Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2545 - Astonishing Wealth

Chapter 2545 – Astonishing Wealth

Gentle Snow stared at the materials Shi Feng had revealed in a daze.

As a Vice Guild Leader, she had done extensive research on God’s Domain’s materials, yet she didn’t even recognize half of the items Shi Feng had dumped in the warehouse. Even those she recognized were considered precious on the market, and normally, they were impossible to purchase, even for absurdly high prices.

And yet, their Guild Warehouse was now packed full of such materials…

The warehouses in Zero Wing’s Residences were easily as large as four basketball courts, but despite its size, Shi Feng had filled it with incredibly valuable materials. They could rake in unimaginable profits if they sold them all.

“Guild Leader, did you acquire all of these materials from the western continent?” Gentle Snow asked. She was aware of his visit to the west, but since the Guild had still needed management personnel, she had decided to stay behind.

However, Shi Feng hadn’t spent long in the west, and even though he had left with millions of Magic Crystals, returning with such a bounty shouldn’t be possible in such a short time.

Rare materials were considered rare for a reason. There wasn’t exactly a large supply of them on the market. To acquire as many materials as Shi Feng had, one would have to sweep through multiple kingdoms and empires’ Auction Houses. Moreover, once the various powers discovered that someone was purchasing certain rare materials in bulk, prices would skyrocket. To avoid that outcome, most purchased materials in small quantities over a long time.

“Mhm. We spent quite a long time collecting these materials,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Smiling, he continued, “How about it? Do you think dealing with those Dark World players will still be a problem?”

He had known about Demon’s Heart’s trump card for a long time. Before his visit to the western continent, he never would’ve casually attacked the Dark Guild. He didn’t want to become the entire world’s enemy, after all.

But times had changed, and he was now extremely wealthy.

Magic Crystals were worth far more on the western continent than they were in the east. Hence, he had gotten a bigger bang for his buck. He estimated that the materials he had purchased for 3 million Magic Crystals in the west should fetch around 10 million Gold in the east.

At this stage of the game, not even superpowers could collect 10 million Gold. At best, they might have 1 or 2 million to spare.

“You are really vicious, Guild Leader. I can’t believe you got your hands on so many materials unique to the western continent. The various superpowers would go mad if they found out about this,” Gentle Snow said, excitement welling within her as Shi Feng nodded victoriously.

In God’s Domain, money was power!

Whether one was trying to construct a Guild City or provide their Guild members more benefits, all required money. Hence, a rich Guild could develop rapidly. Unfortunately, not only was God’s Domain’s Coin production limited, but players also had to cover many daily expenses. Even now, as players reached Tier 3, Coins hadn’t depreciated much, and there were even faint signs of them becoming more valuable.

Now that Zero Wing had such a fortune, fully arming its Knight Division and forming a true NPC army was entirely possible.

“I do have an important use for these materials, however. We can only sell half. I’ll leave that to you. Make sure to find absolutely trustworthy people to do the job. If this news leaks, we’ll have a hard time demanding high prices,” Shi Feng warned her.

“I understand. I ensure that every one of these items sells at an ideal price, and I’ll make sure that none of the various superpowers learn of our wealth,” Gentle Snow promised with a bright smile. She couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the various superpowers’ expressions when they saw Zero Wing’s upgraded Knight Division.

Since Stone Forest City’s relocation to Cold Spring Forest, many superpowers had been eyeing the city. As they gained more Tier 3 players, Zero Wing’s control in the map had weakened, and due to the recent conflict with Demon’s Heart, quite a few powers have started to cause trouble. At this rate, the various powers might assume they could fight Zero Wing for Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas before the portal to the Dark World even activated.

“I’ll leave everything to you, then,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Following which, Shi Feng stealthily made his way to Stone Forest City’s Candlelight Trading Firm.

While one of his goals in visiting the western continent had been to earn a ton of money and materials, his main goal had been for the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life was only a tool, not a weapon, yet all powers sought the treasure. This was because the Tree of Life could produce a variety of rare items, not unlike an infinite treasure trove.

Even Super Guilds would go crazy to obtain a Tree of Life main branch since they could produce Fruits of Life, a Legendary material that could resurrect the dead. A single fruit could even grant creatures new life.

Most players might not care about the ability to resurrect the dead, but countless dreamed of the ability to grant living creatures new life.

Granting new life’ meant upgrading a creature’s Growth Potential and Life Rating, which could be done to players, monsters, and NPCs. Moreover, there was almost no limit to the number of Fruits of Life an individual could consume, although each subsequent fruit would prove less effective. This ability was why Fruits of Life were the best cultivation fruit in God’s Domain.

The main branch Shi Feng had obtained had survived since before the Great Destruction. One could only imagine how valuable it was.

Stone Forest City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

Due to how attractive Stone Forest City was to Tier 3 players and the fact that the Candlelight Trading Firm sold all sorts of Master Potions, the Shop had become a hub for the various adventurer teams. In fact, any adventurer team wishing to develop in Stone Forest City first became an Advanced Member in Candlelight.

Plenty of Lifestyle players visited the trading firm, as well.

To keep up with the huge demand, Candlelight had split a portion of its basic orders with independent Lifestyle players, while allowing Candlelight’s members to focus on producing the more important products.

Not only did this increase the trading firm’s operation scale, but it also increased productivity. At the same time, it also allowed independent players a chance to earn Proficiency Points while practicing their crafts. The independent Lifestyle players that worked for Candlelight could also earn Contribution Points and exchange them for a plethora of recipes and materials. They could even spend points to rent Special Workshops and Basic Meditation Rooms.

Due to such lucrative benefits, many independent Lifestyle players with high standards had decided to develop in Stone Forest City.

When Shi Feng entered the Candlelight Trading Firm, he found that the first-floor hall was practically full of adventurer team players and Lifestyle players. The trading firm was no less popular than Auction Houses in NPC cities.

Shi Feng quickly made his way to one of the firm’s Basic Meditation Rooms, making many Lifestyle players, who were waiting to rent a Special Workshop or Basic Meditation room, jealous.

“Who is that guy?! They’re just letting him enter a Mediation Room without waiting in line?!”

“I don’t know, but he must be someone important. I’ve heard that only Candlelight’s core members and independent players with a Gold Membership can enter Mediation Rooms as they wish.”

“I wonder when I’ll be able to become a Gold Member.”

“Gold? You should thank your lucky stars if you even become a Silver Member. You know that even Master Lifestyle players only become Bronze Members.”

All Lifestyle players dreamed of using Basic Meditation Rooms due to their excellent training environments, but even the various superpowers’ Lifestyle players had few opportunities to use them. The only reason that independent players like them had a chance to use a Basic Meditation Room was Candelight’s booming popularity. If they could use the rooms whenever they wanted, they wouldn’t have any trouble improving their skills.

Of course, Shi Feng ignored these independent players’ jealousy. He merely entered the Basic Meditation Room and retrieved the Tree of Life’s main branch he had collected from the Guild Warehouse.

Mana was the core of all in God’s Domain.

Players would obtain better results in both combat training and producing items in higher Mana density environments. Thus, to increase his chances of restoring the main branch, he had deliberately shut himself in a Basic Meditation Room.

With the main branch in hand, Shi Feng carefully pulled a brightly glowing crystal from his bag. The instant it touched the air, it illuminated the room, and he felt the crystal radiate warmth.

This crystal was none other than the Star of Light, a Legendary material he had obtained from the Demon God’s Temptation.

This should be enough Mana. I just hope it can live. Shi Feng nervously gulped as he merged the Star of Light and Tree of Life’s main branch.