Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2577 - Difference of Level 120, Frightening Wealth

Chapter 2577 – Difference of Level 120, Frightening Wealth

As Cola, Fire Dance, and the others darted through the silent forest, they caused a commotion.

Small groups of Wandering Souls flew toward the offending players, quickly surrounding them. These monsters were so fast that ordinary experts wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

However, the encirclement was practically non-existent to Cola and Zero Wing’s other MTs. Like unstoppable tanks, they charged through the monsters, shoving aside any that stood in their path with their shields. None of the Wandering Souls could stop their advance. Meanwhile, Fire Dance and the other more agile players maneuvered their way around the Wandering Souls, letting none lay a hand on them.

The death energy the Wandering Souls exuded had no effect on Cola, Fire Dance, or their companions. It almost seemed like some kind of invisible barrier protected them from the death energy’s corrosion.

In no time at all, Cola and the others had pulled around 600 monsters toward the rest of the team.

[Wandering Soul] (Undead, High Lord) Level 115

HP 45,000,000/45,000,000

[Elite Wandering Soul] (Undead, Great Lord)

Level 116

HP 120,000,000/120,000,000 [Crazed Soul] (Undead, Grand Lord) Level 116

HP 400,000,000/400,000,000

Facing the 400-plus Wandering Souls, 100-plus Elite Wandering Souls, and 6 Crazed Souls, everyone on the team couldn’t help but shudder.

Unlike ordinary monsters, these Wandering Souls had once been Poison City’s warriors. Even in death, they retained the skills they had used in life. When several hundred Wandering Souls gathered, they actually formed a battle array, and although it wasn’t very strong, it significantly boosted the monsters’ Movement Speed and reaction speed. A faint layer of Mana had also appeared around the monsters, strengthening their Defense and the power of their Skills and Spells.

However, the team was even more surprised to find that these Wandering Souls didn’t employ simple pack tactics like ordinary monsters. Rather, they moved in proper formation. The Wandering Souls with shields and melee weapons moved to the front of the group, while those with bows and staves stood in the back. The small force gradually and orderly advanced.

“So, this is a Level 120 secret land?” Blue Rainbow was shocked as she watched the monsters march like a uniform army.

Although she had known that Level 100-plus secret lands were extraordinary, she couldn’t help her surprise as she experienced it for herself. These monsters were already a major challenge since their Basic Attributes were higher than players’ of the same tier and level. They also had far more HP and Defense. Now that they could fight with as much organization as NPCs, their combat power would drastically increase.

If their team hadn’t had the numerical advantage, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Even Hell Rush frowned at the incoming force.

Normally, the Hell Legion’s experts wouldn’t have any problems fighting these monsters one-on-one. Not even the Grand Lord ranked Crazed Souls would be too much for the Hell Legion to overcome, but now, these monsters had their own battle array. Not only did this battle array boost the Wandering Souls’ physical performance, but it also drastically reduced the number of weak points they had. Including the monsters’ level advantage, even the Hell Legion was in for a tough battle without the help of weapons and equipment with the Ignore Levels Attribute.

Only Shi Feng seemed unaffected by Poison City’s formidable monsters.

This was the true combat power of God’s Domain’s monsters. All monsters before Level 115 were merely obstacles to help players get used to the game.

Once players neared the Level 120 threshold, however, God’s Domain no longer catered to its players. Instead, players had to adapt to God’s Domain. Monsters would begin to behave like living beings, with their own characteristics. If players couldn’t take advantage of these characteristics, even experts of the same tier would fall in a one-on-one fight.

This was why Level 120 secret lands and Team Dungeons were true treasure troves for Tier 3 players, containing all sorts of ancient inheritances, Skill, and Spell Books.

As the Undead legion approached, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s players mentally prepared themselves for a hard fight. Meanwhile, Shi Feng retrieved the Ring of Gospel and spent 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate Miniature World.

The phantom world descended, and the Undead legion’s Basic Attributes fell rapidly. Their reaction speed and physique also plummeted.

The Dark Players on the team were stupefied. They had experienced the Ring of Gospel’s power before, but they were still as shocked as they had been the first time.

A moment ago, their senses had warned them that these Undead were powerful opponents, but now, the monsters seemed relatively easy to defeat.

They couldn’t help but feel grateful that Shi Feng stood on their side, not against them.

“Alright, Attack! Let’s end this battle quickly!” Shi Feng commanded when he realized most of his team was still dazed.

The Ring of Gospel was indeed an amazing tool, but it was incredibly costly. Just maintaining Miniature World for 10 minutes cost 5,000 Magic Crystals.

Shi Feng’s command shook everyone from their stupor, and they began to activate Skills and Spells against the incoming legion. Now that they had the advantage in Basic Attributes, the quickest and simplest way to victory was to face these Wandering Souls head-on.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

When the first volley of Tier 3 Skills and Spells landed, the ground and nearby forest shook violently. The bombardment even transformed the terrain around them.

After ten minutes, over 80% of the Undead legion had fallen, and the few survivors only had scant amounts of HP remaining. Even without Miniature World’s suppression, the team could rely on their overwhelming numerical advantage to eliminate the remaining monsters. During the fight, everyone on the team was able to experience what it felt like to face a true monster the Main God System had designed.

The Main God System hadn’t restrained the Wandering Souls in the slightest, and they had incredible control of the death energy wafting off them. If players did not learn how to manipulate their own Mana to defend themselves, the death energy would quickly corrode and influence their bodies.

Normally, this learning process would be incredibly dangerous. If players failed to defend themselves, the corrosion would temporarily paralyze them. An instant death wouldn’t be surprising in that case. Fortunately, the team had more than just an overwhelming numerical advantage. The monsters before them were at death’s door, and as a result, their combat power had dropped slightly. Hence, they posed far less of a threat.

Every player on the team was a Tier 3 expert, with far greater talent and combat standards than ordinary players. Although they had only experienced such combat for a short time, they had all gained a newfound understanding of Mana control and their Mana Bodies.

However, the team was far more surprised to see how much EXP they earned from the slain Wandering Souls. The monsters granted such abundant EXP that even Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold were shocked.

Every member of the team saw a significant rise in their experience bars after just defeating around 600 Wandering Souls. Some players even rose from Level 107 to 108. Their leveling speed here was at least ten times faster than in the outside world.

Moreover, the monsters had dropped a bunch of loot.

Items were scattered across the entire battlefield!

These monsters’ drop-rate was more than double that of monsters in the outside world, particularly when it came to weapons and equipment. Even the weakest piece of equipment was Level 115 Mysterious-Iron rank, and six pieces of Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment had dropped…

For a while, the Dark Players had bloodshot eyes.

To them, Level 115 Mysterious-Iron Equipment might be subpar, but Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment was incredibly precious. So long as they equipped Level Reduction Gemstones, they could arm themselves with Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment after reaching Level 110. Naturally, Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment was slightly better than Level 110 Fine- Gold Equipment.

Due to equipment’s low drop-rate, the various powers were going mad in their search for Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment. They could only dream of Level 110 Fine-Gold items.

Now, after fighting for less than 15 minutes, their team had obtained six pieces of Level 115 Secret-Silver Equipment. If they grinded here for a full day, their harvest would be astronomical…

While Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members envied Zero Wing over so much loot, Fire Dance, who was responsible for collecting the items, excitedly ran up to Shi Feng.

“Guild Leader, it dropped!”