Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2559 - Heading Toward the Dark World?

Chapter 2559 – Heading Toward the Dark World?

Magic Flash and his companions stared at Shi Feng in stunned silence.

How arrogant!

This Swordsman was wildly arrogant!

Not even the main continent’s Super Guilds would dare spout such nonsense!

They were talking about all of the players in an entire Otherworld, and not just any ordinary Otherworld, but one subjected to cruel competition. Residents of the Dark World had to be extremely careful. Not only could a single mistake cost them their lives, but someone else could also benefit from their hard work.

Hence, the Dark World had almost no ordinary players. Most would delete their accounts and try to start over in another world after spending just a few days in the Otherworld. The players that chose to remain were either experts or particularly skilled at survival.

When tens of millions of these players swarmed Cold Spring Forest, not even five superpowers working together could stop them all, much less a single superpower. Even if the various superpowers on the main continent banded together, they’d pay an unimaginable price to defeat the Dark World’s denizens. Their losses might be severe enough to cause their eventual collapse.

Shi Feng, however, had just declared that Zero Wing could take control of the Dark World’s portal.

For a moment, Magic Flash and his party wondered if this Swordsman had lost his mind. Did the man assume that he owned God’s Domain?

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I don’t mean to doubt you, but this matter does involve too many interests. I do not have the authority to agree to such a deal,” Old Forest insisted. After taking in a deep breath, he continued, “Only my Guild Leader can preside over this matter. The most I can do is inform him of your offer. I cannot say whether or not he’ll agree.”

“That’s right. Why don’t we return and discuss this with our Guild Leaders for now? Later, we’ll return with the results of those discussions,” Magic Flash suggested, nodding in agreement. Inwardly, however, he had already decided that Shi Feng was a lunatic.

While the Dark Demon Set might be valuable, obtaining Fine-Gold Set Equipment wouldn’t be an issue once their Guilds began to negotiate alliances with the various superpowers. The only downside was that the various superpowers couldn’t provide Fine-Gold Set Equipment that players could use until Level 120. However, it would be more than enough to raid Team Dungeons and grind for levels.

Even as a Lifestyle player, Melancholic Smile could tell that Magic Flash and Old Forest were making perfunctory promises, let alone Shi Feng, whose five senses had already reached their limits.

“I understand. With so many interests involved, reaching a swift decision will be very difficult for your two Guilds. Zero Wing isn’t in a rush, so I have no problems waiting for you to relay the situation to your Guild Leaders,” Shi Feng calmly agreed.

“Please, rest assured, Guild Leader Black Flame. We’ll inform our Guild Leaders upon our return,” Old Forest said, nodding.

Following which, Magic Frost and Old Forest each handed Shi Feng their promised 250,000 Darkness Crystals before leaving the Freedom Hotel and making their way back to the Dark World.

Once they left, Gentle Snow frowned.

“Guild Leader, now that the Dark World’s portal has opened, should we restrict our Guild members’ range of activity?” Gentle Snow asked.

She hadn’t expected the portal to open so quickly. Fortunately, Zero Wing had reached an agreement with Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society regarding the Darkness Crystals’ delivery as soon as it did. Otherwise, Zero Wing wouldn’t have known when the portal opened and would’ve lost its opportunity to prepare for battle.

“That won’t be necessary. Since the Dark World’s portal is open, we should visit this Otherworld. Contact Fire’s team and the Hell Legion and inform them to gather,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“Are we really going there?” Shi Feng’s decision surprised her.

When Shi Feng had declared his intentions to Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s representatives, she hadn’t thought it was nonsense in the least. As long as Zero Wing had enough time, it was entirely possible. Not only did the Guild now have the Freedom Hotel, but the Guild as a whole also earned a daily net profit of more than 100,000 Gold.

Moreover, Zero Wing’s Coin and Magic Crystal income would continue to increase as Stone Forest City’s player population did. With the Freedom Hotel to attract players, more expert players would flood into the city, as well. With so many advantages, growing until it ruled Cold Spring Forest with an iron fist was entirely possible.

Now, however…

Including the Hell Legion, Zero Wing only had a little over 500 Tier 3 experts under its command. Even if they included the 600 or so Tier 3 Knights, they weren’t powerful enough to challenge the Dark World in its entirety.

“Mhm. We’re heading there now. If we don’t hurry, it’ll be too late,” Shi Feng stated, determination lacing his tone.

“Alright… I’ll notify Fire and the others,” Gentle Snow answered. Although she didn’t understand what Shi Feng intended, they shouldn’t have any problems surviving.

“Melancholic, how is the construction of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships coming along?” Shi Feng asked, turning to the Candlelight’s manager.

“Excluding the one in your possession, we have a total of five Crimson Dragon Flying Ships ready,” Melancholic Smile proudly informed him.

Although more players now had Flying Mounts of their own, five Flying Ships were more than enough for Zero Wing to rule the skies. Not one of God’s Domain’s other powers could threaten the Guild in the air.

“Good. Get them ready,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

While Gentle Snow and Melancholic Smile saw to their preparations, Magic Flash and his team flew back to the Dark World’s portal atop their Darkness Bats.

Upon their return to their home Otherworld, they noticed the swarm of Dark Players and tents filling the gravel plain a thousand yards ahead. There were easily millions of Dark Players in the camp.

Every one of these Dark Players practically vibrated with darkness energy and bloodlust, and even the lowest-leveled among them was Level 105. Quite a few were also Tier 3 experts.

“We haven’t been gone that long, yet so many more have already gathered?” Magic Flash exclaimed, watching the massive crowd below. From what he could tell, at least four or five million players had set up in the camp. In comparison, the several tens of thousands of players Dark Rhapsody had dispatched were nothing.

When Magic Flash thought back to Shi Feng’s arrogant claim, he couldn’t help but view the man as even more of a fool.

However, Magic Flash and Old Forest continued to carry out their duties and inform their higher-ups of Shi Feng’s proposal.

Within a conference tent containing hundreds of players…

“Black Flame is insane. Now that the Dark World’s portal has opened, he’ll have a hard time just protecting himself, yet he has designs on our Otherworld?” When Blue Rainbow, the female Dark Knight from Dark Rhapsody, heard Magic Flash and Old Forest’s report, she could not help but laugh.

“It’s probably because he hasn’t seen the gathered army yet. Once he does, like the various superpowers from earlier, he’ll likely abandon the naive thought,” Deity Society’s Elder Gold replied, similarly smiling.

A few superpowers, who had been informed of the portal’s opening, had sent representatives to the Dark World not long ago. They had wanted to negotiate business deals with the Otherworld’s various powers, but when they saw the number of Dark Players waiting for the impending invasion, every one the representatives had dropped their proposals.

Those superpowers’ representatives had realized that the moment the gathered Dark Players burst through the open portal, even the neighboring kingdoms and empires would be at risk, let alone Cold Spring Forest.

In truth, even the Dark World’s top three Guilds had been surprised by how many players had joined the invading army. They had only estimated that around 20,000 experts would show up, yet more than 30,000 Tier 3 experts had already joined the camp. At this rate, they wouldn’t have any problems gathering 40 or 50 thousand Tier 3 experts by the time the invasion began.

While Blue Rainbow and Elder Gold spoke in hushed whispers, the various representatives in the tent fell silent.

“It seems everyone is of the same opinion. In that case, there’s no point in continuing this discussion. We can still afford to ignore Stone Forest City, but since the Dark World has mustered such a powerful army, we cannot let the main continent’s superpowers take our share of the city,” a cold, robust man resting in one of the three main seats within the tent spoke up. Standing, he continued, “Let us officially advance into Cold Spring Forest! It’s time we show the main continent’s powers the strength of our Dark World!”

As the robust man finished speaking, the various representatives ordered their subordinates to march on Cold Spring Forest.

The several million players in the plain began to stomp toward the gigantic door before them, shocking the scouts the main continent’s superpowers had sent. These scouts immediately contacted their superiors to inform them of the shocking scene.

Meanwhile, in an advanced room on the Freedom Hotel’s 29th floor…

“So, in the end, they’re still invading?” Yuan Tiexin shook his head and sighed when he read his subordinate’s message.