Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2560 - Darkness Invades, Zero Wing Arrives

Chapter 2560 – Darkness Invades, Zero Wing Arrives

Shortly after Yuan Tiexin read his subordinate’s message, the door to the quiet room opened. A group of players walked in behind a male Half-elf covered in azure sparks.

As the Half-elf entered the room, all of the fire-type Mana began to gather around him as if summoned. As a result, the room’s temperature steadily rose.

“Shine? What are you doing here?” Yuan Tiexin was surprised to see the male Half-elf, Scorching Shire.

There weren’t many people in the Secret Pavilion that knew the name Scorching Shine, and those who did were generally members of the Guild’s older generations. While Scorching Shine’s current appearance made him look as if he were in his thirties, he was actually over fifty. The man had withdrawn from the Secret Pavilion’s frontlines many years ago and was only active behind the scenes.

Before Scorching Shine had withdrawn, he had been considered one of the Pavilion’s absolute monsters. He could even contend with the commander of Mythology’s strongest trump card legion. He no longer busied himself with Guild affairs, however, preferring to focus on his own improvement. Not even Yuan Tiexin, who had a close relationship with Scorching Shrine, could begin to imagine how powerful the man had become.

However, Scorching Shrine’s individual strength wasn’t the reason he was so well-known in the Secret Pavilion. Rather, it was the Scorched Legion under his command!

The Scorched Legion was one of the Secret Pavilion’s trump card legions, and Scorching Shrine had personally nurtured every one of its experts. Although the Legion only had 200 members, they were all geniuses Scorching Shrine had hand-picked from the Pavilion’s new recruits.

Initially, the man had set his sights on Purple Jade, as well. Unfortunately, she preferred one-handed swords, and Scorching Shrine’s knowledge of the combat style was limited. In the end, she hadn’t joined his Scorched Legion.

The Scorched Legion was still considered a hidden force, secretly fighting on God’s Domain’s frontlines. It existed solely for exploring new maps and almost never meddled in Guild affairs. Now, however, Scorching Shine and his legion had come to Stone Forest City, which left Yuan Tiexin a little confused.

“We received the command from Vice Guild Leader Dawn. Now that the Dark World’s portal has opened, she specifically sent me to negotiate with the various superpowers targeting the city,” Scorching Shine softly explained.

“Vice Guild Leader Dawn sent you to take charge of the situation?” Hearing the news, Yuan Tiexin breathed a sigh of relief. “This is good. With you here, I’m sure those superpowers will show restraint. In that case, Zero Wing might have a chance of fending off their combined assault.”

Yuan Tiexin had been worried that Dawn Jade had given up on Stone Forest City, but now that the Scorched Legion had arrived, the city had gained an additional layer of defense.

The Scorched Legion was no weaker than Netherworld Empire’s Hell Legion. In fact, in large-scale combat, the Scorched Legion would easily outperform the Hell Legion since none of its members were human.

Aside from Half-elves, which were particularly skilled with magic, the legion had Half-ore members, who were formidable melee fighters. Their combat power was leagues greater than human players’ of the same level and tier.

Of course, the Secret Pavilion had paid a huge price to ensure that the Scorched Legion’s members reached Tier 3 as quickly as possible.

“Don’t get excited just yet. Stone Forest City’s recent promotion has made the various superpowers even more desperate to obtain it. Even with my legion here, we can’t guarantee that Zero Wing will keep the right to rule Stone Forest City. However, if Zero Wing is willing to hand over some of the city’s shares, I’m sure keeping the city under its control won’t be a problem,” Scorching Shine calmly stated. “Let’s not waste any more time. The Dark World’s players are already marching on Cold Spring Forest. We need to prepare quickly. I’m not familiar with Black Flame, so you’ll have to contact him.”

“That won’t be a problem. I’ll inform Zero Wing right away,” Yuan Tiexin agreed, nodding. He then contacted his connections in Zero Wing.

The various superpowers’ combined force wasn’t the most worrisome; rather, the Dark World’s forces warranted more concern. Not even the Secret Pavilion had expected the Dark World to be so powerful.

The Otherworld’s invading army had more than five million experts, and more than 30,000 of them were Tier 3 experts. The army also had more than 50 Flying Mounts, and to make matters worse, these numbers only grew as time passed.

If this army were allowed to flood into Cold Spring Forest, the consequences would be dire.

Shortly after Yuan Tiexin contacted Zero Wing, however, he froze in shock.

“Old Yuan, has something happened with Zero Wing?” Scorching Shine asked, his curiosity piqued when he noticed his old comrade’s stunned expression.

“Not long ago, Black Flame led a team to the Dark World’s portal. He plans to negotiate with the Dark World’s players,” Yuan Tiexin grimly explained.

“Negotiate with the Dark World’s players?” The news dazed Scorching Shrine, as well. He then looked at Yuan Tiexin and asked, “Are you sure Black Flame’s brain is working properly?”

What a joke!

With the portal to the Dark World open, the Otherworld’s players were like a pack of starving wolves that had just spotted fresh meat. They’d pounce on anyone they encountered, not wait for negotiations. This was precisely the reason that the various superpowers had ordered their members to stay at least 10,000 yards away from the portal, afraid that they’d lose their subordinates to these ravenous wolves.

Shi Feng, however, was doing the exact opposite. Instead of strengthening Stone Forest City’s defenses, he had taken the initiative to contact the Dark World’s players personally. He was heading straight for the portal, basically offering himself up, gift-wrapped, to the Dark World’s army.

Even the various superpowers were stunned when they learned of Shi Feng’s plan from their spies in Zero Wing. What was going on?

Was Zero Wing about to surrender?

Inside another advanced room within the Freedom Hotel…

“Illusory, it seems Zero Wing will fall, even without the various superpowers’ interference,” the fierce man from Crimson Emperor said as he read a report from his subordinate. Shaking his head, he continued, “We won’t even have to wait two or three days for this war to conclude. Everything will likely end today.”

“This is insane. We’re talking about an entire Otherworld of experts. Why would he pull such a crazy stunt?” Illusory Words couldn’t believe her eyes when she read the report.

When Shi Feng had tried to challenge an entire city with only several hundred players, she had seen a possibility for him to succeed, but trying to repel all of the players from an Otherworld was a fool’s dream. This was no longer a force an individual power could hope to overcome.

While Illusory Words and many others were puzzled by Shi Feng’s most recent ploy, Furious Heart, who had been busy persuading the Dark World’s players to act, received the news.

“Interesting! It seems Black Flame really loves a fight! He must think this battle will be just like the one in Demon City,” Furious Heart laughed as he read the report. “Hopefully, he doesn’t turn and flee after witnessing the Dark World’s army. I wouldn’t want this to be too boring.”

Elated, Furious Heart shifted his gaze to the invading army that marched through the portal into Cold Spring Forest.

In the face of this army of several million Dark Players, even a kingdom would fall, much less Zero Wing!

Following which, Furious Heart tossed aside the report and led his team through the portal.

When the Dark World’s players arrived in Cold Spring Forest, a commotion broke out among the army.

“So, this is the main continent?”

“Crap! There are so many rare ores and herbs nearby!

“This place is ours for the taking!”

The Dark Players couldn’t help their growing excitement as they drank in the beautiful scenery in Cold Spring Forest. They wanted nothing more than to claim the surrounding resource areas right away.

Even the upper echelons from the Otherworld’s various powers looked around them with a passionate flame burning in their eyes. They had to admit that Cold Spring Forest was a much higher-quality than the Dark World’s Level 100 maps. As long as they could collect these resources, neither their individual development nor their Guilds’ would be a problem.

Before the Dark World’s residents could celebrate, however, they heard a loud roaring from the distance, a deep rumble that echoed throughout the valley the portal occupied.

Everyone turned toward the origin of the sound.

The Dark Players then spotted five colossal figures flying toward them. As the roaring grew louder, they could begin to distinguish the flying giants’ details.

“Are those Flying Ships?”

With a closer look and realizing what the monstrosities were, everyone was stunned.

Those five Flying Ships were too massive. The largest Flying Mounts they had seen would be insignificant beside the steel giants. As the five flew in formation, they practically blotted out the sky.