Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2580 - Blade Unsealed, Disaster Descends

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Everyone on the team, including Shi Feng, wore grim expressions when they saw the system notification.

"How did things turn out like this?! This NPC is a lunatic!" Magic Flash immediately began to despair.

Whenever players triggered an event in God's Domain, including Epic Events, the system didn't send them a warning beforehand. If even the system was warning them, that could only mean one thing.

Certain death!

Moreover, they weren't at risk of suffering an ordinary death. Rather, their souls would be extinguished, thoroughly removed from God's Domain. They'd have to restart from the very beginning…

Even Hell Rush felt doomed, not to mention Magic Flash and the others from Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society. Ordinary deaths were already trouble for the Hell Legion's members. If they all had to start new accounts, their careers in God's Domain were as good as over. His superiors might even kill him for this.

"Guild Leader, let's split up and run. There is only one Tier 5 NPC. He can't catch all of us. The lucky ones might be able to get away safely," Blue Frost suggested.

They had only one option left—escape!

Whether they chose to fight the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint or accept their death sentence, they'd meet the same end. They had to go for a third option.

Overhearing Blue Frost, the rest of the team nodded in agreement. Sacrifices were inevitable, but that was still better than utter annihilation. They wouldn't have anyone but themselves to blame if they died.

Do we really only have one option?As Shi Feng sensed Elvoze's killing intent growing stronger, he was flabbergasted.

They had only come to a Level 120 secret land, yet the Main God System had set such an absurd trap.

Human NPCs were different from Demon Gods. They wouldn't set a death trap for players for no good reason. Even if they did, they usually gave players a chance to survive.

Did I miss some clue?

The seconds flew by as Shi Feng fell deep into thought.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, what is the plan?"

"We only have 10 seconds left to decide!"

With only 10 seconds on the system clock, Elder Gold and Blue Rainbow urged Shi Feng, anxious.

Acting rashly would only lead to a terrible outcome. The team's best chance was to move simultaneously, but even after more than 20 seconds, Shi Feng had remained motionless. It was driving them crazy.

When only five seconds remained, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society's members grew restless. Just before they split up and ran, however, Shi Feng moved. To everyone's surprise and confusion, he took the initiative to approach Elvoze…

"Esteemed Sword Saint, we had no intention of offending you, and we did not come here under anyone's command. This is but a coincidence. If you refuse to believe me, I will challenge you in the name of the Sky Goddess!" Shi Feng declared as he walked up to the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint.

After his declaration, silence fell over the entire plaza.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, are you insane?!" Blue Rainbow stared at Shi Feng in astonishment as he issued a challenge. "He's a Tier 5 Titled Sword Saint!"

"Guild Leader?" Blue Frost watched Shi Feng, as well, utterly baffled.

A Tier 5 NPC was no simple opponent. With the Gods in seclusion, Tier 5 NPCs stood at the apex of God's Domain. As a current Tier 3 player, just escaping a Tier 5 NPC would be miraculous, not to mention challenging one.

"You wish to challenge me?" Elvoze laughed. "I'm afraid you don't yet qualify for such a fight, young man.

"Of course, I am quite open-minded. Since you wish to prove that you're not following anyone's command, I'll give you all a chance!"

Hearing Elvoze offer another option, the team members took a deep breath, their eyes glued on Shi Feng.

"This is actually possible?" Blue Rainbow muttered, shocked.

They had been on the brink of death, yet Shi Feng's statement had opened a path for survival. His courage and capabilities were amazing.

"It is. The system notification was a hint. While defeating a Tier 5 Sword Saint seems impossible at first glance, that word has many meanings. The system never specified that we have to kill him to defeat him, so we don't necessarily need to clash with the NPC to defeat him. Issuing a challenge was the best solution," Elder Gold said, realization dawning as he read the system notifications again. He then returned his gaze to Shi Feng and continued, "However, Black Flame is incredible. Even in such a tense situation, he found the right solution to this problem. Just how brave is that man? Does he really think he can defeat a Tier 5 Sword Saint?"

Elvoze's killing intent was no laughing matter. Even as a peak expert, Elder Gold felt his mind numb when subjected to the lethal energy. He couldn't get past the desire to flee. Logically, a Domain Realm expert shouldn't be any more immune to the killing intent than he was. Fear was a basic instinct for all creatures, after all.

However, after everyone breathed a sigh of relief, Elvoze continued.

"A cursed City Lord runs Poison City. Since you are here to explore this city, facing him is inevitable. What I want of you is simple. Slay the City Lord and free him of his curse. None of you will leave this city before fulfilling this task. If you try, I will personally dice you into mincemeat."

System: Congratulations! You have accepted the Inferior Legendary Quest, "Beginning of the End."

Quest content: Slay Poison City's City Lord. If all players within the secret land are slain, all souls will be extinguished. Rewards unknown.

Hearing their new task, the team members' gloomy expressions returned.

An Inferior Legendary Quest!

Moreover, this quest required them to conquer a Level 120 secret land!

Conquering a Level 120 secret land was easier said than done. With their team's current strength, doing so would take around a fortnight. Failure was also likely. A Level 120 secret land would be just as hard to raid as a Level 120, super-large-scale, Hell Mode Team Dungeon. Aside from the high weapon and equipment requirements, players' would need sufficient combat standards.

To make matters worse, they couldn't leave the secret land until they succeeded…

Before they could process this abrupt development, the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint began to chant an incantation. Pitch-black, threefold magic arrays then appeared on the stone ground, releasing dense death energy.

Suddenly, a two-meter-tall man in exquisite armor emerged from the lethal energy cloud.

[Crodia (Poison City's City Lord)] (Undead, Superior Mythic)

Level 120

HP 3,700,000,000/3,700,000,000

"Is that the secret land's Final Boss?" Hell Rush's complexion paled when his eyes rested on the City Lord.

Even for their team, a Level 120 Mythic monster would be extremely difficult to defeat. A Superior Mythic of the same level was no more than a natural disaster. Not even a 3,000-strong army of Level 120, Tier 3 experts would be more than a warm-up for such a creature, much less a team of 1,000. Monsters at that rank commanded their own powerful Domains. Players of the same level had no chance against them.

While the team was shocked over Crodia's statistics, the City Lord approached the dried-up fountain and reached through the barrier. He grasped the dull-gray sword's hilt and yanked it out of the stone.

As Crodia removed the longsword from its prison, the blade's death energy began to flood into its surroundings. The thick cloud of black fog swept toward the team, and the players backed away. The black fog corroded everything it touched, and even the ground decayed, visibly darkening to a dull-gray…

"You may begin," Elvoze's soft voice broke the silence as he gazed over Shi Feng and the others.