Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2550 - Stone Forest City?

Chapter 2550 – Stone Forest City?

“Stone Forest City’s being promoted!?”

When they heard someone mention Stone Forest City’s promotion, the crowd, which had been forcefully teleported out of the city, fell silent as everyone stared at the magic barrier in astonishment.

Guild Towns’ promotions had already become a common sight, but not a single Guild had upgraded its City to Intermediate Rank. The promotion requirements were just too high, and fulfilling them required a long time.

And yet, when the various superpowers only had a few Basic Guild Cities under their control, and none were in Level 100 neutral maps, Zero Wing was promoting Stone Forest City…

“Stone Forest City has actually met the promotion requirements? Zero Wing really lucked out. With an Intermediate City’s defenses, even the Dark World’s players will have a hard time taking it down.”

You’re not seeing the big picture. Stone Forest City has merely become an Intermediate City; it isn’t a Main City. How much stronger could its defenses have possibly become? Not even an Advanced NPC City is guaranteed to hold its ground against all the players in an Otherworld, much less an Intermediate Guild City.”

“That’s right. As long as those players capture Stone Forest City, Zero Wing will regret promoting its city even more.”

Although everyone was surprised by Stone Forest City’s promotion to Intermediate rank, they didn’t think it was good news for Zero Wing. The Dark World still posed a threat.

The news quickly reached the various superpowers’ upper echelons, they fell into heated discussions about the situation.

Ten Saints Empire, Crimson Emperor’s Residence, upper echelon’s lounge:

“And here I thought Zero Wing would do something outstanding. So, its trump card turns out to be an Intermediate City,” a fierce man in the lounge disdainfully commented as he read the latest report on Stone Forest City. He had already reached Level 108 and radiated a lethal aura. The man turned his gaze on the woman in white resting nearby and continued, “Illusory, it seems your gamble won’t pay off. Does Zero Wing truly think an Intermediate City can stop the Dark World’s forces and various superpowers’ joint assault? The Grand Elders aren’t pleased with you after your strong objections to partnering with Demon’s Heart. If Zero Wing can’t even survive in Cold Spring Forest, not only will you lose your position as Vice Guild Leader, but they might also stick you with the reserves forever.”

“I merely offered a suggestion. Wasn’t the Guild Leader responsible for the final decision?” Illusory Words shot back, rolling her eyes. Earnestly, she continued, “I still can’t shake the feeling that Zero Wing won’t go down so easily. This is just like the shock I felt when Black Flame and his team actually broke into Demon City. Besides, even if Crimson Emperor doesn’t participate in the assault, we have nothing to lose, right?”

“We might not lose anything, but Dark Players will rule God’s Domain in the future. Demon’s Heart’s development speed is astounding. Based on our reports, Demon’s Heart has secretly allied with several powers that are just as strong as Super Guilds. If we form a beneficial relationship with Demon’s Heart, developing in Level 100 neutral maps will be much easier in the future,” the fierce man prudently countered. “If we participate in Demon’s Heart’s plan, Crimson Emperor can befriend the Dark Guild and secure a share of Stone Forest City’s benefits. The Grand Elders are likely cursing you for the suggestion right about now. This should’ve been a chance for Crimson Emperor to profit, but that chance is gone. They’ll definitely make you pay for it.”

“Don’t blame me for this. There’s no harm in being careful. The Guild Leader likely agreed to my suggestion, thinking the same. God’s Domain is too unstable right now, and the atmosphere among the various superpowers is growing tenser. Once the Dark World connects to the main continent, we’ll reach a tipping point. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we see superpowers fall,” Illusory Words said, smiling bitterly.

Initially, she hadn’t wanted to dissuade her Guild from allying with Demon’s Heart and attacking Zero Wing with the other superpowers. She actually agreed that Zero Wing was doomed this time.

However, when she recalled Shi Feng’s performance in Demon City and his mythical display in the Dark Den, she hadn’t been able to keep silent against partnering with Demon’s Heart. Others might think her suggestion had been ludicrous, but only those who had personally experienced the shock of watching Shi Feng single-handedly stop a Tier 5 Demon King’s attack would understand how frighteningly powerful the Swordsman was.

You’ll have to explain yourself to the Grand Elders. They just instructed me to visit Stone Forest City with our main force. If Zero Wing’s position is lacking, we’ll cooperate with the other superpowers,” the fierce man said, shrugging helplessly.

“They’re acting already?” Illusory Words was a little surprised. “Is Demon’s Heart on the move?”

They had only received news of Stone Forest City’s promotion a few minutes ago, yet the Guild’s Grand Elders had already decided to abandon Zero Wing if the situation turned south. Not even the Guild Leader had opposed the decision.

The Guild Leader and Grand Elders must have received some shocking news about Demon’s Heart to drive them to act. They never would’ve changed their minds so quickly, otherwise.

“I suspect that’s the case,” the fierce man said before standing up. He then asked, “Do you want to come with us?”

“Yes!” Illusory Words nodded. “If I don’t, the Grand Elders will likely view my suggestion as even less reliable.”

Following which, the fierce man and Illusory Words made their way toward Stone Forest City with Crimson Emperor’s main force members.

Two hours after players had been forced out of Stone Forest City, the barrier around it began to crack. Within seconds, it shattered and vanished, revealing a completely new Guild City.

When the players resting in the nearby forest saw the new city, they were utterly dumbfounded.

Stone Forest City’s walls had undergone a heaven-defying transformation. Originally, the city walls had only been around a dozen meters tall, but now, they were more than 30 meters. The walls had also been rebuilt with completely different materials. It looked like an iron beast had curled itself around the city. Moreover, magic runes covered the entire length of the walls, giving them a strangely heavy feeling.

The city’s buildings had also changed significantly. Not only were all of the city’s constructions much larger than before, but they also radiated an indescribable pressure. Even from over a thousand meters away, players felt as if something or someone had locked onto their auras.

Even more shocking was the Mana Stone Forest City radiated!

Players had already been amazed by the Mana density in Stone Forest City. It was no exaggeration to claim that no other Guild City in God’s Domain was its match in this regard, but now, Stone Forest City’s Mana density had reached newfound highs. There was even a faint white mist enveloping everything within the city’s walls…

“Crap! Is that really Stone Forest City!?”

“Did Zero Wing replace Stone Forest City with some other city?”