Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2570 - On the Verge of War, Crazy Zero Wing

Chapter 2570 – On the Verge of War, Crazy Zero Wing

At first, the players in the lobby had paid close attention to the mysterious group Yuan Tiexin had invited, and Melancholic Smile hadn’t tried to keep her voice down. Hence, after her declaration, silence had fallen in the hotel lobby as everyone stared at her in astonishment.

“What’s going on?”

“Those people must be bigshots from the various superpowers, yet she dares to speak to them like that?”

“Amazing! Truly amazing! Even now, Zero Wing still behaves so haughtily! Since the day I joined God’s Domain, I’ve never seen such a suicidal Guild!”

None of these players were fools, and even though they hid themselves under Black Cloaks, the individuals Yuan Teixin had invited were clearly from the various superpowers. Moreover, they should be the superpowers’ top-ranked experts based on their auras.

Now that the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate was active, it would only be a matter of time before Dark Players flooded into Cold Spring Forest. The entire Level 100 neutral map was in danger, as was Stone Forest City.

Yet, even in such a dire predicament, Zero Wing continued to maintain its arrogance before the various superpowers. This was just insane!

“Miss Melancholic, what are you…” Yuan Tiexin was flabbergasted.

He couldn’t believe what was happening!

If he hadn’t been certain that Melancholic Smile wasn’t some spy and an actual core member in Zero Wing, who had worked her way up the ranks, he would’ve suspected otherwise. Her announcement was practically a dare to the various superpowers and would undoubtedly lead to Zero Wing’s elimination from Cold Spring Forest.

“What are Zero Wing’s intentions, Old Yuan?” Scorching Shine asked from beside Yuan Teixin with a frosty look.

He had already surmised that the chances of their plan succeeding were very low. Stone Forest City’s Freedom Hotel was too tempting to give up, after all. However, it was also the reason that the Secret Pavilion didn’t want other superpowers to stick their fingers in the city.

Unfortunately, Melancholic Smile’s statement had as good as ruined their plan.

No one would be surprised if the various superpowers shed all pretenses with Zero Wing immediately, let alone negotiate.

For a moment, Yuan Tiexin was speechless.

Cold Spring Forest was a lost cause at this point. Even the various superpowers would have a hard time developing in the area, much less Zero Wing. There was simply no way Zero Wing could retain absolute control over Stone Forest City. It’d be a miracle if the Guild even kept a portion of the city.

Yuan Tiexin had worked with Shi Feng many times before, so he knew the Swordsman was open to persuasion, not coercion. If he insisted that Shi Feng gave away a significant portion of the city’s shares, their discussion would end on a sour note. Knowing this, he hadn’t bothered to contact Shi Feng before his negotiation with the various superpowers. He would only try to convince Shi Feng once the negotiations had reached a satisfying conclusion. With things as they were now, Zero Wing would have to sacrifice some of Stone Forest City’s shares if it wished to survive. Maintaining full control was impossible.

But Yuan Tiexin had never considered that Shi Feng would be ruthless enough to send Melancholic Smile to disrespect the various superpowers so blatantly. He had definitely gone insane this time!

“Hahaha! Interesting! Zero Wing is truly fascinating! Even now, it displays such confidence! It’s no wonder why it dares to offend so many superpowers! It seems my visit to Stone Forest City wasn’t a waste!” an elderly, crimson-eyed man wearing the Shadowless Empire’s Emblem and holding a scarlet staff said, laughing.

“Old Lu, do you think Zero Wing is just putting on a brave face?” Evil Qilin, who wore Demon Palace’s Emblem and carried a war axe that radiated strange energy, asked, sneering at the crimson-browed elder. “Zero Wing is digging its own grave by provoking us!”

“I think you still have a grudge over losing to Black Flame, Qilin!” the crimson-eyed elder shot back, chuckling at the glare Evil Qilin directed his way.

Instead of rising to the crimson-eyed elder’s teasing, Evil Qilin simply smiled as he said, “The situation on Dragonheart Island is one thing, but we’re in Cold Spring Forest. Moreover, this won’t be some small team battle in the fields. We’re talking about a conflict with an entire Otherworld. Zero Wing hasn’t tried to win us over, but has sent some nobody to spit in our faces. If that isn’t stupidity, what is?”

Demon Palace’s other members nodded in agreement.

Due to Zero Wing, Demon Palace’s reputation on Dragonheart Island had suffered, but this situation was completely different.

More than 10 superpowers had gathered in Stone Forest City. Even without including the Dark World’s players, there were more than enough hostile players to end Zero Wing’s reign.

Instead of negotiating for peace, Zero Wing has sent someone to slap the gathered superpowers in the face. The Guild must be giving up!

After a brief moment of silence, Troubled Times’ smile grew into a grin. He then walked up to Melancholic Smile without any hesitation.

“Lady from Zero Wing, we’re here precisely to cause trouble. What are you going to do about it?” Troubled Times asked, raising his voice deliberately to ensure that every player in the lobby heard him.

Hearing Troubled Times’ threat, an uproar shook the lobby.

“What?! Are the various superpowers really going to fight Zero Wing?”

“Zero Wing asked for it. We may be in Stone Forest City, but do you think the various superpowers would let such intentional disrespect slide?”

“Zero Wing truly is doomed now. Now, not only does it have to deal with the Dark World’s invasion, but it will also have to face the various superpowers’ wrath. The experts that recently joined Zero Wing must deeply regret their decisions.”

The various major powers’ members started chatting amongst themselves as they watched the tense conversation play out. They could hardly believe Zero Wing’s behavior. None of them had expected the Guild to shed all pretenses before the various superpowers’ representatives.

While everyone expected Melancholic Smile to panic, however, she smiled brightly at Troubled Times and replied, “If that’s the case, Zero Wing will have no choice but to erase you from Cold Spring Forest!”

Again, the lobby fell deathly silent…

Melancholic Smile’s response even stunned Troubled Times. He couldn’t understand why she was so bold. Wasn’t she supposed to grovel at his feet and beg for mercy?

“It seems your instincts were wrong this time, Illusory. That girl is just as insane as her Guild Leader. She’s only pushing Zero Wing further down the path of no return…” the fierce man from Crimson Emperor said, admiring Melancholic Smile’s bravery.

Every one of the various superpowers’ representatives wanted to declare war on Zero Wing that moment. They hadn’t found a good excuse to attack Stone Forest City yet, but Zero Wing had just given them the reason they had been searching for.

The fierce man looked over, expecting to see Illusory Words bitter after misjudging Zero Wing, but he saw that she maintained a neutral expression, focused on a message she had just received. After a moment, she looked up and took a deep breath before informing her companion, “My instincts might have been wrong, but her statement isn’t!”