Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2553 - Shocking Stone Forest City

Chapter 2553 – Shocking Stone Forest City

In Cold Spring Forest’s inner area, a 100-man team of superbly-equipped, Level 107-plus experts ate up the ground as it followed the forested path toward Stone Forest City.

The weakest of the team’s Mounts was Secret-Silver rank, and as the team boldly flew down the small path, all players in their way stepped aside, none daring to hinder the team’s advance. Even the various major powers’ members moved aside.

Players didn’t just move out of the expert team’s way because of their imposing auras, but because of the Guild Emblem these players wore. It was Crimson Emperor’s Emblem, and not even God’s Domain’s major powers could afford to offend the Guild.

“Remember what the Grand Elders told you, Illusory. You are not to act unnecessarily once we’re in Stone Forest City,” the fierce man riding a Six-clawed War Bear and leading Crimson Emperor’s main force warned Illusory Words, who had been silent during their entire journey.

Although he didn’t know what made her think Zero Wing could stop Demon’s Heart’s assault, the Guild’s word was law. If Illusory Words leaked any information to Zero Wing, and the various powers or Demon’s Heart discovered it, she would put their Guild in a very awkward position.

“I at least have that much common sense. I’m only going to take a look. You don’t need to worry,” Illusory Words said, chuckling.

Personally, she didn’t think Zero Wing stood much of a chance against the various superpowers and Demon’s Heart.

She only thought the Guild wouldn’t go down so easily. She simply wanted to visit Stone Forest City to verify her assumption.

When the two fell silent, a tall, beautiful female Swordsman with short hair rode forward and matched paces with Illusory Words’ Mount. Unlike the other experts on the team, she wasn’t wearing Crimson Emperor’s Guild Emblem.

“Are you sure it’s alright to take us with you, Vice Guild Leader Illusory?” the short-haired woman asked.Please visit on our NovelFull

If Shi Feng were present, he’d be quite surprised. This short-haired Swordsman was none other than Graceful Monarch from the Dark Den’s Extreme Light Shelter.

“Relax. We’re just going to take a look. We’re not conducting some secret operation. Now that the Extreme Light Shelter and Crimson Emperor are allies, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll start developing on the main continent. It’s best that you view the situation with your own eyes. Cold Spring Forest will likely become one of the main battlegrounds between regular players like us and Dark Players, and there are quite a few superpowers in Stone Forest City right now. Such a grand occasion doesn’t happen every day,” Illusory Words said, smiling.

“I can rest easy, then,” Graceful Monarch said, nodding and breathing a sigh of relief.

By now, she understood how insignificant the Dark Den was in God’s Domain, and after witnessing Crimson Emperor’s Residence, she realized what it meant to be a true superpower. Purple Rakshasa’s description of superpowers had been an understatement.

Before the various superpowers, the Extreme Light Shelter was nothing. It didn’t even come close to rivaling first-rate powers.

She was already quite fortunate that Crimson Emperor had wanted to ally with the Extreme Light Shelter.

“Monarch, I told you that Big Sis Illusory is a very nice person. It’s all thanks to her that I improved so quickly. Since she’s agreed to bring you and your team along on this trip, you’ll definitely grow a lot stronger. The other Shelters’ experts might not even be a problem for you once you return to the Dark Den,” Purple Rakshasa whispered, smiling as Graceful Monarch nervously fidgeted even after Illusory Words’ reassurance.

“Our visit to the main continent has certainly been full of surprises. I had never thought the Guild Blue Frost belongs to would be so powerful. Not only did Zero Wing slay Troubled Times, but it has also forced Demon’s Heart to use its trump card,” Graceful Monarch whispered back. She didn’t know exactly how formidable Zero Wing was, but the fact that the Guild had accomplished such feats meant that Shelter One wouldn’t have to worry about its future.

“Zero Wing is indeed amazing, but it is only a pseudo-superpower right now. It still doesn’t compare to Crimson Emperor. Since the Extreme Light Shelter and Crimson Emperor have entered a partnership, you won’t have to worry about the shelter’s development,” Purple Rakshasa said. She knew what her companion was thinking. Chuckling, she continued, “Zero Wing is about to face every player in a major Otherworld. Even if it isn’t annihilated, those players will at least partially cripple the Guild. Shelter One’s development will likely become a problem.”

With the threat of destruction looming over Stone Forest City, Zero Wing wouldn’t likely be able to help Shelter One in the future. In contrast, the Extreme Light Shelter had Crimson Emperor’s help. Becoming one of the Dark Den’s top three Shelters should be entirely possible.

While Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa continued their conversation in whispered tones, the team left the forest that surrounded Stone Forest City.

“Stone Forest City lies ahead. Be careful once you enter the city. Many superpowers have hidden their forces within. If you accidentally offend one of them, we’ll have trouble to deal with,” Illusory Words warned the two from the Dark Den.

Zero Wing’s main headquarters is ahead of us? Curiosity flashed in Graceful Monarch’s eyes. I’ll finally get a look at how strong the Guild behind Blue Frost is!

She still hadn’t forgotten the image of Shi Feng stopping the Demon King’s Hand in the Dark Den, and it piqued her

Not long after Illusory Words’ warning, the silhouette of a gigantic city came into view. It was just as splendorous as the major NPC cities in the Ten Saints Empire. The Mana density radiating from Stone Forest City was especially noticeable. The team felt as if they were gazing at a mountain of Magic Crystals, rather than a simple Guild City…

So, this is Zero Wing’s Guild City? Graceful Monarch was momentarily stupefied when she saw the city that brimmed with Mana ahead.

She had seen plenty of major NPC cities in the Ten Saints Empire. Although these major NPC cities were spectacular and mighty, they paled in comparison to Stone Forest City, and the Extreme Light Shelter was no more than a grass hut in comparison.

Even Illusory Words gaped at the scene.

This wasn’t her first visit to Stone Forest City. She had actually traveled to the city multiple times before, but she had no explanation for the view before her.

Not only had Stone Forest City become as large and grand as major NPC cities, but it also emitted waves of dense Mana, which players could even feel from several thousand yards away. How was this the Stone Forest City she knew? This was practically a Holy City hidden in Cold Spring Forest!

Illusory Words also spotted a massive line of players waiting outside of Stone Forest City’s main entrance. At a glance, there were easily several hundred thousand players waiting to enter the city, and as time passed, the number grew. She even spotted quite a few players selling their spots in line…

Moreover, Illusory Words noticed plenty of NPCs in line, even those from other races. Stone Forest City now looked more like a well-established, major NPC city, not a Guild City.

The fierce man beside her glanced Illusory Words’ way and asked, “Did you lead us to the wrong place, Illusory?”