Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2566 - Mouths Ajar

Chapter 2566 – Mouths Ajar

Seeing Shi Feng step forward and chant an incantation, Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold were stunned.

“He still wants to fight?” Confusion changed Blue Rainbow’s expression when Shi Feng showed no intention of retreating.

The difference between their combat power was clear for all to see. The Dark World’s invading army was far too strong for any individual power to stop.

Based on Shi Feng’s behavior, however, he intended to stay in this fight. Blue Rainbow struggled to understand.

During its investigations, Dark Rhapsody had obtained quite a bit of detailed information on Zero Wing from the main continent’s superpowers and knew the Guild had a plethora of astounding trump cards. The Ring of Gospel, a Domain treasure, was one of them. When activated on a large battlefield, it had proven miraculously effective. Not only did the Ring of Gospel have large AOE Skills, but they were also considerably powerful.

However, the ring’s effects on this battlefield would be very limited. Zero Wing currently faced Tier 3 Personal Guards and Tier 4 summoned creatures, after all. They had incredible resistance to suppression effects.

Moreover, more than 50 Tier 4 summoned creatures had joined the fight. Even if the Ring of Gospel could suppress them, a measly 1,000-plus Tier 3 NPCs wouldn’t be enough to stop them. The invading army also had over 3,000 Tier 3 Personal Guards to support it.

Even Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa, who watched from a hidden location, were confused.

“What is Black Flame trying to do?”

“Is he going for broke?”

They had only come to get a glimpse of the Dark World’s strength. They had never dreamed that they’d witness a large-scale war between Zero Wing and the Otherworld.

They had been unprecedentedly shocked after seeing Zero Wing’s combat power. No one had expected the Guild to have the strength to stand up to a force that included every expert from an entire Otherworld. Moreover, Zero Wing had even successfully deterred the Dark World’s experts. The Guild’s strength was unbelievable.

When they recalled the relatively amicable relationship between their Extreme Light Shelter and Shelter One, they breathed a sigh of relief. If Zero Wing wanted to, its Knight Division alone was more than capable of flattening the entire Dark Den.

On the other hand, Zero Wing’s current opponents were bona fide Tier 3 NPCs and Tier 4 Mythic monsters. With such a large difference between the two sides’ combat power and numbers, retreating to Stone Forest City was the wisest move Zero Wing could make. Every one of those Tier 3 Knights was apart of Zero Wing’s foundations, and if they were slain, Zero Wing would be crippled.

Zero Wing had already proven its strength. Once news of this battle spread, the various superpowers that wanted to capture Stone Forest City would back down. The Dark World’s players and powers wouldn’t underestimate Zero Wing again. In fact, they might even avoid offending the Guild’s members in Cold Spring Forest.

While Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa were fraught with confusion, something suddenly changed above the valley.

A phantom world gradually descended, growing as it grew closer to the valley floor. In less than three seconds, not only had the phantom world grown large enough to cover the battlefield, but it also enveloped the spectating players, including Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa, in the distance.

The instant they felt the phantom world’s power, both Graceful Moon and Purple Rakshasa felt out of tune with the world around them. It felt like they had become enemies with their surroundings. Not only had their physiques started to weaken, but they also lost a significant portion of their Basic Attributes.

The phantom world’s power also seemed to affect the Tier 3 Personal Guards and Tier 4 summoned creatures. They had slowed considerably, and their auras even seemed significantly weaker.

“What did he do?” Blue Rainbow gaped, shocked when she realized how much the Tier 3 NPCs and Tier 4 monsters had been suppressed.

She had experienced Domains’ effects before, which tended to be much weaker than magic barriers. The stronger the target was, the less the Domain would suppress it, yet Shi Feng’s domain had destroyed everything she thought she knew about the mechanic.

Normally, not even Intermediate Magic Arrays could suppress Tier 4 monsters to this extent, but within Shi Feng’s Domain, their auras had weakened considerably. This Domain could practically rival Advanced Magic Barriers, and it was so massive that it covered the entire valley. She had never heard of such a powerful Domain.

Before anyone could react, however, Shi Feng began another incantation.

“Ring of Brilliance!”

When he finished his chant, a light rippled across the battlefield, stunning every Dark Player in the area.

“Crap! This is cheating!” Magic Flash cursed aloud, glaring at Zero Wing’s Knight Division.

The intensity of those Knights’ auras had skyrocketed, and the combined energy made them feel as if they were truly a legion of Tier 4 monsters. The Knights’ mental states had also visibly improved. They looked nothing like they had a few moments ago.

The sudden development caused an uproar among the various Guilds and adventurer teams’ upper echelons, who commanded the Tier 3 Personal Guards and Tier 4 summoned creatures, and they halted their advance, exchanging looks. A deathly silence had fallen over the Dark World’s invading army, and the passion and killing intent they had radiated was nowhere to be seen.

“Do you wish to continue this fight?” Shi Feng calmly asked after sweeping his gaze over the Dark Players before him. This time, not one Dark Player dared to speak up. They simply stared back with angry, reluctant looks.


More like suicide!

Determined, they had revealed every trump card they had previously hidden, and yet, thanks to the Ring of Gospel’s two Skills, they hadn’t even shortened the gap between their strength and Zero Wing’s. Rather, it had only grown…

Since no one responded to his question, Shi Feng turned to Dawn Dominance, who still succumbed to his shock.

“Guild Leader Dawn, since you can speak on behalf of the Dark World, may I know if you wish to continue this battle?” Shi Feng asked, smiling at the robust man.

Dawn Dominance’s countenance turned ashen when he heard the question, and he was at a complete loss for words.

If he chose to fight, he’d be sacrificing himself and his Guild to oblivion. He had dispatched every Tier 3 Personal Guard World Domination owned for the sake of driving the other Guilds and adventurer teams into action. If just one of those NPCs died, his Guild would suffer a huge blow. If they all died, World Domination wouldn’t survive.

However, nothing would remain of World Domination’s hard-won prestige in the Dark World if he admitted defeat…