Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2576 - Secret Land Exploration?

Chapter 2576 – Secret Land Exploration?

When Shi Feng stated his intentions to travel to a Level 120 secret land, both Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold were speechless.

The various superpowers hadn’t even entered Level 110,100-man Team dungeons once. In fact, barely any players had reached Level 110 yet. While secret lands weren’t Dungeons, they were even more dangerous. Even the safest secret land could rival super-large-scale, Hard Mode Team Dungeons of the same level. Not even superpowers would dare suggest exploring a Level 120 secret land.

Yet, Shi Feng spoke of doing so as casually as if he were visiting the local market…

For a moment, Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold doubted that they played the same game Shi Feng did.

“What? Is there a problem?” Shi Feng curiously asked when he saw the two representatives’ dazed expressions.

“N-No, it’s nothing. Only, Guild Leader Black Flame, we’re talking about a Level 120 secret land. I’m afraid that with our current levels and equipment…” Elder Gold said worriedly.

Entering a Level 120 secret land wouldn’t be a problem; even a Level 1 player could do it. The problem was whether or not they could leave the secret land alive.

Unlike Dungeons, secret lands’ difficulty and number of monsters weren’t fixed, but randomized. If one were lucky, a 100-man team would be enough to survive. If not, they might need a team of 1,000 players, or even 5,000, to make it out.

This was why raiding secret lands proved much harder than raiding a Team Dungeon of the same level. Normally, Guilds would mobilize a large fraction of their members to raid a secret land, but after Level 100, only Tier 3 experts had any chance of surviving. Tier 2 experts would only hold them back. In other words, Guilds couldn’t use all of their available manpower to raid Level 100-plus secret lands; they’d have to rely on a small number of Tier 3 experts.

This was precisely why the various major powers and superpowers hadn’t bothered to raid Level 100-plus secret lands, even after crossing the Level 100 threshold.

“Relax. As long as everyone follows my orders, we shouldn’t have any major problems,” Shi Feng said, chuckto

During his previous life, Poison City had been famous for how incredibly dangerous it was. Even when the various superpowers had dispatched a team of several thousand Tier 3 experts, they had failed to complete the raid. The various superpowers had only conquered the secret land after their experts had reached Tier 4.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of capturing Poison City. He only wanted the fragment of Solomon’s Sword that hid within. Moreover, he now had the Fragmented Legendary ranked Abyssal Blade and Ring of Gospel. The ring would be particularly helpful on this endeavor. Once he had become an Intermediate Master Magician, he found he could amplify the Ring of Gospel’s effects until it was even effective against Tier 4 monsters, which drastically increased his chances of obtaining the sword fragment.

Now, he only lacked numbers.

Generally, one would need at least 1,000 Tier 3 experts to raid Level 100-plus secret lands, but even with the Hell Legion’s 300 Tier 3 experts, he only had around 500 under his command. It was too risky to take such a small team into the secret land. However, if he included Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s 200-plus Tier 3 experts, he’d have a much higher chance of securing Solomon’s Sword’s fragment.

Something still felt off to Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold, but since they had already signed a contract with Shi Feng, they couldn’t go back on their word for no good reason.

The two representatives then contacted their Guilds, secretly gathering their Tier 3 experts. Meanwhile, Shi Feng gathered Zero Wing’s experts and the Hell Legion.

In the Dark World, news of the alliance between Zero Wing, Dark Rhapsody, and Deity Society spread quickly. A commotion rose all across the Otherworld, and when the Dark World’s many independent players learned that the two Dark Guilds’ members could use the Teleportation Gate for free, many of them began to apply.

“Elder Heart, World Domination followed Demon’s Heart’s instructions to spearhead the attack against Zero Wing, and yet, the Guild’s reputation is in tatters, and it has become the Dark World’s shame. To make matters worse, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society have become incredibly popular after allying with Zero Wing. If you still can’t offer anything substantial, we’ll have to consider doing the same,” Dawn Dominance coldly informed Furious Heart, who sat across from him in the reception room.

“Please, rest assured, Guild Leader Dawn. We are responsible for inviting World Domination into this situation, and we won’t let your Guild suffer for it. Don’t you want to take revenge against Zero Wing, Guild Leader Dawn?” Furious Heart asked. “Not only does Zero Wing possess the popular Stone Forest City, but it has also taken control of the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. It stands in the limelight on the eastern continent, but the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Many superpowers currently find Zero Wing’s popularity to be irksome.”

“I want something practical, not empty promises!” Dawn Dominance growled, rolling his eyes. He understood Furious Heart’s logic, but the problem was that no one could do anything to Zero Wing right now. However, the problem was that nobody was capable of doing anything against Zero Wing right now.

“We have quietly received funding from quite a few superpowers. We’ve also secured a loan of weapons and equipment. If World Domination is willing to join our alliance, we’ll lend you 50 sets of Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment and 10 sets of Dark-Gold Equipment for 10 days without cost,” Furious Heart calmly stated, smiling. “How about it?

Even ordinary superpowers have a hard time acquiring such equipment, but World Domination can borrow it by joining our alliance. With these sets, your Guild can raid Level 100 Team Dungeons, obtaining even more top-tier weapons and equipment. In addition, once we’ve captured the Ancient God’s Tower, World Domination will receive 5% of the tower’s shares. It’s a much better offer than what Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society accepted from Zero Wing, don’t you think?”

“Fifty sets of Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment and ten sets of Level 105 Dark-Gold Equipment?” The terms of Furious Heart’s deal astonished Dawn Dominance. “You can get your hands on so much top-tier equipment?”

Although he knew that the outcome of the war had enraged Demon’s Heart and the outside world’s superpowers, he had never dreamed they would go to such lengths to deal with Zero Wing. With that much top-tier equipment, he could arm an incredibly powerful 100-man team. Even raiding Level 100, super-large-scale Team Dungeons and Level 110 Mythic Field Bosses would be possible, not to mention Level 100,100-man Team Dungeons.

What had their goal been in heading to Cold Spring Forest?

To obtain better weapons and equipment, as well as rapidly rising through the levels?

If they had enough top-tier weapons and equipment, would leveling and securing more still be a problem?

“Don’t concern yourself with that, Guild Leader Dawn. Just sign the contract, and we’ll hand the equipment over immediately,” Furious Heart urged, chuckling.

“Deal! I’ll agree to your offer!” Dawn Dominance declared.

Very well. I’ll contact my Vice Guild Leader immediately. You’ll have the weapons and equipment promised within half a day,” Furious Heart said, not surprised in the least by Dawn Dominance’s reaction. Only a fool would refuse such an offer.

After signing the contract, Furious Heart left World Domination’s Residence and returned to Demon City.

“Is everything settled?” Flaming Light raised his head and asked as Furious Heart entered his office.

“It’s done. The Dark World’s various powers have agreed to join our alliance. We can raid the Ancient God’s Tower at any time,” Furious Heart reported.

“Good!” Flaming Light nodded, satisfied. Smiling, he continued, “Zero Wing must assume I’m helpless now that it controls the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. Unfortunately, Zero Wing is unaware that its actions have only earned more loathing and anger.”

Zero Wing had no background, yet it sat on a mountain of wealth and resources. One could even say that it had monopolized all of the Dark World’s resources. Naturally, the various superpowers wouldn’t let the Guild get away with it.

Hence, without lifting a finger, plenty of superpowers and corporations had approached him, declaring their intentions to supply all sorts of resources in exchange for dragging Zero Wing down from its pedestal.

As long as Demon’s Heart secured the Ancient God’s Tower, it would usher in dark times for Zero Wing.

If Zero Wing had obediently accepted defeat, it would’ve only lost Cold Spring Forest, but now, it would lose everything. The Guild’s Knight Division was limited to Cold Spring Forest, after all.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng had reached Poison City alongside Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s main force members.

The moment the Dark Players set foot in the secret land, they shuddered. Black fog covered the land, and they felt as if they were walking on clouds as they stepped into it. They also felt suddenly cold and hungry, and their five senses and reaction speeds had weakened. Here, they wouldn’t be able to exhibit half of their usual combat power.

However, the dark fog wasn’t the worst part. They were far more afraid of the Level 115-plus monsters that roamed the forest outside of Poison City. Even the weakest monster here was a High Lord, and many were Great Lord and Grand Lord ranked Wandering Souls. These monsters had once been members of the army that guarded Poison City before the black fog had devoured them. The closer they got to these monsters, the more the corrosive energy in the area affected them.

Sure enough, there are a lot of monsters here. Shi Feng was similarly astonished when he saw the Wandering Souls nearby. Not only did the secret land house far more monsters than during his previous life, but the death energy that enveloped the area was also denser. Of course, that wasn’t enough to deter him from exploring the secret land, and he turned to Cola and the others., “Start luring monsters but not too many at once. Five or six hundred will be enough.”

Shi Feng’s command rendered Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members speechless.

They were sure they’d be annihilated if they took on 100 monsters at a time, let alone 500. The death energy in this map was simply too powerful, and all of these monsters were Level 115 or higher. Trying to fight five or six hundred simultaneously was suicide!


However, Cola, Fire Dance, and the others remained unfazed. They immediately dashed into the forest on their own and began to attract the Wandering Soul’s aggro…