Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2565 - Frightening Knight Division, True Despair?

Chapter 2565 – Frightening Knight Division, True Despair?

Less than 10 seconds after the battle had begun, the Dark Players’ confidence shattered.

The MTs on the frontline were bona fide Tier 3 players, and many of them were well-known experts in the Dark World. They had so much HP and Defense that they could stand there, unfazed, as other Tier 3 experts whaled on them.

And yet, these same Tier 3 MTs were dying too quickly for the rear line’s healers to restore their HPs. They had lost their lives without any chance to retaliate…

For a moment, everyone watching wondered if those MTs had deliberately worn Bronze Equipment into battle.

Their opponents were only Level 120-plus, Tier 3 NPCs, and many of the Dark World’s players had fought NPC cities’ Tier 3 soldiers before. Although Tier 3 NPCs might have higher Basic Attributes and combat standards, the difference shouldn’t be this massive.

Even Zero Wing’s players were stunned.

The Tier 3 Knights had slain over a thousand Tier 3 players and several thousand Tier 2 players with a single round of attacks. Such a force would even give Super Guilds a painful headache, and putting an end to the battle would take quite a while. However, those Tier 2 and 3 Dark Players were little more than infants before the Tier 3 Knights. The two sides’ combat power was on entirely different levels.

Only Shi Feng remained unperturbed.

His Tier 3 Knights only seemed to be 10 or so levels higher than the enemy’s Tier 3 players on the surface. Logically, there shouldn’t be such a huge gap between the two forces’ strength, even if the Tier 3 Knights were fully armed with Epic Weapons and Equipment.

However, God’s Domain’s current players didn’t know that there were significant differences among NPCs’ combat power, even at Tier 3. One of the most obvious was the liberation of their Mana Bodies.

Unlike players, NPCs did not need to invest a large amount of time to unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential after reaching Tier 3. Instead, they relied on their talent and Growth Potential. As long as Tier 3 NPCs had the required talent and Growth Potential, they could unlock their Mana Bodies immediately. Conversely, some failed to accomplish the feat throughout their lifetimes.

The applicants Shi Feng had accepted into his Knight Division were considered elites among NPCs. Their innate talent and Growth Potential were far superior to the soldiers in NPC cities. Hence, as soon as they reached Tier 3, they had unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential. They hadn’t needed to experiment as players did.

But what about God’s Domain’s current players? Most hadn’t even started the process of unlocking their Mana Bodies, let alone unlocked them fully. They were ten years too early if they thought they could stand against Shi Feng’s Knight Division.

Moreover, Shi Feng had employed plenty of Ores, Elves, and Giants. Their combat power was even greater than human NPCs of the same tier and level. For example, a Mysterious-Iron ranked Ore warrior could rival a Secret-Silver ranked human warrior.

Of the non-human members of Shi Feng’s Knight Division, even the weakest had Mysterious-Iron Growth Potential…

Not even Tier 3 peak experts in full, top-tier equipment would last more than a few seconds against these NPCs, much less ordinary Tier 3 experts.

Before the Dark World’s players could snap out of their daze, Zero Wing’s Knights swept through them again. Like harvesting wheat, the Knights needed no more than three moves to slay the Dark Players, reaping their lives in the blink of an eye.

None had time for elegant or astonishing combat techniques on this battlefield. Only pure strength and terror reigned!

The first unit, consisting of more than 50,000 players, had been annihilated in less than two minutes, and over 6,000 of them had been Tier 3 experts. In contrast, Zero Wing hadn’t lost a single Knight. In fact, they had hardly taken any damage…

Silence descended on the battlefield. The Dark Players that had eagerly charged into combat had begun to back away, one step after another.

“How is this possible?” Furious Heart, who had been preparing to join the fray, gasped when he saw the field of corpses.

He had assumed the Dark World’s overwhelming victory had been assured; he had never expected the battle to end like this.

They were talking about more than 6,000 Tier 3 experts!

The horrific force could easily destroy a Guild City, yet before Zero Wing’s Knight Division, those experts had been as weak as Common monsters.

“How do they have so much more combat power?”

Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold, who watched from afar, were just as shocked after watching the Knights obliterate the first wave of players.

They had thought Shi Feng’s confidence had been a joke. They had never dreamed that his Guild was actually this strong.

When Zero Wing had refrained from using its Flying Ships, they had seen the decision as foolish. Looking at it now, however, that was not the case. Zero Wing had merely decided against using the ships because it didn’t need them.

How could these 1,000-plus NPCs even be Tier 3 beings? They seemed more like Tier 4 Mythic monsters, and ones with incredibly high combat standards.

If the Dark World wanted to defeat such a frightening force, it would have to rely on its foundations. Otherwise, it didn’t matter how many players they sent at those Tier 3 NPCs. All would perish.

How are these Tier 3 NPCs so strong? Dawn Dominance frowned after watching several thousand Tier 3 experts die. Gritting his teeth, he snarled, “Everyone, now is not the time to hold back! All Guilds and adventurer teams, use your trump cards and crush those NPCs! If we keep holding back, Zero Wing will take the Teleportation Gate!”

The various Guilds and adventurer teams’ upper echelons immediately took action.

Zero Wing’s Knight Division might be scary, but their members were no pushovers. Like Zero Wing, they had trump cards that could boost their combat power far above what they currently wielded.

One after another, the Guilds and adventurer teams activated their trump cards.

Tier 4 Summoning Scrolls!

Advanced Magic Barriers!

Tier 3 Personal Guards!

In less than a minute, more than 50 Tier 4 summoned creatures and 4,000 Tier 3 Personal Guards appeared on the battlefield, their combined aura making everyone in the vicinity shudder. The various superpowers’ members watching the battle from a safe distance were especially flabbergasted.

The Dark World’s Guilds and adventurer teams had just revealed their strength in its fullest.

Amazing! Truly amazing! No individual power can hope to stand against the Dark World! Furious Heart’s heart pounded as he watched.

He had been shocked to see Zero Wing field over 1,000 Tier 3 NPCs, but that was nothing before the Dark World’s full power.

“Excellent! Everyone, attack!” Dawn Dominance proudly ordered. “Annihilate Zero Wing and avenge our fallen brothers!”

As soon as they heard the command, the various Guilds and adventurer teams sent their Tier 3 NPCs and Tier 4 summoned creatures into battle. Not even they had thought their combined strength would be so terrifying.

Zero Wing’s players began to panic a little. Now, the tides had turned.

But just as the Dark World’s residents expected to see Shi Feng fall into despair, the person in question gazed upon the approaching NPC force and summoned creatures with an extraordinary calm before retrieving a small ring from his bag.

“Miniature World!”