Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2582 - Lightshadow Improves, Tough Ferocious Beast

When Shi Feng activated Miniature World, Crodia’s Movement Speed, reaction speed, and Basic Attributes decreased as if the Boss had stepped into a quagmire, but as a Superior Mythic, his resistance to the effects was quite high. Even as an Intermediate Master Magician, Shi Feng’s Miniature World only reduced Crodia’s Basic Attributes by 15% rather than 30%.

After activating Miniature World, Shi Feng quickly followed up by activating Ring of Brilliance, enhancing every ranged player’s Basic Attributes.

Meanwhile, the 90-plus ranged players within the City Lord’s vicinity began to bombard the Boss with Skills and Spells. Tier 3 Spell, Darkness Burn!

Tier 3 Skill, Solitary Light!

Tier 3 Spell, Consecutive Earthen Spikes!

Spells and arrows tore apart the area while explosions shook Poison City. Damages exceeding -20,000 appeared above Crodia’s head, one after another. Including the damage from the traps, the team dealt more than enough to overcome Crodia’s battle recovery.

Every member of the team was ecstatic to see this.

When they had first seen Crodia, they had despaired. They had known they couldn’t overcome the Boss’s battle recovery with their attacks alone. Killing this City Lord had seemed impossible. Now that they knew they could ^ his battle recovery, however, they knew what to do next. They needed to whittle away at Crodia’s HP.

Of course, that wouldn’t be an easy task. To maximize their damage, Cola would have to lure Crodia into the traps the melee members had set up. Unfortunately, setting up traps required a long time, and they had very short durations. When no more than 100 players could be near the Boss, their timing and position had to be perfect.

Claiming that a single mistake could render all of their effort worthless was no exaggeration. As long as more than 100 players stood within 200 yards of the City Lord, his maximum HP would return to 5.4 billion. If that happened, Crodia would regenerate 54 million HP every five seconds. Even with Miniature World’s suppression, the Superior Mythic would still regain 50 million HP over five seconds. One hundred players simply couldn’t deal that much damage in so short a time.

Fortunately, the team was composed of experts among experts. Even the weakest player had reached the Flowing Water Realm. With Shi Feng’s wise command, none would make such devastating mistakes.

Shi Feng heaved a rueful sigh upon seeing the team’s flawless coordination. He had to admit that it was truly wonderful for a Guild to have a team of such prowess. Even though the team’s equipment standards didn’t meet the requirements, they still completed their tasks efficiently. This undoubtedly made the raid much easier.

As time passed, Crodia gradually lost HP.

95%… 75%… 50%…

When Crodia’s HP fell to 50%, his fighting style changed as he stomped a foot, cracking the stone as the ground sank. The death energy around him began to spread, corroding everything within a 45-yard radius.

Aside from Cola, who had activated a Lifesaving Skill just in time, over a dozen Tier 3 experts evaporated, leaving nothing behind.

Crodia bellowed furiously, and the death energy rapidly gathered above him.

After a moment, the dense, black death energy transformed into the shadow of a fifty-meter-tall Nether Dragon, flapping its foggy wings.

[Nether Dragon’s Shadow] (Ferocious Beast, Mythic)

Level 120

HP 6,000,000,000/6,000,000,000 “How is that possible?!”

Everyone cursed aloud when they saw the Nether Dragon’s Shadow. They had never thought that the Boss monster could actually summon another Boss…

Ferocious Beasts weren’t like Wild or Demonic Beasts. Their very existence was akin to a natural disaster. Some Ferocious Beasts were even stronger than Dragons. While the Nether Dragon’s Shadow before them might not be as powerful as a true Dragon, it was more than enough to instill despair.

Crodia alone was almost too much for them to handle. Now, they had to take on two Bosses of Crodia’s caliber with just 100 players. This was a joke.

Crodia had grown considerably weaker after summoning the Nether Dragon’s Shadow, but he still wasn’t an easy opponent.

The Nether Dragon’s Shadow descended and slammed a clawed foot into a nearby building, shattering the structure and leaving a black hole in its place. The Tier 3 Elementalist positioned on the building had tried to use Blink, but he had still died in the attack…

“Not good! This Boss’s attacks have the Spatial Imprisonment effect!” Hell Rush, who saw this from afar, grimly shouted.

The Spatial Imprisonment effect was fatal to magical classes and players with Teleportation Skills. Once a being sealed the space around them, players could only physically evade an attack. However, magical class players had far less dexterity and speed than melee players.

With the Spatial Imprisonment effect, even an ordinary Mythic monster could instantly kill Tier 3 magical class players, let alone a Mythic ranked Ferocious Beast.

Just as the Nether Dragon was about to attack another player, a bolt of blue lightning struck its claw.


With the sound of another explosion, the bolt diverted the Nether Dragon’s claw into the street, the impact instantly forming a crater.

Enraged over the interruption, the Nether Dragon’s crimson eyes turned to glare at the figure that had launched the counterattack. Flapping its wings, the dragon’s shadow sent a vortex of death energy at its new target.

The vortex had a very large AOE and was basically impossible for players to avoid quickly. Wherever the vortex passed, even space shattered.

Just as the death vortex was about to reach its target, the player in question raised his pitch-black longsword and swung it down in a vertical arc.


The phantom of a gigantic greatsword appeared in the sky, slicing space and the death vortex in half, which then vanished into the void.

“Guild Leader?” Stunned, Aqua Rose turned to Shi Feng, the player responsible for the interrupting lightning bolt.

The Nether Dragon’s death vortex had definitely been more powerful than an ordinary Tier 4 Spell, yet Shi Feng had bisected it with a single swing. It was unbelievable!

Aside from Aqua Rose, Hell Rush, Blue Rainbow, and everyone else watching from afar were similarly astonished.

They were talking about a full-powered attack from a Tier 4 Ferocious Beast. Even an MT like Cola would die instantly if he tried to block such an attack, yet Shi Feng had countered it. Just how high was the Swordsman’s Strength?

“Don’t panic, everyone. Continue attacking Crodia. I’ll distract this Nether Dragon,” Shi Feng instructed, glancing at the players nearby.

In truth, even he had been surprised by the power of his attack. He had thought he’d be lucky just to block the death vortex, yet his Lightshadow had shattered it. He had to admit that his upgraded Abyssal Blade was perfectly suited for the Mana Technique.

Shi Feng’s command rekindled everyone’s confidence, and they resumed their responsibilities.

Although the Nether Dragon had killed a few players, team members quickly filled the vacant spots. They still had several hundred Tier 3 players on standby outside of Crodia’s influence, so they had no worries about lacking manpower.

For a time, one man and one Dragon fought in the air, repeated shattering space around them. This looked nothing like a fight between a player and a monster, but a decisive battle between two heaven-defying monsters.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual as the rest of the team kited Crodia around the city, steadily chipping away at his HP. Of course, they weren’t careless in their attacks.

After all was said and done, Shi Feng was only a player. Even with healers’ support, there was a limit to his Stamina and Concentration. His fight with the Nether Dragon was insanely intense, and neither his Stamina nor his Concentration would last long at this pace.

The team was in a race against time.

Fortunately, the density of the death energy surrounding Crodia had decreased significantly after he had summoned the Nether Dragon’s Shadow, which, in turn, lowered the City Lord’s Magic Resistance. This considerably increased the team’s total DPS. However, Crodia had begun to launch even fiercer attacks. Every hit shattered a building and killed anyone caught unprepared. As a result, the team steadily lost members.

Even as players died, however, Crodia’s HP gradually decreased.

40%… 20%… 10%…

Finally, when Crodia’s HP fell to 1%, the Nether Dragon’s Shadow roared and transformed into over a dozen streams of death energy that returned to the Final Boss.

“Don’t you dare think you can heal him!”

The sudden development didn’t surprise Shi Feng in the least. This was Crodia’s trump card, which he would use when he was on the brink of death. Each stream of death energy could restore 3% of the Superior Mythic’s HP. To make matters worse, Crodia would summon the Nether Dragon’s Shadow once more after the healing process ended. This move had abruptly ended many superpowers’ raids in the past.

Shi Feng quickly activated the Abyssal Blade’s Darkness Domain and executed Sword’s Orbit, using the 36 streams of Power of Darkness to prevent the death energy from approaching the City Lord.

“Quick! Attack with everything you’ve got! I can’t hold them back for long!” Shi Feng shouted as the streams of death energy began to move faster.

Players didn’t have the power to destroy this death energy. They could only do their best to stop the energy from reaching the Boss, but as more time passed, not only would the death energy move faster, but these streams would also multiply.


Zhao Yueru and the others shouted as they desperately bombarded Crodia with whatever Spells they had available. They only had a small amount of Mana remaining, and they had exhausted all of their powerful moves. All they could do was manipulate their Mana to increase their Spells’ power and accuracy.

0.5%… 0.3%… 0.1%…

With one last explosion, Crodia transformed into a thick cloud of death energy, rapidly dispersing from the alley and spreading throughout Poison City. The team’s survivors then heard the sounds of multiple system notifications.