Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2578 - Frightening Zero Wing

Chapter 2578 – Frightening Zero Wing

As Fire Dance approached with a tattered, old tome, Shi Feng’s eyes widened in surprise.

What? It dropped, just like that?

The monsters wandering around Poison City had a chance of dropping two support items when killed, and both were worth thousands of Gold. However, no one would willingly part with either support item, even when offered a Level 100-plus Epic item.

One of the two items was an ancient potion, while the other was a Mana Battle Array.

The ancient potion in question could accelerate the process of unlocking players’ Mana Bodies, while permanently improving their Mana control. With this potion, even ordinary Tier 3 players could unlock their Mana Bodies’ full potential within two months.

On the other hand, the Mana Battle Array was even more astounding. Normally, battle arrays had to be engraved into players’ equipment, meaning that once players replaced their battle array equipment, they’d lose the battle array. However, players could directly learn the Mana Battle Array found in Poison city. Hence, they wouldn’t have to worry about losing the array when they switched to new equipment. Players could use it forever.

The Mana Battle Array required a minimum of 12 players to activate. Once active, not only would it increase the Mana density around players, but players’ Basic Attributes would rise, as well. Most importantly, the battle array would form a layer of Mana Armor around players, increasing their Magic Resistance and resistance to foreign energies’ corrosion.

The tome in Fire Dance’s hand was none other than the Mana Battle Array. It was no wonder she was so ecstatic.

As the Mana Battle Array was akin to a Skill, it could be used where tools were prohibited, such as many of God’s Domain’s Level 100-plus maps and Team Dungeons. In these locations, the Mana Battle Array was practically invaluable.

In the past, the various powers would spend more than two weeks grinding near Poison City without obtaining a single Mana Battle Array, and yet, one had just dropped from a single wave of Wandering Souls. The current drop-rate was astounding.

When Hell Rush and the others saw the Mana Battle Array’s information, they couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

With a complete set, one could increase a team’s overall strength to a whole new level. The Mana Battle Array would be especially helpful when teams explored certain maps or Dungeons and didn’t meet the equipment requirements. That tome was even more valuable than Level 115 top-tier weapons and equipment.

Now that they knew the Wandering Souls could drop something as awesome as the Mana Battle Array, Zero Wing’s members were overcome with fighting spirit. Cola and the others immediately split away from the main team to lure more Wandering Souls.

Moreover, they now knew that the team could easily handle 600 Wandering Souls with the Ring of Gospel’s assistance, and so they decided to gather even more monsters to maximize the ring’s effects.

After a short moment, Cola and his comrades ran toward the team with nearly 800 Wandering Souls trailing behind them. Seeing this, the team’s members sharpened their focus and prepared for battle.

Over the next three days, the team restlessly grinded on the Wandering Souls roaming the forest around Poison City.

After three days, every member of the team had gained five levels. Fire Dance, Cola, and the other Zero Wing members had reached Level 114, while Shi Feng had reached Level 115. Meanwhile, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members had reached Level 112 and 113. Their levels would even shock the various superpowers.

The Dark Players on the team wished they could stay in Poison City forever. Leveling five times in three days was unheard of, especially at their levels. Normally, they’d be lucky to level up once every five days. No one would believe them if they told them.

Meanwhile, Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold finally understood why Shi Feng was so confident about helping them conquer the Ancient God’s Tower.

This leveling speed was simply maddening!

Furthermore, fighting these monsters had helped them rapidly improve their combat standards.

What Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members didn’t know was that Shi Feng had spent an astronomical number of Magic Crystals to make this three-day grind possible. He had arrived with 600,000 Magic Crystals in his bag, but now, he had less than 50,000 remaining. Moreover, he had used Miniature World sparingly. Otherwise, he would’ve blown through all 600,000 crystals by now.

Of course, the bounty he received in return was amazing.

During the past three days, he had obtained over 700 pieces of Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment and over 5,000 pieces of Level 115 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. He could easily earn back the cost of this grind by selling the Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

He had also acquired a total of 87 Level 115 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Of course, Shi Feng had no intention of selling any of the weapons or equipment that had dropped. Rather, he’d make them available to his Guildmates. After embedding a Level Reduction Gemstone into every weapon and equipment piece, he distributed them among Blue Frost and Zero Wing’s other members from Shelter One, providing a massive boost to their Basic Attributes. Now, their Attributes were even higher than the Hell Legion’s experts.

Even in Netherworld Empire, the Hell Legion’s members were experts among experts. Every one of them wore Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment, with some wearing Dark-Gold ranked items. Their equipment standards even ranked at the top compared to the various superpowers’ experts, yet it was two whole ranks weaker than the items Blue Frost and his team wore…

Of course, Shi Feng did not mistreat the Hell Legion, granting the legion members a portion of the Level 115 Secret- Silver Equipment. After all, he had a contract with Netherworld Empire, which required him to keep the Hell Legion’s equipment up-to-date. Furthermore, the Hell Legion’s members had incredible combat standards. Better equipment would only help them exhibit even more combat power.

Aside from weapons and equipment, Shi Feng had obtained plenty of valuable items. He now had a total of 46 Mana Battle Arrays and over 80 bottles of the ancient potion. He had also secured over 100 Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books. Combined, all of these items were even more valuable than the weapons and equipment that had dropped near Poison City.

Rather than letting these precious items collect dust in his bag, he distributed them among the team as he had with the weapons and equipment. However, he had chosen 46 Zero Wing members to learn the Mana Battle Arrays. He also decided to give the 50-plus Zero Wing members who had entered the Truth Realm one ancient potion each. He passed the majority of the remaining 20-plus bottles to the Hell Legion, Dark Rhapsody’s Blue Rainbow, and Deity Society’s Elder Gold.

“We get a share, too?” Blue Rainbow asked as Shi Feng handed her the potion.

The ancient potion permanently improved players’ Mana control and helped them unlock their Mana Bodies. Unless one were a fool, they’d recognize how valuable the ancient potion was. Its drop-rate was only so high now because they were pioneering Poison City. The drop-rate would certainly drop to abysmal lows once this period was over.

If it were up to her, she wouldn’t share any of the potions with outsiders.

“Of course. I already told you that I’m going to help you grow stronger,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

If these were members of other Guilds, he wouldn’t even give them the ancient potion’s remnants. However, the Hell Legion, Dark Rhapsody, and Deity Society were different. They were Zero Wing’s allies.

It was a pity that the ancient potion’s drop-rate was so low, and he couldn’t afford to give away too many. Otherwise, he would’ve given Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society more of Zero Wing’s share. The monsters they were currently fighting were the weakest in the Poison City’s outer reaches. He would have to travel deeper into the secret land if he wanted to obtain the fragment of Solomon’s Sword.

Hence, he decided to help those with high combat standards first. Both Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold were on the cusp of reaching the Domain Realm. If they grew stronger, they could provide a huge boost to the team’s overall combat power.

The team’s Dark Players grew excited when they heard Shi Feng’s reply.

They hadn’t expected to receive any of the ancient potions, but knowing they could earn a small slice of the pie was definitely worth celebrating.

“Guild Leader, I found the sealed sword you mentioned inside the city,” Fire Dance suddenly reported in the team chat while everyone rested. “But…”

“But what?” Shi Feng prodded.

The fragment of Solomon’s Sword was inside Poison City. To be precise, it was sealed within the city. If players wanted to claim it, they wouldn’t have to go as far as conquering Poison City. They merely need to undo the seal on the sword fragment. Of the fragments Shi Feng had yet to obtain, this was the easiest to acquire. After all, this so-called fragment was only a Level 100 Epic Weapon.

Solomon’s Sword was very powerful, but to reach that power, one would have to reproduce it with all five of its fragments. This was why the weapon was so hard to reproduce. Even after obtaining four fragments, all players would have was four Epic Weapons. Some might not even realize that their Epic Weapon was, in fact, a fragment of Solomon’s Sword.

“But there’s a Tier 5 Sword Saint and two Tier 4 NPCs guarding the sword…”