.

“That’s nothing! Take a look at the Exotic Legacy Potion and Silver Legacy Treasure Chest! Now those are truly amazing!” a Level 115, Tier 3 Dark Shield Warrior exclaimed as he pulled an ink-black potion and silver chest from his bag.

When the rest of the team examined the two items’ descriptions, an uproar swept through the team.

[Exotic Legacy Potion] (Grandmaster Potion, Consumable)

Grants user guidance for 1 hour in unlocking the Mana Body or gaining Mana control. Limit 1 per player.

[Silver Legacy Treasure Chest]

Players have a high chance of obtaining a top-tier weapon or equipment piece catered to their class and level, a small chance of obtaining a Tier 3 Skill or Spell Book catered to their class, a very small chance of obtaining a piece of Epic Equipment, and a minute chance of obtaining a unique Legacy or Legacy Weapon catered to their class upon opening this chest. (Time limit: 1 natural day.)

All of God’s Domain’s Tier 3 players dreamed of unlocking their Mana Bodies’ full potential and gaining more Mana control, but accomplishing either of these tasks was incredibly difficult. Even now, the various superpowers hadn’t found a reliable method to accelerate the process and had to rely on their members’ talent and skills.

And yet, these players had just received a potion that offered an opportunity to make significant progress in both challenges. This was an astoundingly rare opportunity.

If they took advantage of this opportunity properly, they might even become peak or apex experts in God’s Domain.

The Silver Legacy Treasure Chest was just as astronomically valuable. Even with crappy luck, the worst item they would obtain was a top-tier weapon or equipment piece suited for their classes and levels. Such a weapon or piece of equipment would provide a massive boost to their combat power, and if they got lucky, they might even acquire a piece of Epic Equipment.

“When the Guild Leader finds out about our rewards after working with Zero Wing, he’ll likely laugh himself mad,” Blue Rainbow said, sighing ruefully as she gazed at the opened treasure chest before her.

Her Silver Legacy Treasure Chest had granted a piece of Level 115 Dark-Gold Equipment, yet this was the worst possible outcome.

Dark Rhapsody had sent over 100 members to participate in Zero Wing’s expedition, which meant that their team would return with more than 100 pieces of Level 115 Dark-Gold Equipment, and that was if everyone had bad luck!

To secure such a haul, they’d have to repeatedly raid Level 115 Team Dungeons for more than 20 days. After all, only 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons and above had a chance of dropping Dark-Gold Equipment, and the drop-rate wasn’t even 100%.

Yet, they had only tagged along with Zero Wing for a little over three days and gained such a bountiful harvest. When she reported this to her Guild Leader, he’d assume she was delusional or was acting as a spy for Zero Wing…

The situation even dumbfounded Shi Feng.

The rewards are so abundant? Shi Feng could not believe his eyes as he read the system notifications.

Unlike everyone else, however, Shi Feng wasn’t focused on the Exotic Legacy Potion or Silver Legacy Treasure Chests. Instead, the amount of Poison City Reputation Points awarded and the fact that they had unlocked the city’s Exchange Merchant had caught his attention.

Normally, earning Poison City Reputation Points was an incredible challenge. Players could only earn so many points by killing the Final Boss during the secret land’s First Clear. Subsequent kills yielded far less. Hence, players would need a very long time to gain enough points to get access to the Exchange Merchant.

However, once the merchant had activated, players could purchase Poison City’s specialty potions, potion recipes, and forging designs for weapons and equipment with Magic Crystals.

The most famous of Poison City’s specialty potions had to be the Misfortune Potion. Each bottle cost 1,000 Magic Crystals. When consumed, players had a 30% chance to gain a 12-hour Mana boost, a 60% chance for no effect at all, and a 10% chance to suffer 3 hours of Mana Deficiency.

Unlike the Exotic Legacy Potion, players could consume as many Misfortune Potions as they wished.

Once players had activated Poison City’s Exchange Merchant and had enough Magic Crystals, quickly unlocking their Mana Bodies’ full potential was entirely possible.

Unfortunately, the Misfortune Potion was bound on purchase. In other words, only the players that had earned enough Poison City Reputation Points would have the privilege of using the potion. This was why the various superpowers of Shi Feng’s previous life had desperately raided Poison City again and again.

Now, however, Shi Feng’s entire team had access to this highly sought-after privilege after clearing the city once.

Once he suppressed his excitement over activating the Exchange Merchant, Shi Feng glanced at the last system notification, which only he had received.

System: Congratulations! For completing the Inferior Legendary Quest, “Beginning of the End” with an S-rank clear rating, you have been awarded the Disaster Blade. You may seek out the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint for Legacy Guidance once or request the Sword Saint strengthen the Disaster Blade. You have five minutes to decide.