Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2575 - Crazy Choice

“You’ll help us secure the Ancient God’s Tower?”

Shi Feng’s question stunned Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold.

“Mhm. As long as you secure the Ancient God’s Tower before anyone else, you’ll have full control of the tower’s teleportation array for a certain time, correct?” Shi Feng said.

The Ancient God’s Tower had a total of seven floors, and each housed several teleportation arrays to different Otherworlds. Some were even connected to resource-rich secret lands. The first player to conquer any of the floor’s trials would become the floor’s first Floor Master. Once a month, players could contest for the title.

If Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society could conquer the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor, they would have full control of that floor for the next month, and no one could leave the Dark World through the teleportation arrays during that time.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you might not be aware, but the Ancient God’s Tower isn’t like the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. Aside from the intense suppression non-Dark Players like yourself face in the Dark World, players are prohibited from using tools within the tower. NPCs cannot enter the tower, either. Players will have to rely on their own strength and skills to clear the trials,” Elder Gold said.

He didn’t doubt Zero Wing’s strength, but the Ancient God’s Tower was in the Dark World, where non-Dark Players wouldn’t be able to exhibit their full strength. Including the ban on tools and NPCs, Zero Wing wouldn’t accomplish anything in the tower. If it were so easy, Demon’s Heart wouldn’t have bothered to gather the Dark World’s various powers in an attempt to conquer the tower and would’ve sought the help of the main continent’s superpowers instead. The various superpowers certainly had the strength to trample the Dark World’s various powers, normally.

“That’s right. Not only do the Ancient God’s Tower’s trials have a strict time limit, but we’ll also need a minimum of 200 Tier 3 experts to clear them. Without enough players, we won’t be able to handle the hordes of monsters within, not to mention capture the tower’s cities. While our Guilds can barely gather 200 Tier 3 experts, the first floor’s trial is just as difficult as a Level 100, super-large-scale Team Dungeon. Our experts simply don’t meet the weapon, equipment, Skill, and Spell requirements,” Blue Rainbow insisted, nodding.

Their two Guilds had considered raiding the Ancient God’s Tower, but the feat was too difficult. No individual power in the Dark World could even clear the first floor’s trial.

Unfortunately, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society no longer had the option of allying with other powers. After the Dark World’s invading army had been defeated, Demon’s Heart had exposed their Guilds’ alliance with Zero Wing, instantly isolating them from the rest of the Dark World. As a result, both Guilds were forced into deepening their relationship with Zero Wing. If they didn’t, their Guilds would be doomed once Demon’s Heart and the Dark World’s other powers conquered the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor.

“Relax. That won’t be a problem,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “However, I have an extra condition if we succeed.”

Shi Feng knew far more about the Ancient God’s Tower than any player in God’s Domain, and as such, he knew that the two Guilds had no chance of success, even if they worked together. That was only true for the current Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society, however.

“Are you really that confident in our success, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Blue Rainbow asked.

She knew that Zero Wing had extraordinary Tier 3 experts, but the suppression regular players faced in the Dark World was nothing to ignore. Even ordinary Domain Realm experts would, at best, exhibit Void Realm combat standards.

This was why the main continent’s various superpowers had allied with the Dark World’s powers, rather than invade the Otherworld.

“While I can’t guarantee our success, I’m 70% to 80% confident,” Shi Feng replied.

“E-Eighty percent?” Elder Gold stuttered, his eyes going wide. If Shi Feng hadn’t personally captured the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate, he would’ve assumed the Swordsman was an escaped lunatic from a mental asylum.

Even without the Dark World’s suppression, the various superpowers wouldn’t be guaranteed to conquer the Ancient God’s Tower’s first floor. Even with its heaven-defying foundations, Zero Wing should, at best, have a 40% success rate. Seventy or eighty percent was practically ensured victory.

“May I know of your conditions, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Blue Rainbow asked after calming down.

Although she didn’t know whether or not Shi Feng was telling the truth, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society would only benefit if his plan succeeded. They had no reason to refuse.

“It’s quite simple. I want 80% of the Ancient God’s Tower’s profits. I also want the authority to manage your Guilds’ main force members. In addition, my command will take precedence over your Guild Leaders’ during times of impending danger,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

“This…” Elder Gold could not help but hesitate.

If Zero Wing helped them gain control over the Ancient God’s Tower, their Guilds wouldn’t mind splitting the profits. They could even accept only 20%, but giving up control of their main force members was absurd!

“Rest assured; I won’t interfere with your main forces’ daily activities. They just need to follow orders when I need them,” Shi Feng said. “Of course, you can return and take the time to consider my proposal. I don’t need an answer right away.”

“We have no need to consider the offer, Guild Leader Black Flame; Dark Rhapsody agrees. In return, Zero Wing must allow our members to travel through the Teleportation Gate freely. Of course, Dark Rhapsody will do its best to assist in establishing the Candlelight Trading Firm in the Dark World,” Blue Rainbow abruptly interjected.

“Rainbow, are you insane? You’re talking about the management rights for your Guild’s main force!” Elder Gold asked as he stared at the female Dark Knight in shock. Agreeing to this condition was on par with handing Shi Feng control of a fraction of Dark Rhapsody’s backbone. Claiming that Shi Feng would act as a partial Guild Leader was no exaggeration.

“I’m still sane. My Guild Leader impressed upon me the importance of cooperating with Zero Wing. Moreover, I don’t think that Guild Leader Black Flame actually fancies our two Guilds’ main forces,” Blue Rainbow informed Elder Gold via a whisper.

Realization immediately dawned on the older man.

Zero Wing no longer lacked manpower. With every moment, a ton of experts applied to join the Guild, and Zero Wing now controlled the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. Until someone activated the Ancient God’s Tower, Zero Wing had a firm grasp on the Dark World’s lifeline.

In truth, even Shi Feng was a little surprised. He hadn’t expected Blue Rainbow to agree so decisively. Any other large Guild’s upper echelon would’ve likely turned and left in a huff.

“Deal! Deity Society will agree to your conditions, as well, Guild Leader Black Flame. However, Deity Society wants the same conditions as Dark Rhapsody in return,” Elder Gold said, sighing.

Now that the Dark World’s various powers recognized their Guilds as Zero Wing’s allies, they had no choice but to stick by Zero Wing until the very end. Moreover, an alliance with this Guild would ensure that both Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society could develop far faster than their Dark counterparts.

“That won’t be a problem. Once we sign the contract, your Guilds’ members may use the Teleportation Gate to their hearts’ content,” Shi Feng agreed, nodding.

“What do we do once the contract has been signed?” Elder Gold asked.

Demon’s Heart was already in a rush to find allies to conquer the Ancient God’s Tower. Once its team had enough Tier 3 experts, it would challenge the tower’s trials. Hence, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society were running out of time.

“Simple. Send your main force members to Stone Forest City immediately. Zero Wing will take responsibility for their growth,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Everything in God’s Domain boiled down to players’ strength, including raiding Team Dungeons and the Ancient God’s Tower. As long as he could help the two Guilds’ main force members grow strong enough, raiding the tower wouldn’t be an issue.

“Their growth?” Shi Feng’s demand stunned Blue Rainbow. She had never thought he’d choose such an option. “Where are we going?”

“To the Level 120 Secret Land, Poison City!” Shi Feng declared.