Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2561 - Zero Wing's Foundations, Madness Time "Why are so many Flying Ships here?"

Chapter 2561 – Zero Wing’s Foundations, Madness Time “Why are so many Flying Ships here?”

“Did we trigger some kind of event, and NPCs have come to deal with us?”

The sudden appearance of the five Flying Ships stunned the Dark Players emerging from the gigantic door. They all began to talk about the incoming ships, anxious.

Flying Ships were no longer a foreign concept to God’s Domain’s players, but their familiarity was precisely the reason that the Dark Players were afraid of how powerful the machines were.

Flying Ships were powerful war weapons and absolute kings in the skies!

One of those ships could effortlessly squash humans like ants. Current players, who sorely lacked aerial combat power, saw Flying Ships as unstoppable and destructive tools.

With five Flying Ships approaching, why wouldn’t these Dark Players worry?

“Wait, something’s not right! There are players aboard the Flying Ships!” a Tier 3 Ranger, gifted with sharp vision, shouted as he pointed to the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships hovering above them.

Nearly everyone’s eyes narrowed as they tried to get a better look at the ships, and just as the Tier 3 Ranger had announced, players stood on each of the Flying Ships’ decks. While they were still too far off to get a clear view of the players, the green diamond markers were undoubtedly above the blurry figures’ heads.

“Who are those people? They actually have Flying Ships!”

“Could it be a Super Guild?”

Their curiosity piqued, the Dark Players wondered who piloted the incoming vessels.

Flying Ships were still far out of reach for the Dark World’s residents. They barely had any Flying Mounts, after all, and yet, five player-owned Flying Ships were flying toward them right now…

Even the upper echelons from the Otherworld’s various major powers were stunned.

“Five Flying Ships?! Who are these people!?”

“What are they trying to accomplish?”

One or two Flying Ships might not be a major problem, but five was a little too much. None of them wanted to face such a force in battle. If it did come down to a fight, the outcome wouldn’t be in their favor, even if they eventually won.

While the Dark World’s powers discussed the situation in hushed tones, the five ships descended, stopping roughly 100 yards above ground. A figure then jumped from one of the ship’s decks, landing in the center of the Dark Players’ army. The players on the ground unconsciously stepped back, quickly clearing the way for the figure to land unhindered.

As the figure landed, the various powers’ upper echelons stared with wide, shocked eyes, particularly Magic Flash and Old Forest, who had just returned from their trip to Stone Forest City. The individual who had jumped from one of the Flying Ships was none other than Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame.

“It’s him?!”


When Magic Flash and Old Forest saw Shi Feng’s familiar face, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Any power capable of owning five Flying Ships had to be a superpower with heaven-defying strength in their opinions, and yet, the reality was that Zero wing, a Guild at risk of obliteration, was responsible for this display. How could they possibly believe this?

Sure enough, it is Zero Wing, Blue Rainbow thought, standing behind Magic Flash. Unlike the two representatives, she didn’t seem all that surprised to see Shi Feng. Is this why he is so confident?

The Dark World’s general populace considered Flying Ships to be out of players’ reach, but when Dark Rhapsody had investigated Zero Wing’s background, it had discovered that the Guild owned multiple ships. This was why Shi Feng had failed to surprise her.

Of course, she wasn’t entirely unfazed. She was a little shocked to discover that Zero Wing had as many as five Fling Ships. It was a few more than her Guild’s reports had stated.

When Furious Heart saw this, his lips formed a tight frown. Intense rage and fear flashed in his eyes as he watched Shi Feng.

How is this possible!? How does Zero Wing have so many Flying Ships!? Furious Heart’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the steel giants in the air.

His Guild had already been concerned when they received the report mentioning three Flying Ships in Zero Wing’s possession. Now that he knew the Guild had two more than that, Stone Forest City would be much more difficult to deal with.

As the Dark World’s major powers recognized Shi Feng and were astonished over his Guild’s foundations, an indifferent, robust man emerged from the crowd.

The instant he stepped forward, he attracted all of the major powers’ attention, and everyone watched him with respectful gazes.

This robust man was Dawn Dominance, World Domination’s Guild Leader. He was a legend in the Dark World. Not only had he single-handedly developed World Domination to become one of the Otherworld’s top three Guilds, but he was also one of the Dark World’s top-ranked experts.

Dawn Dominance was precisely why Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society were so afraid of the up-and-coming World Domination. He had even been chosen to preside over the earlier war conference.

“You must be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Dawn Dominance addressed Shi Feng. “I am Dawn Dominance, World Domination’s Guild Leader. You could say that I’m one of the leaders for the Dark World’s invasion into Cold Spring Forest. May I know the reason for your sudden visit, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“You’re correct. I am Black Flame, and I’ve come to inform your Dark World players of something,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“If you wish to persuade us to abandon our conquest of this map, forget about it. The matter was decided the moment the portal opened,” Dawn Dominance said. “Cold Spring Forest’s resources are important to both of us, of which you are well aware, Guild Leader Black Flame. Of course, we also do not wish to antagonize Zero Wing intentionally, but we can only rely on our own strength to get what we need. I hope you understand, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

As Dawn Dominance finished speaking, the countless Dark Players in earshot nodded in agreement.

Why should only the main continent’s players benefit from Cold Spring Forest’s resources?

If one wished to acquire leveling resources, they could do so with their own power.

Does Black Flame really think he can scare away so many Dark Players with just five Flying Ships! How naive! Furious Heart laughed softly as he watched Shi Feng’s distant figure.

Five Flying Ships was an amazingly powerful force, but if Shi Feng thought he could stop several million experts from the Dark World with just this, he was a fool.

Moreover, the Dark World’s invasion army had over 50 Flying Mounts. Challenging those Flying Ships was entirely possible. Besides, the various powers present all had their own trump cards, which they could unleash on the steel giants.

As Furious Heart’s laughter died, however, Shi Feng glanced around at the chuckling Dark Players and shook his head.

“Guild Leader Dawn, I believe you’ve misunderstood something. I never had any intention of negotiation with any of you. I am only here to tell you one thing!” Shi Feng said. “From this moment on, this Teleportation Gate is under Zero Wing’s control!”