Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2548 - Freedom Hotel's Surprise Appearance

Chapter 2548 – Freedom Hotel’s Surprise Appearance

Upon receiving the system notification, Shi Feng took a deep breath and chose to construct the Freedom Hotel. Immediately afterward, he received another system notification.

System: Please choose the size of the Freedom Hotel you wish to build. A small one will cost 1,200,000 Gold, a medium one will cost 1,500,000 Gold, and a large one will cost 2,000,000 Gold.

Sure enough, it really is expensive. Shi Feng was flabbergasted when he saw the prices listed. Although he had known that Peak Constructions cost a ton to build, he still found it difficult to accept after seeing the prices with his own eyes.

With 1.2 million Gold, one could easily construct two or three Guild Cities. It was an astronomical amount of money, even for superpowers, enough to let a first-rate Guild achieve rapid development. Now, however, this sum was necessary just to construct a Small Freedom Hotel.

It was no exaggeration to say that Peak Constructions were things that only the various superpowers could afford. Other powers would only be able to use the design as a decoration; constructing the real thing would be beyond their means.

After seeing these prices, Shi Feng chose to construct a Large Freedom Hotel without hesitation.

Originally, he had planned to construct only a Small Freedom Hotel for the sole purpose of upgrading Stone Forest City into an Intermediate City. However, since he had gained a much larger harvest than he initially expected from selling the western continent’s rare materials, he naturally had no need to be stingy with his Coins. After all, the difference between a Small Freedom Hotel and a Large Freedom Hotel was massive.

Although both Small and Large Freedom Hotels possessed the same functions, a Small Freedom Hotel had only eight floors. In comparison, a Large Freedom Hotel had a total of 32 floors.

Starting out with a Small Freedom Hotel and gradually upgrading it into a Large Freedom Hotel would also be many times more expensive than constructing a Large Freedom Hotel directly. Hence, in a situation where funds were plentiful, most powers would choose to construct a Large Freedom Hotel from the get-go.

As soon as Shi Feng chose to construct a Large Freedom Hotel, 2 million Gold disappeared from his bag space, the Coins transforming into a streak of golden light that flowed into the Freedom Hotel Design in his hands. In the next moment, construction magic arrays started appearing on the tome’s numerous pages. Every one of these designs was extremely complex, and even the simplest one was an Advanced Magic Array. If someone below the Master Magician standard were to look at these magic arrays, they would most likely have a huge headache.

Fortunately, most of these magic arrays could be retrieved from the design and engraved on the finished construction directly. Otherwise, if Shi Feng had to do all the magic arrays required for the Freedom Hotel from scratch, he definitely wouldn’t be able to manage, short of reaching the Grandmaster Magician standard.

“Alright, everyone, start working!” Shi Feng said after seeing the magic arrays appear on the design.

In the next moment, over a hundred architects sprang into action while holding a copy of the Freedom Hotel Design. Some architects started refining materials, while some started fragmenting materials. The construction of the Freedom Hotel progressed smoothly under Shi Feng’s direction. As for Shi Feng himself, he frantically engraved magic arrays on the finished portions of the Freedom Hotel.

At the same time as Shi Feng was constructing the Freedom Hotel, inside a high-class restaurant in a border town of the Ten Saints Empire…

Currently, not only was the restaurant fully booked, but several dozen Tier 3 peak experts also stood guard around it, the imposing aura these players exuded deterring passersby from approaching the restaurant.

Several people were seated inside the restaurant’s top-floor room. If the upper echelons of the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers were to see these people, they would definitely receive a fright.

This was because every player inside this room was a bigshot in God’s Domain. They were existences capable of shaking up entire kingdoms and empires with their decisions. Among those present, the person with the highest status would have to be Cold Shadow, a Vice Guild Leader of Mythology.

Vice Guild Leader Light, how are the preparations on your side coming along? I heard that the Dark World’s Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society have signed a noninterference agreement with Zero Wing,” a Level 108, white-clad, elderly man sporting Pantheon’s Guild Emblem asked as he looked at the indifferent and handsome youth seated beside him.

“Our preparations are nearly complete. The Dark World’s side just needs a little more time. Elder South, please rest assured. Those two Guilds might have great influence over the Dark World, but the number of experts they command are nothing when compared to the expert population of the entire Dark World. In addition, we have reached an agreement with World Domination, which will help us add fuel to the fire. At that time, so long as no power assists Zero Wing, Stone Forest City will fall quickly,” the handsome youth named Flaming Light replied with a chuckle.

“You can also rest assured on this point, Vice Guild Leader Light. Starlink has already sent greetings to the various powers operating around Stone Forest City. They definitely will not assist Zero Wing in fending off the Dark World’s experts,” Lu Xingluo said, smiling.

Originally, Lu Xingluo had been racking his brain over how to deal with Zero Wing, which was growing stronger by the day. However, Shi Feng had actually dared offend a hot potato like Demon’s Heart. Since that was the case, Lu Xingluo naturally wouldn’t mind sending Zero Wing on its way.

An entire world filled with Dark Players!

Even Lu Xingluo himself did not have the confidence to go up against such a force, yet Shi Feng had actually taken the initiative to challenge this force. Zero Wing’s Guild Leader simply did not know the meaning of death.

So long as Zero Wing lost the goldmine known as Stone Forest City, with Starlink’s financial strength, stomping Zero Wing to death would be a piece of cake.

“When the time comes, I’ll have to rely on everyone present. As for the distribution of Stone Forest City’s shares that comes afterward, Demon’s Heart will take no part in it. Moreover, I believe the Dark World’s top three Guilds also won’t dare interfere in this matter. Everyone present will be free to decide what to do with Stone Forest City. I only hope that we can put a swift end to this affair. If Zero Wing focuses fully on defense, I’m afraid even our side will have trouble taking down Stone Forest City,” Flaming Light said.

“You don’t have to worry about this point,” Cold Shadow said suddenly. “I have already promised Stone Forest City’s various adventurer teams that I will purchase their materials at a high price and also let them exchange for a limited number of Combat Runes. I believe Stone Forest City’s adventurer teams will no longer sell their materials to Zero Wing. Without the materials of these adventurer teams, Zero Wing won’t be able to sustain its daily operations. Once the Dark World’s portal opens, Zero Wing won’t even be able to gather materials on its own. In that case, Zero Wing will implode in a matter of days.”

Upon hearing Cold Shadow’s words, everyone present could not help but gasp in shock at her ruthlessness.

Combat Runes were items unique to the western continent and were something the eastern continent’s various powers had been dreaming of obtaining, in order to raise the combat power of their members by a large margin. If an entire team were equipped with Combat Runes, it would have a much easier time raiding Team Dungeons and Field Bosses.

Due to the effectiveness of the Combat Runes, the eastern continent’s various superpowers were sparing no expense to purchase them, with some going as far as using Magic Crystals for payment. Adventurer teams didn’t even get a chance to purchase these Combat Runes.

Now that Cold Shadow was offering to let Stone Forest City’s adventurer teams exchange for some Combat Runes, those adventurer teams would definitely accept her offer without hesitation. With this, Zero Wing would truly have to fend off the Dark World’s invasion by itself.

Due to this matter, the members of Stone Forest City’s adventurer teams were currently holding secret discussions. At the same time, they were also gathering materials to exchange for Mythology’s Combat Runes. They were not selling any of the materials they harvested from Cold Spring Forest to Zero Wing at all.

“Zero Wing really knows how to hold its breath. Our adventurer teams have clearly stopped supplying it with materials, yet instead of raising its purchasing price, it is actually constructing something new. Does Zero Wing really think it can survive the Dark World’s invasion with just a few additional defensive structures?”

“Maybe Zero Wing is trying to make a quick buck before it falls. After all, so long as the Dark World’s portal opens, everything will be over.”

As the adventurer team players looked at the magic array enveloping the Freedom Hotel, which was under construction, they could not help speculating about it among themselves.

So what if Zero Wing’s Black Flame was strong? It was useless even if he had the strength to go up against a superpower single-handedly. After all, before an entire world’s players, even Super Guilds would be powerless.

Meanwhile, as Stone Forest City’s players were quietly discussing among themselves, the magic array concealing the Freedom Hotel suddenly shattered. With the magic array’s disappearance, a 32-story building on Stone Forest City’s main street came into view. At 150 meters tall, it overlooked the entire city.