Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2564 - Crazy? Knight Division Take Action!

Chapter 2564 – Crazy? Knight Division Take Action!

Does he really plan to start a war with the entire Dark World? Even Furious Heart, who wanted nothing more than Zero Wing and Shi Feng’s annihilation, was confused by the Swordsman’s actions. He even wondered if he had misheard the man.

Instead of settling for a peaceful outcome, Shi Feng continued to insist that he’d wrestle for control over the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. Even if they banded together, the various superpowers wouldn’t dare threaten such a thing. In fact, they hadn’t even harbored the thought.

The Teleportation Gate was basically the Otherworld players’ lifeline, and if a foreign power took control of the gate, all of the Dark World’s residents would be subjected to that power’s whims. These Dark Players simply wouldn’t allow such an outcome. They’d fight anyone who threatened to control the Teleportation Gate to the death.

This was why neither Demon’s Heart nor the various superpowers had considered doing so. If they tried, not only would they fail, but they’d also throw their lives away in the attempt to control the Teleportation Gate.

And yet, Shi Feng didn’t just consider it an option; he fully intended to succeed…

As Shi Feng finished speaking, the Dark Players around him erupted in an uproar.

“Is Black Flame insane? He’s trying to take control of our world’s lifeline!”

“We’re already giving up so much by surrendering in the fight for Stone Forest City, yet Black Flame wants a mile after we’ve given him an inch! Does he really doubt that we’ll attack Zero Wing?”

The fear the Dark World’s various major powers and independent players had felt a moment ago vanished. Now, only fury flashed in their eyes. They all wanted nothing more than to show Shi Feng the consequences for his ignorance.

The Dark World players began to close in on Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, their Tier 3 experts, who had decided to avoid a fight moments ago, were now more than eager to teach the Swordsman a lesson.

Seven thousand… Nine thousand… Ten thousand…

In less than a minute, more than 20,000 Tier 3 experts had surrounded Shi Feng. Every one of them glared, radiating rage and killing intent.

The Guild Leader’s not serious, right?” Evening Lotus worriedly asked from beside Blue Frost as she watched more Tier 3 experts gather around them.

With the combined strength of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 Knights, Tier 3 experts, and the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, they could, at most, take on 10,000 Tier 3 experts at a time. Any more, and their risk of dying increased substantially. If they had to face all of the Dark World’s Tier 3 experts, they’d be finished. Here, they didn’t have the protection of Stone Forest City.

Moreover, NPCs were far more troublesome to resurrect than players. Generally, the various powers only used their NPCsw as a deterrent and avoided sending them into battle unless absolutely necessary.

“Are you serious, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Dawn Dominance asked after taking a deep breath, a cold glint flashing in his eyes. While he could ignore the struggle for Stone Forest City, he couldn’t ignore Shi Feng’s declaration to control the Teleportation Gate as it involved his Guild’s continued development.

“Of course!” Shi Feng confidently replied.

He hadn’t actually considered taking control of the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate before today, but times had changed. He had developed his Knight Division far faster than expected, and it was now far stronger than it appeared.

Shi Feng wouldn’t have been able to do anything about the situation if the Teleportation Gate had opened anywhere else. Since it had opened in Cold Spring Forest, where his Knight Division was based, however, he’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Due to the Dark World’s nature, regular powers and players had an incredibly difficult time establishing themselves in the Otherworld. Not even the various Super Guilds were guaranteed success.

Yet, as luck would have it, the Dark World offered an extraordinary amount of attributed resources, and because of this, the various superpowers of his past had done everything in their power to ally with the Dark World’s various powers. However, even after paying astronomical sums, those superpowers had only acquired a small number of attributed resources to use in crafting weapons and equipment.

If he were to let this opportunity slip through his fingers, he wouldn’t likely find another.

“Good! It seems you’ve steeled yourself to make the Dark World your enemy, Guild Leader Black Flame!” Dawn Dominance said and smiled. “Since that is the case, show us what profound move you’ll use to stop us!”

Dawn Dominance’s head had begun to ache over surrendering his share of Stone Forest City’s benefits. A few thousand Tier 3 experts were certainly no match for Zero Wing’s current combat power. He’d need the Dark World’s entire strength.

Normally, however, persuading his homeworld’s major powers and independent powers to dedicate themselves to what was essentially a suicide mission would be impossible. Fortunately, Shi Feng had just given him the opening to succeed with an extremely persuasive bargaining chip—the Dark World’s very future!

This would be more than enough of a reason for the Dark World’s masses to combine their strength. Even if Shi Feng’s group fell back to Stone Forest City, they wouldn’t be able to stop the Otherworld’s forces.

“Why are you still wasting time with him, Guild Leader Dawn?!”

“That’s right! He only has a little over a thousand Tier 3 NPCs! Even if we die and lose a level, we can recover quickly and rejoin the fight! On the other hand, those NPCs will be gone for good once they’re dead! Let’s see if Black Flame keeps acting so arrogantly once we’ve gotten rid of his NPCs!”

The various powers’ experts and independent players riled themselves up and charged at Shi Feng’s group the moment Dawn Dominance finished speaking.

Over 20,000 Tier 3 experts and several hundred thousand Tier 2 players advanced, their footfalls shaking the entire valley.

Despite their bountiful combat experience, the Hell Legion’s members grew nervous, watching the incoming force with grim expressions. This battle would be more terrifying than any they had participated in.

The Dark World’s various powers didn’t even prepare any of their trump cards. Relying solely on their numbers, the invading army could intimidate even God’s Domain’s various superpowers.

Moreover, some of the Dark Players used Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scrolls to cope with potential Tier 4 attacks. This greatly limited how effective the Flying Ships could be in this fight.

“Hahaha! Die! So what if you have over a thousand Tier 3 NPCs and five Flying Ships? None of them can reach their full potential in such a vast plain!” Furious Heart excitedly shouted as he watched the Dark Players swarm toward Shi Feng.

Every Dark Player participating in the army was an expert. They had long since familiarized themselves with large- scale combat and knew how to minimize the damage enemy AOE attacks could deal.

Furthermore, unlike in a siege, Zero Wing’s forces didn’t have a defensive magic array to hide behind. Once the two armies engaged, war weapons like the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships and large-scale destruction Spells would be nearly useless.

However, Shi Feng didn’t mobilize his Flying Ships or instruct his Tier 3 magical class NPCs to cast large-scale destruction Spells as everyone had expected. He simply watched the Dark Players approach in silence.

“Have they forgotten how to attack, scared silly?”

“They must not have expected an actual fight, but it’s too late for regret now!”

The Dark Players were confused when Zero Wing’s forces remained motionless, but that didn’t stop them in closing the distance.

One hundred yards… Fifty yards… Thirty yards…

“Fools!” When less than 30 yards separated Shi Feng’s forces from the Dark Players, he swung a hand forward and shouted, “Attack!”

Suddenly, over 100 tall, brawny Ores geared with Epic Weapons and Equipment exploded forth, reaching the enemy’s frontline in the blink of an eye. They brandished their swords and axes, cutting down the enemy Tier 3 MTs with speed and accuracy.

Skillfully responding to the Ore Knight’s assault, the Tier 3 MTs raised their shields, effectively blocking the attacks. After a moment, however, every Dark Player was stupefied.

The instant the Ores’ weapons slammed into the Tier 3 MTs’ shields, every player that took a hit flew backward as if a giant boulder had slammed into them…

From afar, it had looked like the Dark World’s army had crashed into an immovable wall. Not only had the army’s advance ended in a grinding halt, but bodies flew above the rest of the force, as well.

Before these players fell to the ground, however, countless magic arrays appeared above, bombarding them with another series of attacks. The casters exhibited astounding control with their Spells, and the Spells themselves were unbelievably powerful. Every attack had as much power as Level 110 Mythic monsters.

Despite their Defensive Spells’ protection, the targeted players lost every last HP in no time at all. Over a thousand Tier 3 players and several Tier 3 players had died in less than a second, leaving nothing but empty space among the tide of Dark Players. The Dark World’s denizens hadn’t even had a chance to retaliate…