Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2567 - Suppressing an Army of Millions

Chapter 2567 – Suppressing an Army of Millions

Upon hearing the question Shi Feng directed at Dawn Dominance, silence fell over the battlefield as the various powers’ upper echelons turned to look at World Domination’s Guild Leader, who served as the Dark World’s representative.

Zero Wing’s strength had far exceeded their expectations. The Guild possessed not only an incredibly strong Knight Division but also a Domain treasure capable of significantly suppressing even Tier 4 creatures. The combination of the two cards meant no power could threaten Zero Wing’s Knight Legion at this stage of the game.

For a time, silence reigned over the Dark World’s army of several millions because of Shi Feng’s words. This situation stupefied Magic Flash and the others, who were spectating the battle from afar.



When Magic Flash and the others thought back to the opinions they had of Shi Feng, they realized how ridiculous those were. At the same time, they celebrated inwardly.

This was because they finally saw for themselves what a true monster was today.

Previously, in their opinion, single-handedly going up against thousands of enemies simultaneously could already be considered a legendary feat. In fact, 99% of the people who claimed to be capable of such a feat were undoubtedly spouting nonsense. As expert players, Magic Flash and his companions knew just how difficult it was to go up against thousands of enemies simultaneously, especially in a large-scale Guild War. The enemy side would definitely have numerous expert players amidst their forces. Trying to fight against thousands in such a situation ramped up the difficulty.

Now, however, not only did this legendary feat happen right before their very eyes, but the scale of this feat had even been magnified by one thousand!

Shi Feng had single-handedly suppressed an army of millions!

Due to just this one scene, they could say with certainty that the name of Black Flame would shake the entire Dark World in the future.

“Is he really human?” Purple Rakshasa’s heart pounded rapidly as she took in the army of millions remaining motionless before Shi Feng. At this moment, she earnestly doubted Shi Feng was human.

He had intimidated several million expert players and several thousand Tier 3 NPCs!

Although Shi Feng’s previous performance at the Extreme Light Shelter had already been plenty shocking, that feat was nothing compared to this.

Even standing a great distance away, she had still shuddered upon sighting the army of millions. Shi Feng, however, had single-handedly silenced these several million experts. The power and influence he wielded were simply inhuman.

“It seems Shelter One no longer has to worry about its development from now on,” Graceful Monarch said, a bitter smile forming on her face as she gazed at Blue Frost, one of her rivals in the Dark Den.

Originally, Graceful Monarch thought that, with Crimson Emperor’s help, the Extreme Light Shelter could surpass Shelter One in the Dark Den. In light of the turn of events, however, that was categorically impossible.

Zero Wing was a Guild capable of suppressing an entire world’s players to the point where they didn’t even dare to breathe. Once news of this feat reached the Dark Den, the experts that revered strength would definitely do everything they could to join Shelter One and Zero Wing. Moreover, Shi Feng had previously displayed extraordinary individual strength in the Dark Den. With these two factors combined, Shelter One would surely become a sacred land for Dark Den’s experts.

After the silence on the battlefield persisted for some time, Dawn Dominance walked up to Shi Feng with an incomparably gloomy expression; the pride and fighting spirit he had before were nowhere to be seen now.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, this move of yours is indeed amazing. I’m afraid nobody ever thought that Zero Wing might actually possess so much hidden strength,” Dawn Dominance said after taking a deep breath. “However, it is wise not to bum one’s bridges. I admit that the Domain Skills you used are very powerful. However, these Domain Skills will only remain active so long as their user is alive. Once the user dies, the effects of the Domain Skills will disappear. The Dark World’s army might not be a match for your army, but we have plenty of people. We have more than enough manpower to spare to kill you, the user of the Domain Skills.

“Of course, I also have to admit that we will suffer plenty of losses before we succeed. However, the final outcome is similarly one that you will not wish to see, Guild Leader Black Flame. Instead of suffering mutual destruction, why don’t we each take a step back?

“Our request is very simple. So long as Zero Wing stops having designs on the Teleportation Gate, everything else is negotiable.”

Upon hearing Dawn Dominance’s suggestion, realization immediately dawned upon the Dark Players present.

“Guild Leader Dawn really is the best. How could we have forgotten such a thing?”

Due to the immense shock they felt before, one simple thing actually slipped their minds.

In God’s Domain, magic arrays and Domain Skills required a user to sustain them. Domain tools were no exception. If they killed the player using the tool, then the tool would naturally lose effect.

Meanwhile, once the dark army no longer suffered under the effects of Miniature World’ taking care of Zero Wing would be a piece of cake.

However, Dawn Dominance was also correct in that they would have to pay a huge price to annihilate Zero Wing if they continued fighting, and this was not something they wished to see.

The best solution now was for both sides to each take a step back.

“What if I refuse?” Shi Feng asked, smiling.

At Shi Feng’s words, silence filled the battlefield once more.

“Lunatic! He’s definitely a lunatic!”

“The Dark World has already taken a step back, yet he’s still insisting on controlling the Teleportation Gate?! Is he really not afraid of losing everything?!”

The spectating experts of the various superpowers found Shi Feng’s intransigence insane. Previously, the Dark World’s offer to give up on participating in the superpowers’ fight for Stone Forest City was already plenty shocking. Now, the Dark World was even willing to take another step back and provide Zero Wing with other benefits in exchange for Zero Wing giving up its designs on the Teleportation Gate. In the eyes of the main continent’s various superpowers, this was an unbelievable opportunity—something any power would wish to obtain—yet Shi Feng had still rejected it without hesitation.

They had no doubt that this was the Dark World’s bottom line. There would be no more concessions after this. If Shi Feng continued insisting on taking control of the Teleportation Gate, then Zero Wing really would enter an irreconcilable feud with the Dark World.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you really intend to drag Zero Wing into a fight to the death?” Dawn Dominance demanded as he tried to suppress the anger in his heart as much as possible. “You’ll regret it if that happens!”

Zero Wing’s strength thoroughly exceeded Dawn Dominance’s expectations. If both sides continued fighting, the only outcome would be mutual destruction—an outcome he was not willing to see. After all, World Domination still needed to develop on the main continent. Without sufficient strength, its efforts would be futile. However, he never imagined that Shi Feng would actually be so stubborn as to refuse to take a step back even when given an excellent opportunity to do so.

“Guild Leader Dawn, there’s no need to continue showing Black Flame any respect! Since he doesn’t know how to appreciate goodwill, I say that we just teach him a lesson! At worst, we’ll have a slower time developing on the main continent!”

“That’s right! Since he doesn’t want the goodwill we’re showing him, let’s just annihilate Zero Wing and be done with this! Let’s see what he can do then!”

The Dark Players present similarly grew enraged at Shi Feng’s response. They had already offered a huge concession to Zero Wing, a condition that even Super Guilds wouldn’t dream of obtaining, yet Shi Feng had still chosen to reject it.

This rekindled the various powers’ thoughts of annihilating Zero Wing.

“A fight to the death?” Shaking his head, Shi Feng said, “Guild Leader Dawn, you’re overexaggerating things. In my eyes, it is, at most, negligible losses.”

“Good! Since you wish to remain stubborn, you have only yourself to blame, Guild Leader Black Flame! Brothers, no need to hold back anymore!” Dawn Dominance snarled as he glared at Shi Feng in anger.

Negligible losses?

Such arrogance!

Shi Feng was simply too arrogant!

However, just as the Dark World’s army was about to advance once more, Shi Feng made his move.

Unsheathing Killing Ray, Shi Feng executed a forward slash.

Lightning Slash!

A blue lightning bolt promptly streaked through the area before Shi Feng. A bystander would also see a pitch-black spatial tear following closely behind the lightning bolt. Without Dawn Dominance noticing, both the lightning bolt and spatial tear brushed past his body.

When the lightning bolt disappeared, the dozen or so Tier 3 experts in its path instantly lost all their HPs. An eighteen- meter-tall, Level 115 Mythic monster standing a short distance behind Dawn Dominance was also sent flying and crashing into a bunch of Dark Players.

For a time, deathly silence filled the battlefield.