Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2581 - Fighting a Superior Mythic?

Chapter 2581 – Fighting a Superior Mythic?

Startled by Elvoze’s command, everyone fell silent again.

“How are we supposed to beat that?” Cola muttered, watching the dark cloud of death energy envelop Crodia.

Crodia’s aura had already been strong enough, and with his statistics, their team wasn’t even certain they could kill him. After taking hold of the dull-gray longsword, however, the City Lord’s aura had grown even stronger, and his statistics had undergone a significant transformation.

[Crodia (Poison City’s City Lord)] (Undead, Superior Mythic) Level 120

HP 5,400,000,000/5,400,000,000

Just under five and a half billion HP was simply absurd. He could recover 54 million HP every second with his battle recovery alone. That was more than 10 million HP per second…

To make matters worse, now that Crodia held the dull-gray sword, the weapons’ death energy had formed a Domain that enveloped a 30-yard radius around him. Even from outside the Domain, Cola could sense how powerful that death energy was.

All life within this Domain rapidly decayed, crumbling to ash. Even the stone ground turned into sand before their eyes. The Domain didn’t contain even a trace of Mana, either. They could easily imagine what would happen to players that stood within that dusky cloud of death.

Hell Rush and the others were just as dumbfounded. None of them had ever thought Poison City’s Final Boss would pull such a move.

Monsters didn’t normally use weapons or equipment, which meant they didn’t receive item bonuses, relying on their own Basic Attributes. Even then, monsters presented a challenge. Now that Crodia had a weapon and his set of armor, how were they supposed to fight him?

The system really isn’t giving us any chance. Shi Feng watched Crodia with a disheartened smile.

Under normal circumstances, Shi Feng would have some confidence of defeating the City Lord with his Ring of Gospel, but seeing Crodia now, he didn’t have much hope of winning this battle.

Within secret lands, players couldn’t summon their Personal Guards, and the team’s average level was still five levels lower than this Boss. They might not even last through the Boss’s first phase, much less slay the Undead.

While the team member silently wondered how they should face this Superior Mythic monster, Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold turned deathly pale.

“Has something happened?” Shi Feng asked when he saw the two Dark Players’ strange expressions.

“Our Guilds have just received reports stating that the alliance team Demon’s Heart has formed has killed the second Boss on the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor. They’re only two Bosses away from clearing the first floor’s trial and becoming the Floor Master,” Blue Rainbow explained with a twisted frown.

Thanks to their alliance with Zero Wing, both Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society were developing far faster than the Dark World’s other powers. This was the reason that the Dark World’s various powers and players didn’t dare move against their Guilds.

However, that wouldn’t be the case if Demon’s Heart’s team succeeded in activating the Ancient God’s Tower.

Unlike Zero Wing, their Guilds didn’t have unstoppable NPC armies. If the Dark World’s various powers and players decided to turn against their Guilds’ members, only annihilation would await them.

“They’ve already started to raid the third Boss?” The news stunned Shi Fen.

Raiding the Ancient God’s Tower was as difficult as raiding a Level 100-plus, super-large-scale Team Dungeon. The Dark World’s players should’ve needed at least 10 to 15 days before they’d have a chance of conquering the first floor, yet within three short days, the alliance team Demon’s Heart had formed had already defeated the first two Bosses. Their progress completely surpassed Shi Feng’s expectations.

“What should we do now, Guild Leader Black Flame? At this rate, Demon’s Heart’s alliance team will conquer the first floor within two or three more days…” Elder Gold asked anxiously.

They hadn’t expected Demon’s Heart to be this powerful. Logically, even with the clues Demon’s Heart possessed, the alliance team shouldn’t have made such astounding progress. Conquering the Ancient God’s Tower’s trials would require a large number of Tier 3 players and sufficiently powerful weapons and equipment.

Worse yet, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s main force members were stuck in Poison City. Even if they somehow managed to defeat Crodia, catching up to the alliance team was unlikely.

“We have no choice; we have to try,” Shi Feng declared, turning to the City Lord.

“Do you have a plan, Guild Leader?” Aqua Rose asked.

Their team only had a little over 700 players. Every member would need to deal at least 15,000 damage per second just to overcome Crodia’s battle recovery.

However, they were facing a Superior Mythic. Even under normal circumstances, Tier 3 experts, who hadn’t unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential, would only deal a little over -10,000 damage per second to this Boss. Since Crodia had grown even stronger with the gray longsword in hand, they’d likely deal even less damage. Even factoring in Shi Feng and the several other players that had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, they wouldn’t have enough total damage per second to defeat the City Lord.

“Mhm. This Boss has a weakness we can take advantage of, but I don’t know if we’ll succeed or not,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Shi Feng usually wouldn’t be in such a hurry to fight Crodia. Rather, he’d help his team continue their grind in Poison City first. The Crimson-eyed Sword Saint had only demanded that they defeat the City Lord. He had said nothing about slaying Crodia immediately. They should be able to roam the city and increase their strength.

However, Shi Feng did not have that luxury right now. Demon’s Heart was moving faster than he had expected. If they couldn’t kill Crodia quickly and allowed Demon’s Heart to occupy the Ancient God’s Tower, only Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society would be at a disadvantage. Naturally, this was very bad news for Zero Wing, too.

Shi Feng had been able to rely on the Teleportation Gate to drastically restrict the number of Dark Players moving to the main continent. Without that restriction, however, the Dark World’s residents could do whatever they wanted outside of Cold Spring Forest. This was exactly why he had wanted to control the Teleportation Gate. He only had one Knight Division, and there was a limit to the territories he could protect.

Shi Feng turned toward his team and began assigning tasks. Cola would remain close to the Boss, while the rest of the team would hide in the city’s alleyways. Melee players would set up all kinds of traps, and ranged players would attack from the rooftops of various buildings.

“Remember, everyone! Only 100 players can be within 200 yards of the Boss at any point! All melee players must stay away from Crodia! Healers, focus on the MT tanking the Boss! Damage dealers just attack at will! MTs, switch positions once you’ve accumulated three stacks of death energy!” Shi Feng reminded his team once everyone was in position. “If there aren’t any problems, let’s start the raid!”

Normally, they’d need a 1,000-man, Tier 3 team to raid Poison City’s Final Boss, but when they had fewer than that, they could take the City Lord on in 100-man teams. By doing so, they’d lower the Boss’s HP to a minimum. In exchange, the 100-man teams would face more stringent requirements. With most of the team members not being able to fulfill those requirements, they’d have higher chances of success raiding this Boss with 100-man teams.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, Cola charged at Crodia.

Everyone on the team was stupefied the instant Cola moved within 200 yards of the City Lord. The Boss’s maximum HP dropped to just 2.1 billion, falling by more than half.

However, the team now had a different problem. Rather than 700-plus players attacking a Boss with 5.4 billion HP, they had to face a Boss with 2.1 billion HP with no more than 100 players at a time. The raid difficulty had increased, not decreased.

Suddenly, Crodia appeared before Cola with so much speed that not even the peak experts had time to react.

The City Lord swung his longsword at Cola, the weapon leaving a black spatial tear in its wake.

Cola flew backward like a cannonball, crashing into the ground roughly 20 yards away from the Final Boss. Even after blocking the attack with his shield, Cola still lost 50% of his HP…

Fortunately, the attack had put quite a bit of distance between the Guardian Knight and the City Lord. Cola responded by activating Protection Blessing and running to a nearby alley. Meanwhile, three healers 50 yards away began to heal Cola in a frenzy, Sacred Lights and Healing Lights landing on the Guardian Knight, one after another, and restoring his HP to two-thirds of his max.

Two seconds later, Cola took another strike, throwing him into a nearby wall and robbing him of another third of his HP. Even after another round of Healing Spells, the three healers only restored his HP to half.

After being thrown a few more times, Cola finally lured Crodia into the alleyway. Due to the alley’s complex terrain, Crodia had a much harder time landing an attack.

Just as the City Lord was about to hit Cola again, he stepped on one of the landmines the team had planted in the alley earlier.


A loud explosion echoed throughout Poison City, and a damage of over -1,000,000 appeared above the Undead’s head.

After taking a few more steps, Crodia triggered another Magic Trap and took more than -700,000 damage.

Just before Crodia turned to search for the player responsible for the traps, Cola charged forth and used his Tier 3 Justice Roar, causing another -50,000-plus damage and recapturing the Boss’s aggro.

“Good! It’s doable! Everyone, mind your positioning! Ranged players, attack with everything you have! Melee players, keep setting up traps!” Shi Feng shouted once Cola had solidified his hold on Crodia’s attention. He then activated Miniature World.