Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2563 - Suppressing Everyone, Crazy Zero Wing

Chapter 2563 – Suppressing Everyone, Crazy Zero Wing

When more than a thousand Tier 3 NPCs appeared behind Shi Feng, the Dark Players, Zero Wing’s members, and the Hell Legion were stunned.

In the various NPC kingdoms and empires, Tier 3 NPCs were considered powerhouses. They could even serve as Magistrates in minor cities.

And yet, Shi Feng had just summoned over a thousand of these NPCs, including non-human NPCs. It was unbelievable!

We already have so many? When Gentle Snow saw Shi Feng’s Knight Division, surprise colored her features.

She had known for a while that Shi Feng had invested a ton of Coins in developing the Guild’s Knight Division, but she had assumed they’d need a long time to amass and nurture so many Tier 3 NPCs.

During Shi Feng’s visit to the western continent, she had felt they’d be lucky enough to gain an additional two or three hundred Tier 3 Knights, but contrary to her expectations, they had several times that.

With this many Tier 3 Knights, not even taking out an army of more than 10,000 Tier 3 players would be a problem, much less defeating the 6,000 Tier 3 Dark Players before them.

The reason was very simple. Not only were NPCs’ Basic Attributes far higher than players of the same level and tier, but they also commanded a large number of Skills and Spells. Their Skill and Spell Completion Rates also triumphed over players. Moreover, as God’s Domain underwent more system updates, NPCs’ intellect and combat standards would improve. At Tier 3, NPCs could already, more or less, rival Refinement Realm experts, with some surpassing them.

This was why even Tier 3 players would receive a one-sided beating if they challenged Tier 3 NPCs.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two was NPCs’ equipment standards!

Acquiring Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment was currently incredibly difficult for players, but even the weakest of God’s Domain’s Tier 3 NPCs, at least those not bound to players, wore full sets of Dark-Gold Equipment.

Most of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 Knights, on the other hand, wore Epic Equipment. Even Tier 3 Void Realm experts would have to flee from these Knights, let alone Tier 3 Refinement Realm experts.

The surrounding 6,000-plus Tier 3 Dark Players unconsciously began to retreat. The major powers’ upper echelons watched on with grim expressions, astonished.

None of them had ever thought Zero Wing’s strength would be this frightening!

When they had learned, throughout their investigations, that Zero Wing had nearly 600 Tier 3 Knights, the prospect of dealing with the Guild had given them huge headaches. If they wanted to capture Stone Forest City, they knew they’d have to work with the main continent’s various superpowers.

But not only had they just learned that Zero Wing had five Crimson Dragon Flying Ships, but it also had more than twice the reported Tier 3 Knights. Just how were they supposed to fight such a force?

Is this why he hadn’t hesitated to give away 70% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource spots? Realization dawned on Blue Rainbow as she watched Shi Feng.

She had thought the man was insane for giving up so much of Cold Spring Forest and increasing the competition between his Guild and the Dark World’s various powers, but looking at it now, it seemed she had been sorely mistaken.

With so much combat power, no power or player in the Dark World would dare compete with Zero Wing for the remaining 30% of Cold Spring Forest. On the contrary, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society would have a much harder time controlling their 70%. Most of the two Guilds’ influence lay in the Dark World, and outside of it, they had barely any at all.

If the Dark World’s players were too afraid to take a bite out of Zero Wing’s resource spots, it would only be natural that they’d contest with Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s territory instead.

“Damn it! How is this possible?!” Furious Heart felt as if he were going mad as he gazed at the thousand-plus Tier 3 NPCs behind Shi Feng. He couldn’t fathom how Zero Wing had gotten its hand on so many, and every one wore excellent equipment, too.

Against such a force, not even an army of more than 10,000 Tier 3 experts would have an advantage. Moreover, the Tier 3 experts that had joined the invading army belonged to the various Guilds and adventurer teams. Commanding them like a proper army would prove very difficult. No one wanted to serve as cannon fodder and die a pointless death.

If the invading army had had an absolute advantage, overwhelming Zero Wing’s experts with their numbers would’ve been easy, but now that there was such a radical difference between the two sides’ strength, the various Guilds and adventurer teams’ Tier 3 experts wouldn’t be so keen to take action.

The 1,000-plus NPCs waiting for orders petrified the Dark World’s players. They simply stared at Shi Feng and his NPCs in silence, stupefying Blue Frost’s group.

Even the Hell Legion’s members were astonished.

Before coming here, they had accepted their impending deaths. They had been massively outnumbered, after all. Even if they were more powerful individually, they wouldn’t be able to kill enough players with their limited Stamina and Concentration. However, none of them had imagined that the situation would develop as it had. The army of several million, which had boldly marched into Cold Spring Forest, had come to a grinding halt, and none of the Dark World’s players dared to step forward. Everyone stood frozen in front of the Teleportation Gate.

After the silence had dragged on for a while, Dawn Dominance emerged from the crowd, presenting himself before Shi Feng once more.

This time, however, the man didn’t look down on Shi Feng. Rather, he appeared cautious.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you truly are amazing! It’s no wonder how you established Stone Forest City in Cold Spring Forest,” Dawn Dominance said, applauding Shi Feng in admiration. “Since everyone here has recognized your display of strength, on behalf of the Dark World’s various Guilds and adventurer teams, I will declare that we will not participate in Zero Wing’s struggle against the various superpowers. Do you find this arrangement agreeable, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

While Dawn Dominance spoke, the various Guilds and adventurer teams’ upper echelons nodded in agreement.

If Zero Wing had proven as weak as they had expected, they wouldn’t have had a problem, but now that they saw how mighty the Guild was, they wouldn’t fight it. Even if they worked with the main continent’s various superpowers, capturing Stone Forest City was impossible. They’d only incur unnecessary losses if they faced Zero Wing in battle.

“Dawn Dominance! How can you do this?!” Furious Heart bellowed, enraged, when he heard Dawn Dominance surrender to Zero Wing.

To goad the Dark World’s various powers into attacking Zero Wing, Demon’s Heart had offered World Domination a plethora of benefits. However, now that the situation had turned south, Dawn Dominance had decided to give up.

With World Domination leading the Dark World’s surrender, the Otherworld’s other powers wouldn’t target Zero Wing, either.

Before Furious Heart could continue to curse at Dawn Dominance, however, Shi Feng shook his head.

“Guild Leader Dawn, how many times must I repeat myself before you get it through your head? I am only here to notify you that Zero Wing will be managing the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate from now on, and in the future, my Guild will collect a fee from anyone that wishes to use it. Have I been specific enough now?” Shi Feng asked the other Guild Leader. “I don’t care if you wish to work with those superpowers against Stone Forest City or not.”

Dawn Dominance, who had intended to say more, was speechless. Even Furious Heart, who had been angrily cursing in the distance, gaped at Shi Feng.

Is this guy insane? Dawn Dominance has already declared that none of us would target Stone Forest City, yet he insists on managing the Teleportation Gate. Does he really want to make the entire Dark World his enemy? When Magic Flash heard Shi Feng’s response, he, too, was at a loss for words.

This was the best outcome Zero Wing could hope for, but rather than settling, Shi Feng insisted on owning the Dark World’s Teleportation Gate. He was a madman!