Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2556 - Crazy Freedom Hotel Cold Spring Forest, Stone Forest City:

Chapter 2556 – Crazy Freedom Hotel Cold Spring Forest, Stone Forest City:

As news regarding Stone Forest City spread to more independent players, the number of small adventurer teams visiting the city continued to increase. Less than a day after the city’s reopening, it had become somewhat crowded, and even more players had lined up to enter the city.

A 6-man party of cloaked players, all radiating darkness energy, stood among the long line, and none of the nearby players even dared to take half a step closer to them.

“Those players’ killing intent is so strong! Not even Dark Players, who constantly slaughter others in the fields, have such intense hostility! Who are those people?”

“Their killing intent isn’t the only thing that’s intense. Look at their equipment. They might’ve concealed the glow effect, but all of their items are engraved with magic runes. Their equipment should be Fine-Gold rank or higher. Level 105 Fine-Gold Equipment! Not even the various superpowers’ main force members necessarily have such top-tier items.”

Although the independent players nearby were afraid of the 6-man party, they couldn’t help but envy the party’s equipment.

Ever since mainstream players had reached Level 100, demand for Level 100-plus Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment had skyrocketed, but supply remained incredibly low. Thus, these items’ prices had substantially increased.

Not even ordinary expert players could afford Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Weapons or Equipment. Even the various superpowers’ main force members would throw a party if they acquired just one such weapon or equipment piece.

However, the weakest piece the 6-man party wore was Level 105 Fine-Gold Rank, and all of their equipment bore magic runes. To ordinary players, the equipment was divine.

Despite noticing the surrounding players’ envious looks, the members of the 6-man party didn’t respond.

“I guess the main continent’s ordinary experts don’t amount to much. Not only do they have such poor weapons and equipment, but they don’t even know about magic enhancement. Once the army has gathered, the Dark World will likely claim this area as new territory in the blink of an eye,” a gray-clad, Tier 3 Cursemancer with a military haircut disdainfully dismissed as he glanced at the independent experts around him.

You shouldn’t say such things, Old Flash. After all, the environment in this area is no match for what we have in the Dark World. These players only have to worry about monsters in the fields, while we are always on the lookout for monster and player ambushes. It’s only natural that our world’s players have developed so much faster,” a middle-aged, bearded man with simple features chided, chuckling. “Besides, ordinary experts are just that. The various major powers’ experts are much stronger. Otherwise, our two Guilds wouldn’t have signed a non-interference pact with Zero Wing.”

“I guess, but I still don’t get why our Guilds wanted to partner with Zero Wing in the first place. You must’ve seen how powerful that army was on our way here. How could Zero Wing possibly stop that kind of force? We shouldn’t have a reason to pay Zero Wing 500,000 Darkness Crystals,” the Cursemancer named Magic Flash grumbled.

Five hundred thousand Darkness Crystals was no small price, even to their Guilds. They certainly weren’t worth a noninterference agreement from Zero Wing in their fight for resources in Cold Spring Forest. The only thing Zero Wing could do when facing the Dark World’s countless players was hold inside the city.

“I don’t know, but the higher-ups have their own reasons. We just need to complete the task they’ve assigned us,” the middle-aged man said, shaking his head. In all honesty, the situation confused him, too.

The number of Dark World players preparing to invade Cold Spring Forest was no laughing matter. Several million players had already joined the invading army, and more were on their way. News of the open pathway had just begun to spread, and it would take time for the information to reach the far corners of the Dark World.

Based on their Guilds’ estimates, the army should easily include tens of millions of players, possibly over 100 million. Not even the neighboring kingdoms and empires stood a chance against such a force, much less Zero Wing. The Dark World’s army would definitely cause a massive commotion when it arrived on the main continent.

While Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society’s members conversed, they crossed Stone Forest City’s gates.

“The Mana here sure is dense. If Dark Rhapsody’s Guild Cities had this much Mana, we’d easily become the number one Guild in the Dark World,” Magic Flash noticed, envious when he felt the mesmerizing Mana in the air.

“It is certainly astonishing. It’s no wonder why so many superpowers want this city,” the bearded middle-aged man replied.

“What a pity. If Demon’s Heart hadn’t opened the Dark World’s portal in Cold Spring Forest, Zero Wing might have become a massive threat to the various superpowers,” Magic Flash said, glancing around at the crowd of players and NPC merchants. Seeing so many people, he, more or less, understood why his superiors had decided to ally with Zero Wing.

Stone Forest City was no less prosperous than major NPC cities. With a Guild City like this under its control, Zero Wing would have no worries about its development. Since Cold Spring Forest was a Level 100 neutral map, every player here had a certain degree of strength. Including the conveniences the city offered, not only could Zero Wing continue to recruit and nurture more expert players, but its members’ average levels would gradually surpass the various superpowers’, as well. Zero Wing definitely had the potential to become a titan in God’s Domain.

“Maybe, but we shouldn’t dwell on it. We should hurry and contact Zero Wing. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can return. If we wait and miss the invasion, it’ll become more difficult to establish ourselves in Cold Spring Forest later,” the middle-aged man cautioned.

“I’ve already contacted the Guild. They said we should head toward the tallest building on the main street. Once we’re there, someone will take us to meet their Guild Leader,” Magic Flash said.

“You mean that building?” the middle-aged man asked, pointing to the Freedom Hotel in the center of the city. Astonished, he continued, “I’m impressed that Zero Wing managed to erect such a tall building. The tallest building either of our Guilds has constructed is only a little over 50 meters tall, but that thing is at least 150.”

“So what if it’s tall? Someone is still going to take it from them,” Magic Flash growled, sneering.

The middle-aged man didn’t try to refute Magic Flash’s assumption. Such a tall building would only be useful for visual impact. Zero Wing would’ve been far better off spending its money to strengthen its members, in his opinion. Strength meant everything in God’s Domain.

The cloaked players then made their way toward the hotel.

They didn’t take long to reach it, and when they did, they noticed a long line of players both inside and outside of the Freedom Hotel. Many of the players in line were Tier 3 experts, and some of their auras even made Magic Flash and his companions shudder with fear. There were dozens of those experts, too.

Even more surprising, every one of those experts obediently stood in line before the Freedom Hotel’s front desk…

The scene stupefied Magic Flash and his party.

Normally, such experts could act as vice commanders, even commanders, of their Guilds’ legions. Players of their caliber warranted respect, regardless of where they were, yet they waited in line with a bunch of ordinary players. What was happening here?

Moreover, Magic Flash’s party was confused by the fact that every one of those experts, including the peak experts, seemed excited and grateful to receive one of the Freedom Hotel’s room tokens from the front desk….

Suddenly, Gentle Snow approached the cloaked party, asking, “Are you representatives from Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society?”

“That’s right; we are,” the middle-aged man confirmed, nodding as he spotted the Zero Wing Emblem Gentle Snow wore. He was more than a little surprised when he sensed Gentle Snow’s powerful aura.

“In that case, please, follow me. Our Guild Leader is waiting in the reception room upstairs,” Gentle Snow said after verifying the party’s identity. She then led the party to the elevator that would take them to the appropriate floor.

Many of the experts waiting for their room tokens were jealous as they watched Magic Flash’s party follow Gentle Snow.

“Crap! Who are those people? They actually get to use the elevator that’ll take them to the 80th floor and beyond!”

“They must be Zero Wing’s allies. If I remember correctly, only the hotel’s Silver Members get to stay on those floors. You need more than just Coins and Magic Crystals to become a Silver Member, too. You also need to earn a large number of Membership Points. I’ve heard that not even top adventurer teams’ commanders were granted Silver Memberships.”

“Zero Wing is too stingy. It actually wants us to earn points just to stay in this hotel. I wonder when I’ll earn enough to become a Silver Member.”

“It’s not all that unusual. There are only a limited number of rooms available, after all, and I’ve heard that the advanced rooms on the 80th floor and above are amazing. Not only is the recovery speed there 30% higher than in normal rooms, but each room also has its own training room. Players can practice simple combat techniques by themselves in those training rooms.”

“Seriously?! You can actually practice your combat skills in the advanced rooms?! This won’t do! I need to become a Silver Member as soon as possible!”

The players waiting in the Freedom Hotel’s lobby were indescribably jealous as they watched Magic Flash’s party enter the elevator. Their reactions confused the Dark Players.

A short moment later, the group arrived on the Freedom Hotel’s top floor.

The instant Magic Flash and the others set foot on the Freedom Hotel’s top floor, their minds felt serene. To be precise, they felt mentally refreshed as if their thoughts had found their own unique paths. They could now conceptualize ideas without confusion.

“So, this is Zero Wing?”

Magic Flash and the others couldn’t help but gasp when they felt the change.

They had already been astonished by the Freedom Hotel’s Mana, but compared to this environment, the lobby was nothing. If they could train on this floor, they’d see results dozens of times faster. They might even be able to break into the Void Realm.

“Our Guild Leader is inside. Please, go in,” Gentle Snow said, not surprised in the slightest to see the six players’ astonished expressions. She simply smiled as she opened the reception room’s doors.