Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2571 - Astonished Once More, Hotel in an Uproar "What do you mean?"

Chapter 2571 – Astonished Once More, Hotel in an Uproar “What do you mean?”

Illusory Words’ statement confused her fierce comrade from Crimson Emperor. What did she mean by her instincts had been wrong, but Melancholic Smile wasn’t?

The current situation was clear for all to see, and Illusory Words had acknowledged that she had misjudged Zero Wing. How could Melancholic Smile’s statement possibly be correct?

Zero Wing was struggling to survive. Chasing the various superpowers out of Cold Spring Forest from such a position was a joke.

To be precise, my instincts were only partially correct,” Illusory Words explained, chuckling at the fierce man’s confused look. “It’s best if you take a look for yourself. I just received this message from Graceful Monarch.”

“Graceful Monarch? Has something unexpected happened at the Teleportation Gate?” Curious, the fierce man opened the message Illusory Words had forwarded.

Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa had wanted to see the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate themselves and get a clear grasp of the invading army’s strength. Zero Wing had also dispatched quite a few players to the gate, and by allowing the two Dark Den players to spectate, they’d find out exactly what Zero Wing intended.

In his opinion, Zero Wing was wasting its time in trying to negotiate with the Dark World’s various powers, especially once they’d seen the benefits Cold Spring Forest and Stone Forest City had to offer. Regardless of what the Guild tried to offer, the outcome wouldn’t change.

Retaining a small fraction of the city’s shares was the best Zero Wing could hope for. It shouldn’t dream of holding more power than that. The Dark World’s invading army had more than 30,000 Tier 3 experts. No individual power would have the strength to stand up against that.

While the fierce man carefully read Graceful Monarch’s message, more players had begun to gather in the Freedom Hotel. A large number of independent experts had come to hear what Melancholic Smile had to say.

“Did she get the wrong message? Dropping all pretense with the various superpowers would only bring Zero Wing more harm. Stone Forest City might not even last three days at this rate, much less a week,” Galaxy Past, who had just arrived in the Freedom Hotel’s lobby, gaped in shock when he heard about Melancholic Smile’s interaction with the superpowers’ representatives.

Every player in the city was paying attention to the current situation Zero Wing and Cold Spring Forest Faced.

Although word of the various superpowers moving against Stone Forest City had long since reached the masses, Galaxy Past still had a hard time believing that Zero Wing would take the initiative to offend the various superpowers.

He, too, knew that Zero Wing would never bend to coercion, only persuasion. He also knew that the Guild was insane and acted no differently than a gambling addict. Although Zero Wing’s crazy bets had been astonishingly successful thus far, its current opponent was on a completely different level than those it had faced before. If Zero Wing moved against the various superpowers now, it would be caught in a dead-end.

Zero Wing was no longer the Guild it had been. It had nearly as many resources and as much territory as the various superpowers. If the Guild could stabilize its hold in Stone Forest City and continue to develop in peace, it would only be a matter of time before it became another of God’s Domain’s superpowers.

While Galaxy Past found Melancholic Smile’s actions perplexing, Demon’s Heart’s members began to laugh. Troubled Times’ laughter, in particular, rang throughout the lobby. He looked at Melancholic Smile as if she were a fool.

Truthfully, not even he had expected this development.

He had believed this woman would’ve tried to explain away her statement as a misunderstanding; he had never dreamed that she’d pit herself against the various superpowers directly, removing any room for negotiation.

Now that Melancholic Smile had offended the various superpowers, their reputations would suffer if they didn’t respond appropriately.

“Lady from Zero Wing, you certainly are bold. Would you truly kick us out of Cold Spring Forest if we choose to ignore Zero Wing’s threat? Do you assume we won’t eliminate you just because Zero Wing is the only established Guild in Cold Spring Forest?” Troubled Times asked, sneering at Melancholic Smile.

With things as they were, he didn’t mind adding fuel to the fire, ensuring that any trace of Zero Wing would be removed from Cold Spring Forest.

It’s still going to come down to a fight in the end? Yuan Tiexin could not help his bitter smile at Melancholic Smile’s fearlessness.

Personally, Yuan Tiexin admired Zero Wing’s future and Shi Feng’s strength. Moreover, the Secret Pavilion had gained quite a bit from its partnership with this Guild. Hence, he wished to help Zero Wing in any way he could.

However, it seemed his recent efforts were for naught.

Just as Yuan Tiexin was about to give up and try to find another way to deal with the gathered superpowers, a voice called out from a group of cloaked players, echoing throughout the hotel lobby.

“Excuse me, Miss Melancholic, but unlike the other superpowers, Battle Wolves is only here in hopes of allying with Zero Wing. I’d like to avoid a misunderstanding.”

Everyone in the lobby spun to look at the speaker.

Several players broke away from the group and removed their Black Cloaks to reveal their true appearances. A middle- aged man led the small party. It was none other than Sirius, one of the Battle Wolves’ Four Great Wolf Kings.

“Crap! Battle Wolves has come, too?”

“Sure enough, those cloaked players all have powerful backgrounds, but what is Sirius trying to do? He really doesn’t plan to target Stone Forest City?”

“Zero Wing is so lucky. Or maybe the Guild has a secret relationship with Battle Wolves, so they’ve decided to give up on this struggle?”

Sirius’s interruption stunned the players in the lobby. No one had thought that Battle Wolves, a Super Guild, would forsake the contest for Stone Forest City.

Battle Wolves, huh?

Even Yuan Tiexin was slightly surprised by Sirius’s admission, yet he could understand the reason behind it.

Battle Wolves and Demon’s Heart had an irreconcilable feud. Since Demon’s Heart was moving against Zero Wing, it was only natural that Battle Wolves would interfere. Stepping forward to side with Zero Wing was well within reason.

On the other hand, Troubled Times and his Demon’s Heart companions were particularly surprised to hear Sirius’s Declaration. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ after all.

As Troubled Times and the others assumed the minor interlude had concluded, another player spoke up from among the crowd.

“Greetings, Miss Melancholic. Crimson Emperor is here to negotiate with Zero Wing, as well. That is our only intention. Those who have spoken out against your Guild only represent certain powers. They have no bearing on Crimson Emperor’s will,” Illusory Words announced as she stepped forward.

For a moment, everyone in the lobby fell silent.

“What’s going on? Crimson Emperor stands by Zero Wing’s side, too?”

Not only had Battle Wolves declared its intentions to ally with Zero Wing, but Crimson Emperor had, as well. Everyone’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“Has Crimson Emperor gone mad?” Troubled Times stared at Illusory Words and her entourage in confusion.

While he could understand Battle Wolves’ decision, he couldn’t even fathom what drove Crimson Emperor.

Crimson Emperor was neither a friend of Zero Wing’s nor Demon’s Heart’s enemy, yet it was showing strong support for the former. The situation was baffling.

Of course, while the two Guilds allying themselves with Zero Wing was unexpected, it wouldn’t affect the overall situation.

Before anyone could overcome their surprise, however, several more players spoke up from among the cloaked group.

“Shadowless Empire also wishes to form a partnership. We have only come here with this group due to Old Yuan’s invitation. Young lady from Zero Wing, please, do not misinterpret our intentions,” the crimson-eyed elder from Shadowless Empire declared, stepping away from the group.

You really are a sleaze, Old Lu. You make it sound as if Demon Palace has some other reason for being here,” Evil Qilin said, similarly removing himself from the group as he rolled his eyes at the crimson-eyed elder.

After the representatives from Shadowless Empire and Demon Palace declared their desire for peace, the other representatives, aside from those from Demon’s Heart and Starlink, did the same, insisting to Melancholic Smile that they were only there to seek an alliance with her Guild, nothing else.

The various major powers’ members and independent players in the Freedom Hotel’s lobby were dumbfounded as they watched the scene play out.

“What’s going on?”

“What has Zero Wing done?”

Even Yuan Tiexin and Troubled Times watched with their jaws hanging open. They had no idea what was happening, either.