Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2572 - Stone Forest City Shaken, Darkness Disappears

Chapter 2572 – Stone Forest City Shaken, Darkness Disappears

The situation even confused Melancholic Smile, to say nothing of Yuan Tiexin and Troubled Times.

Only a moment ago, these superpowers’ representatives had been silent, but based on their imposing auras, they had harbored no intentions of allying with Zero Wing.

Now, they now displayed a completely different attitude…

Before Troubled Times could say anything to these representatives, a hand shot out and stopped him. His mouth clicked shut as he glanced at Flaming Light in confusion.

“We’re leaving!” Flaming Light snapped after one last glance at Melancholic Smile. He turned and left the Freedom Hotel without another word. He made no attempts to win back the various superpowers.

“Are we just going to let Zero Wing off the hook, Vice Guild Leader?” Troubled Times whispered to Flaming Light.

They had gone to great lengths to gather so many superpowers. Combined with the Dark World’s forces, Stone Forest City, even at Intermediate rank, was a fish on the cutting board.

Most of the superpowers they had gathered may have abandoned the plan to attack Stone Forest City, but they could still cause enough trouble to cost Zero Wing a fortune and accelerate the city’s downfall with Starlink, Demon’s Heart, and the adventurer teams Mythology controlled, even if they couldn’t deal a severe blow.

“Fool! Do you think those superpowers would suddenly change their minds without a reason?!” Flaming Light growled as he glared at Troubled Times.

“Have they unearthed some sort of unexpected information?” Troubled Times wondered, realization dawning on him.

“Those superpowers are all sly foxes. No ordinary news could make them change sides so drastically. Something big must’ve happened with the Dark World,” Flaming Light hissed.

“Something’s happened to the Dark World? How is that possible?” Troubled Times could not help his skepticism.

The Dark World was home to powerful lunatics, where the strong preyed upon the weak.

If the Dark World’s players wanted to enter Cold Spring Forest, there was no power strong enough to stop them, not even Flaming Light, who was responsible for opening the Teleportation Gate.

“I’m not sure yet. I could be overthinking things,” Flaming Light said, shaking his head. In reality, he found the deduction hard to believe. “We need to send someone to investigate immediately.”

“I’ll contact Elder Heart right away!” Troubled Times said, nodding.

Even after Flaming Light and his entourage left the Freedom Hotel, the lobby was still silent as the various major powers’ members and independent players remained speechless.

Everything had changed too suddenly.

A second ago, the various superpowers had been ready to draw their weapons and declare war on Zero Wing, but in the next moment, they voiced their intentions to ally with the Guild…

The crowd even wondered if those cloaked players were truly upper echelons from the various superpowers or not!

“What’s going on here, Old Yuan? Why are these superpowers behaving like this?” Scorching Shine asked, unable to hold back his curiosity any longer.

“This…” At this moment, Yuan Tiexin was just as confused. He, too, wished to know what had just changed.

Yuan Tiexin struggled to find an answer for Scorched Shine’s question when he noticed that he had received a message from Purple Jade some time ago.

Could Zero Wing have done something? Realization dawned on Yuan Tiexin when he saw the message.

When he had heard that Zero Wing had rashly sent a force to the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate, he had sent Purple Jade to investigate the situation. Since she had messaged him, he found it likely that Zero Wing had done something at the gate, which had, in turn, caused this unexpected development. The other superpowers’ representatives must also have received news, which had changed their minds.

Even if Zero Wing has done something, this outcome shouldn’t be possible! Yuan Tiexin felt that something was amiss, and he immediately opened Purple Jade’s message.

By the time he finished reading her report, he was astounded.

“Old Yuan, what’s happened? Did you get disconnected?” Scorching Shine asked when he saw his old comrade’s slack expression.

Not even Scorching Shine’s question shook Yuan Tiexin from his daze. He only opened his mouth after some time and stuttered, “T-They won! Zero Wing actually…won!”

“Zero Wing won? What did it win?” Scorching Shine prodded.

“Zero Wing won the Dark World!” After taking in a deep breath, Yuan Tiexin clearly explained, “Zero Wing just won the Dark World at the Teleportation Gate.”

“Won the Dark World?” Yuan Tiexin’s abnormal behavior baffled Scorching Shine. The man was, after all, utterly incoherent.

Did he have Alzheimer’s?

For a moment, Scorching Shine thought it might be time to suggest to his Guild Leader that Yuan Tiexin take a vacation.

“Brother Shine, I apologize. I got too excited,” Yuan Tiexin apologized when he realized that Scorching Shine was looking at him like a mental patient. Chuckling, he explained, “A few minutes ago, Zero Wing led a legion of Tier 3 NPCs and repelled the Dark World’s invading army. Dawn Dominance, World Domination’s Guild Leader and the Dark World’s representative, has publicly announced their retreat. Zero Wing has taken full control of the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate!”

“Zero Wing has defeated the Dark World’s invading army? Are you toying with me, Old Yuan?” Scorching Shine questioned, giving Yuan Tiexin a disdainful look.

Since Yuan Tiexin hadn’t controlled his voice, everyone in the lobby had heard him clearly. A commotion erupted, and the various major powers’ experts and independent players stated at Yuan Tiexin as if he were a blubbering fool.

No individual power in God’s Domain was capable of standing against the Dark World’s invading army.

Although Zero Wing had a large number of Tier 3 NPCs under its command, that only amounted to 600. Trying to stop more than 30,000 Tier 3 players with a measly 600 Tier 3 NPCs was a joke. Even if they included every Tier 3 player in Zero Wing, the Guild should have no hope of stopping the Dark World’s invading army.

Furthermore, the various powers that called the Dark World home had extraordinary powers. If they all revealed just one of their many trump cards, they could easily annihilate every player in Cold Spring Forest ten times over. With such strength, how could Zero Wing possibly defeat this invading army?

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Here, take a look. This is the battle video Jade recorded,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head helplessly.

Yuan Tiexin found the situation just as unbelievable, but with the facts before him, he had no choice but to recognize it as truth.

Scorching Shine then watched the video Yuan Tiexin sent him.



“This… How is this possible?!” Scorching Shine couldn’t believe his eyes!

They were talking about several million expert players!

He also saw several dozen Tier 4 summoned creatures and several thousand Tier 3 Personal Guards!

Yet, even with such power, the Dark World’s invading army had suffered defeat…

Shortly after the video ended, a group of players entered the Freedom Hotel’s lobby in a hurry, clearly excited.

“Big news, everyone! Great news! Zero Wing’s just repelled the Dark World’s invading army and has taken control of the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate!”