Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2568 - Dark World Defeated, Zero Wing Flourishes

Chapter 2568 – Dark World Defeated, Zero Wing Flourishes

After a short period of stunned silence, a gabble of confusion erupted as everyone present stared at Shi Feng in disbelief.

“What happened?”

“How did he send a Tier 4 summoned creature flying?”

“What did he do?”

Everyone present had seen Shi Feng’s actions very clearly. In fact, they even felt that Shi Feng had moved very slowly.

However, nobody could wrap their heads around what had actually happened. All they had seen was Shi Feng executing a forward slash at the empty space before him and releasing a streak of blue light from his sword. And by the time they snapped out of their daze, the Tier 4 summoned creature that stood over 60 yards away from the Swordsman was already in the air.

“He sent a Level 115, Tier 4 summoned creature flying with a single hit?” Blue Rainbow wore a somber and confused look on her face as she gazed at Shi Feng. “Just how high are his Basic Attributes?”

From previous investigations, she knew that Shi Feng possessed ridiculously high Basic Attributes. Even Rebellious Thunder, who was a Demon Count and wielded the Magic Weapon Cruel Darkness, had only a slight edge on Shi Feng in this regard. Moreover, that was when Shi Feng was in his normal state.

In other words, even back then, Shi Feng’s Strength Attribute should already rival that of Mythic monsters of the same level.

Now, however, Shi Feng had actually sent a Level 115 Mythic monster flying with his attack. Something was wrong with this situation.

After all, blocking an attack from a Mythic monster and sending a Mythic monster flying were two entirely different concepts!

Unless there was an enormous gap in Strength, it was impossible for one to send their opponents flying, yet not only did Shi Feng send a Mythic monster flying, but it was even a Level 115 Mythic monster. The current Strength he displayed was starkly different from what the reports mentioned.

How is this possible?” Furious Heart, who was spectating from afar, was similarly stunned by this situation. He had personally witnessed Shi Feng’s Strength before. However, despite so little time having passed since their last meeting, Shi Feng could now actually send a Level 115 Mythic monster flying with his attacks.

For a moment, Furious Heart suspected that the Main God System was playing a prank on him.

With such frightening Strength, let alone Tier 3 NPCs, even Tier 4 NPCs would struggle to deal with Shi Feng. Needless to say, it would be a fool’s dream to hope that a bunch of Tier 4 Mythic monsters would defeat him. Monsters generally had very low combat standards. In a situation where the difference in Basic Attributes was negligible, they would be no different from Common monsters in front of even ordinary expert players, let alone a Domain Realm expert like Shi Feng. If all 50-plus Tier 4 summoned creatures attacked the Swordsman, they would still have an incredibly difficult time inflicting damage on him.

Not to mention, Shi Feng still had a legion of Tier 3 Knights behind him.

“How did he get so strong?” Hell Rush, who stood among Zero Wing’s forces, was similarly astounded as he looked at Shi Feng.

Ever since Netherworld Empire had partnered with Zero Wing, Hell Rush had been following beside Shi Feng almost every day. Hence, he had a very good understanding of Shi Feng’s strength.

Moreover, Shi Feng had spent much less time grinding than Hell Rush. In fact, Hell Rush had rarely ever seen Shi Feng going out to grind for levels as the man was tied down by all sorts of Guild affairs.

In contrast, Hell Rush had been frantically grinding every day. And thanks to Stone Forest City’s help, not only was he close to reaching Level 110 already, but he had even replaced two pieces of his equipment thus far. He had also achieved considerable progress in unlocking his Mana Body. Personally, he deemed that the gap in combat power between himself and Shi Feng should’ve shrunk by quite a bit.

However, contrary to Hell Rush’s belief, not only had the gap in combat power not shrunk, but it had actually grown instead.

As for Dawn Dominance, who originally planned to ridicule Shi Feng for his arrogance and ignorance, he was stunned by this unexpected development as well. When he saw the Tier 4 summoned creature sprawled on the ground, his mind froze momentarily.

Dawn Dominance had known that Shi Feng possessed Basic Attributes rivaling those of Mythic monsters and that the man was considered a peerless monster in God’s Domain. The Swordsman definitely wasn’t an existence that ordinary experts could hope to contend with—even a group of Tier 3 peak experts wouldn’t be his match.

However, what was up with the current situation?

How was Shi Feng just a peerless monster?

He was much stronger than even Zero Wing’s nigh-invincible Tier 3 Knights!

In fact, killing several hundred of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 Knights would be much easier than killing Shi Feng!

At this moment, only Shi Feng himself remained unfazed by the latest development.

In God’s Domain, weapons played the biggest role in determining a player’s combat power. The Abyssal Blade’s recent promotion into a Fragmented Legendary Weapon had boosted Shi Feng’s Strength beyond that of Level 115 Mythic monsters. With the Ring of Gospel’s assistance, which weakened the dark army’s Tier 4 summoned creatures and improved his own Basic Attributes by a significant margin, it was only natural that he could send a Level 115 Mythic monster flying.

“Guild Leader Dawn, do you still wish to continue?” Shi Feng asked the motionless man before him.

This time, Shi Feng did not speak that loudly. However, the Dark Players found his voice unusually ear-piercing and vexing. This was already Shi Feng’s second time asking them this question. It was as if he was ridiculing them for their previous mockery of him, and they could not help but wish they could charge forward and kill Shi Feng right now.


This was absolute humiliation!

Nevertheless, despite feeling greatly humiliated, none of the Dark Players present dared to speak up. Instead, they all stared at Dawn Dominance in silence.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng repeated his question, an indescribably gloomy expression appeared on Dawn Dominance’s face.

“Black Flame!” Dawn Dominance gnashed his teeth as he glared at Shi Feng. However, aside from calling out Shi Feng’s name, he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

In this situation, the upper echelons of the Dark World’s various powers sympathized with Dawn Dominance despite themselves.

Previously, Dawn Dominance’s bid to increase World Domination’s influence in the Dark World through this war had exasperated the various powers present. This was especially true for Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society.

Currently, however, both Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold only felt pity for Dawn Dominance.

After all, Shi Feng was truly too vicious!

By deliberately repeating his question, not only did Shi Feng thoroughly humiliate Dawn Dominance, but Dawn Dominance also had no choice but to stomach this humiliation in silence.

“Guild Leader Dawn, if you wish to continue fighting, I won’t object. Only, the outcome will not be within my control,” Shi Feng said and shrugged as he looked at Dawn Dominance’s enraged expression, indicating that he had no qualms whatsoever.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, the upper echelons of the Dark World’s various Guilds and adventurer teams immediately grew nervous, and they all sent meaningful looks at Dawn Dominance.

The Zero Wing members and various superpowers’ spectating experts present gaped in shock at this sight.

The Dark World that had once stricken fear into the main continent’s various superpowers was now timorous after a few words from Shi Feng. If they were to retell today’s tale, nobody would believe them. However, it had happened right before their very eyes.

Of course, the various superpowers’ experts could sympathize with the Dark World’s players.

The current battle involved the foundations of both sides. If the dark army perished, then the Dark World’s various powers would lose all the fruits of their efforts, with nothing to show for it. This definitely wasn’t an outcome they could accept.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I admit that you are very powerful! The Dark World will give up on this Teleportation Gate! However, don’t think you can feel pleased for long! You won’t be able to defend this Teleportation Gate forever!” Dawn Dominance said after taking in a deep breath.

As soon as Dawn Dominance finished speaking, he turned around and walked back to the Teleportation Gate. He had no intention of staying in Cold Spring Forest for even a moment longer.

Upon seeing this, the members of the Dark World’s powers promptly withdrew to the Dark World as well. None of them chose to remain in Cold Spring Forest. Only a few independent players decided to stay behind and take a look at the situation.

“Zero Wing won, just like that?”

Purple Rakshasa was stunned when she saw the Dark World’s various powers retreating. For a moment, she felt as if she was dreaming.

Against an entire world’s experts, Zero Wing had actually emerged victorious!